How to tickle a platypus (video)

A platypus. Huh. What an odd-looking adorable little thing.


And I love the end of the video, when they have it on its back, and are basically tickling it:


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  • Jim Olson

    Do platypodes not vocalise?

  • Guest

    Do playtipi not vocalize?

  • Thom Allen

    Now I know what to get my favorite Republicons for Christmas, a male attack platypus for each. Thanks!

  • That sounds like a good book title, “Where can I play with a platypus?” Or code on a sex site ;)

  • OMG the tickling part at the end is the best – I missed that the first time.

  • So cute. I think this is as “close” as I’ve seen one.

  • Definitely a female, probably wouldn’t want to get that friendly with a male as male platypus are venomous. They have a pair of spurs on their hind feet that are capable of seriously ruining your day if you got jabbed with them. Not lethal, but supposedly excruciatingly painful – and studies have shown most conventional pain medications are ineffective at treating it.

  • Tor

    Like a kitten, only way more strange. Where can I play with a platypus?

  • Indigo

    What a cutie! and with remarkable people skills!

  • Definitely a sweetiepus!

  • cole3244

    how cool is that, thanks for the smile.

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