Vets storm DC’s WWII memorial, tear down fences, refuse to let Park Service/GOP shut it down

A situation has risen at the World War II memorial in Washington, DC. A group of WWII veterans are refusing to let the Park Service close the memorial down. The Park Service is simply following orders, after Republicans in Congress shut down the federal government in order to protest their dislike of the President’s health care reform law that goes into effect in a major way today.

The vets are having none of it, and shut down the shutdown.

Interestingly, Iowa Republican Cong. Steve King, one of the ringleaders of the shutdown, was at the memorial pretending he was on the side of the vets trying to keep the memorial open.  Open from what?  The Steve King Shutdown.


As these folks noted, King doesn’t exactly get credit for storming the gates of his own shutdown:


Steve King recently said that a shutdown was preferable to permitting health care reform, the law of the land, be implemented today:

Animals via Shutterstock, original image altered.

A GOP congressman accused Republicans of acting like lemmings with suicide vests. (Animals via Shutterstock, original image altered.)

“If there is a price to be paid for this, we will recover from a government shutdown, whether it’s a day, a week or two weeks … something will get resolved, we’ll recover from that as a country,” said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). “It’s a temporary inconvenience for a lot of people. But if Obamacare is ever implemented, we will never recover from that as a nation. We can never be a free people again.”

UPDATE: The Republican organization in charge of electing Republicans to the US House now has a petition supporting the WWII vets, who are opposing the House Republicans’ own government shutdown.  The level of deceit from Republicans is only that much more of an indication of how extreme the party has become over the years.  This, from a Yahoo News reporter:

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More on the WWII memorial protest:





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