Terrible real estate photos

What a wonderful idea for a Web site.

It’s a collection of terrible real estate photos.

I know when I was condo hunting, I came across a few photos of rooms that were a disaster, with clothes hanging everywhere, and you really did wonder what the agent was thinking.

This Web site is hilarious – the captions alone are priceless. These are just a few samples, do go check it out: http://terriblerealestateagentphotos.com/

This last one keeps making me think of Van Gogh – I’ve taken his painting, and flipped it horizontally, so the chair and bed are in the same place:



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  • gamelan9

    This is true: When I was looking to buy my last house in Philadelphia 19 years ago (which I sold last year) a real estate guy took me to the Fishtown neighborhood, an older residential area near the Delaware River, to look at an old funeral parlor, the kind where the business was on the ground floor and basement, and the owners/ operators lived upstairs. OK, so I thought; large rooms, kitchens, baths, and recital/ studio space. Looked through…so far so good. Everything needed updating, and there were smelly cats still living in the basement. But I turned away and walked out when, matter-of-factly, the agent announced, “And here is your coffin.” Not yet my time.

  • woodroad34

    Amateurs that take pictures don’t get the concept that pictures done by professionals incorporate classic design, framing, lighting, positioning and, from the viewer’s POV, a certain romance/dream/desire. When someone is buying a house, they want to see the possibilty the house could be for them. I’d hate to see the dreams of anyone who bought these hovels.

  • Zorba

    Yes, well, you know that they say. “You get what you pay for.”
    As kids of my friends get married, and many of them say that they intend to have some friend take snaps of their wedding, I tell them that they are not going to get what they want, and they will be disappointed with the result. The ones who have paid attention and hired a professional have been very happy with the results. The ones who depended upon friends have not been pleased at all.
    They want quality? Then they should hire someone who knows what they are doing. ;-)

  • http://heimaey.us/ heimaey

    I don’t know. I am pretty open minded. :)

  • http://www.americablog.com/ Naja pallida

    Sadly, that’s how many things in the photography world have gone. I used to make a pretty decent income by doing conference photography, but now that everyone has a camera on their phone. Companies just ask their employees to take a bunch of random pictures, and then pick the ones they like, all free of charge. Of course, it’s never as comprehensive or as high quality as hiring an actual photographer, but hey…. free, right?

  • ArthurH

    Some years ago, I toured a house whose owners were hoarders. The junk was so plentiful that you had to walk along little paths. Atop some stacks of newspapers I saw copies of the Chicago Daily News, which had ceased publication 20 years earlier. The owners didn’t feel they had to clean up the place before selling it. Yet they were asking top dollar for the house, saying, “Just look at all you get with this house!” I did. And then I left because I didn’t own shares in Waste Management LLC.

  • nicho

    I looked at one place, occupied by a single man, that had used condoms on the floor next to the bed, underwear hanging off a lamp, and pizza boxes under the couch.

  • nicho

    I remember seeing a bunch of these a while back. As usual, none of the people pictured were people you really want to see naked.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    More importantly, is Hugh Jackman one of those people? I realize that’s a hopeless thought, but I would bookmark that page.

  • http://heimaey.us/ heimaey

    Where can we see more of these?

  • nicho

    The one with underpants is a setup. There is a group of people who get their kicks from putting photos on places like eBay, etc, where you can see their reflection in a shiny object, a mirror, a TV screen, whatever. Usually, they’re naked.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Well, I spewed coffee again. Probably a lot of us have real estate stories. When my husband and I were last looking at real estate, the agent took us to an already empty house, and she told us to look on our own. Someone had converted a closet off of the master bedroom into a powder room. It was such a mess that I started laughing rather loudly. My husband made the mistake of trying to quiet me by putting his hand over my mouth. The noises that produced sounded like we were engaged in a rather personal activity. The agent was just a bit nervous working with us from that moment onward.

  • http://www.rebeccamorn.com/mind BeccaM

    And a pair of handcuffs hanging from the headboard…

  • Bomer

    That was my thought when I saw it. Just needs some bars on the windows.

  • woodroad34

    could it be in Ohio?

  • woodroad34

    having a friend who does high-end real estate photography (he recently did Reese Witherspoon’s ranch in Santa Barbara), he’s constantly told if he doesn’t lower his prices, they’ll just have the secretary use her I-phone to take pictures. While they wouldn’t be as bad as this…they aren’t the quality the Real Estate agent is looking for or the seller really wants. He had a good laugh over this and may point Real Estate agents to this site just to prove his point.

  • http://www.americablog.com/ Naja pallida

    The advent of cheap digital photography, and everyone having a camera on their phone, has only accomplished one important thing, proving just how many hilariously bad photographers there are out there. Spend some time going through Craigslist, you’ll see all manner of absolutely terrible photographs of things people are trying to sell.

  • http://www.rebeccamorn.com/mind BeccaM

    This is the one I love. A lone bed in a horrific room whose appearance suggests its last occupant was a kidnapping victim.

  • Phil

    Ah fond memories:

    - The house that was operating as an illegal orphanage: an apparently single father (perhaps the mother had fled in terror) was planning to paint the interior of a four bedroom victorian in a single afternoon, as dozens of children ran around looking for items of misplaced clothing, which were conveniently strewn all over the interior of the house, including the basement. They kept asking us (the potential buyers) if we’d seen any of the items they were looking for. An open house was scheduled for the next afternoon.

    - The house where the owner had recently (more or less) died. Apparently the body had been left to decompose for several weeks/months inside the house prior to being noticed by anyone, at least from what our noses told us. Also, the realtor and I were attacked by birds, which had built a nest over every door into the place, causing us to stumble out the door while covering our eyes.

    - The house where the owner hadn’t died yet, but the woman, at the age of 90 walking around the house topless, was a sight to behold!

    - The Grand Prize winner was a beautiful home in Florida, in which the previous owner had only lived in for a few months before being transferred. It included all appliances. We were ready to put in an offer. When we got to the laundry room, I noticed what appeared to be a six foot long nylon stocking on the floor. Upon closer examination, it was a recently shed snake’s skin. The realtor, my husband, and I just looked at it, looked at each other, and ran screaming from the house, pushing each other out of the way when we got to the door. As the poor realtor went to lock the door, several tree frogs fell from the ceiling of the entryway down her blouse. When she got out onto the front lawn, she began to dance a jig type of dance, and shaking her blouse and unbuttoning it.

  • Indigo

    Eek! Bad memories!

  • Buford2k11

    Oh boy…I just started taking real estate photos as a business…how’d you get them so quick???? no really…

  • Monoceros Forth

    I don’t think I’d mind a property that came with a horse in the basement. Well, I’d probably mind after a day or two.

  • NCMan

    A couple of years ago one of these photos went around the net. It was a photo of a dining room. But, the agent in the photo wasn’t in his underwear. He had no pants on at all and his junk was on full display….

  • Rob

    That’s priceless!

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