How Ted Cruz killed the birther movement

Roger Simon over at Politico made a fascinating observation the other day about Ted Cruz and birthers, and it was something I’d not heard before.

You know who Cruz is. Republican Senator. Tea Partyer. One of the people most responsible for shutting down the federal government, threatening to default on the national debt, and holding the entire country and world hostage unless the President agreed to defund health care reform (aka Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act).

That Ted Cruz.


Putting those antics aside, Simon made a great point about how Cruz’s expected run for the presidency in 2016 ends up putting the stake in the heart of the birther movement (that means you, Donald Trump) once and for all.

(While I doubt anyone is unaware of the birthers, in a nutshell, they’re people who claim that President Obama isn’t really president because they claim he isn’t really a “natural-born” American.  Why?  Because they think, incorrectly, that he was born in Kenya.  In fact, Obama was born in Hawaii.)

Donald Trump's hair enjoys a rare day off. (Photo by Jenica.)

Donald Trump’s hair enjoys a rare day off. (Photo by Jenica.)

As a bit of background, Cruz was born in Canada, so some are alleging that perhaps he’s not really a “natural-born” American citizen either.  But the going legal argument is that you don’t need to be born on American soil, but rather, you need to be born an American.  Meaning, if you have an American parent, that makes you an American at birth, regardless of where you’re born.

In Cruz’s case, while he was born in Canada (and his dad was born in Cuba), his mom was born in Delaware.  So that cinches his “natural-born” status, per the going legal theory.

Guess who else’s mom was American when he was born?  Barack Hussein Obama.

Here’s Roger:

Cruz also said: “Given the raft of stories today about my birth certificate, it must be a slow news day.”

Yeah, well, Barack Obama had a birth certificate proving he was born in the United States but the “birther” wackos still tried to claim he was born in Kenya, making him ineligible to be president. Except it wouldn’t have made him ineligible.

Using the legal argument that now helps Cruz, Obama still would have been a natural-born citizen of the United States even if he had been born in Kenya, because his mother was a U.S. citizen. (In any case, Obama was born in Honolulu.)

So, in the opinion of Dr. Politics, Cruz is a natural-born U.S. citizen and could legally become president of the United States.

Unless Donald Trump can’t find his mother’s birth certificate.

Not that the birther crowd is interested in either facts or logic.  Still, it is kind of funny that the wackiest fringe of the GOP is responsible for the birther madness, and it’s also responsible for bringing us Ted Cruz.

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