Tea Partyers shout racist slur at White House cops: “Looks like something out of Kenya”

Wow. I’ve been to many a protest at the White House, and I’ve never seen people belittle the police like the Sarah Palin / Ted Cruz Tea Party protesters did today.  There’s video, and it’s awful.

Calling the police protecting the White House “brownshirts,” laughing at them, and then one guy says “looks like something out of Kenya.”

The fanciful notion that President Obama was born in Kenya – he was in fact born in Hawaii – is a common racist slur that Tea Party adherents and other conservative Republicans use against the President.


Keep in mind these are the same people who brought confederate flags to the protest. As Peter Sylwester noted on Twitter, “Perhaps the Confederate flag mob will move next to reopen the Lincoln Memorial.”

Tea Partyers, led by Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz and southern racists waving the confederate flag, throw metal fences at the White House gates to protest the GOP shutdown of the government.

Tea Partyers, led by Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz and southern racists waving the confederate flag, throw metal fences at the White House gates to protest the GOP shutdown of the government.

As background, the Tea Party, which is responsible for shutting down the federal government, decided to hold a rally today protesting their own government shutdown.  The rally was led by GOP Senator, and shutdown author, Ted Cruz, and shutdown supporter Sarah Palin.  Ostensibly, they were upset that the World War II memorial was shut down in their shutdown.  They were not picketing, however, the cessation of cancer treatments at NIH, or the lack of death benefits for US troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan after the shutdown began.

Yes, the Tea Party turned out in force to protest their own government shutdown, and they chose to march to the White House and blame the President for a shutdown they all wanted to happen, and had planned, in the first place.

Here’s the video posted by Paul Longenecker to Facebook:

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188 Responses to “Tea Partyers shout racist slur at White House cops: “Looks like something out of Kenya””

  1. anonomyous says:

    This is actully ironic. Democrats 150 years ago supported slavery, and republicans tried and succeded in abolishing it. Now its the opposite.

  2. Karma_hitman says:

    WOW mark you have won the fool of the month prize, your comments do however give proof that mental illness is rampant were your are concerned LOL

  3. Ken says:

    These tea party protesters seem to have no self awareness of how their words and actions make them look like fools.

  4. SET55 says:

    This proves what the sane people in these United States already know: Tea Partiers are Despicable, Dumb as Rocks, and Delusional.

  5. george says:

    The tea party is more unpopular than ever, according to a new
    national poll that also suggests that even many Republicans now view the
    grass-roots conservative movement in a negative light. A Pew Research Center
    survey released Wednesday also indicates that Sen. Ted Cruz, one of the
    ringleaders of the conservative push to tie dismantling the national health
    care law to the funding of the federal government, has seen his popularity jump
    among tea party Republicans and drop among non-tea party GOPers. Cruz has
    become much more visible during the shutdown and the showdown leading up the
    shutdown. And the poll indicates Cruz’s popularity among tea party Republicans
    has soared, from 47% in July to 74% now. But among those who say they are
    non-tea party Republicans, the freshman senator from Texas and possible 2016
    GOP White House contender’s unfavorable rating jumped from 16% to 31%. Alan
    Grayson is 100% correct. And after the klan rally (aka “protest”) earlier this
    month that the fleabaggers had in front of the White House, with a confederate
    flag, fleabaggers yelling for President Obama to “get out of our White House”,
    and a radio fleabagger demanding that President Obama “come out with his hands
    up”, the FoxGOPTV pigs deny that the fleabaggers are like the kkk. Or during the
    campaign to make the Affordable Care act a law, fleabaggers carried signs of
    President Obama’s face with a bone through his nose imposed on a tribal chief,
    and signs that said “Go Home NI**AR!”, and fleabaggers yelling for President
    Obama go “go back to Kenya”, calling the First Lady a “gorilla” and the Obama
    girls “nigglets” the FoxGOPTV pigs deny that the fleabaggers are like the kkk. Only
    dishonest right-wing pigs would try to clean up the filthy hateful racist image
    the Fleabaggers have given themselves.


  6. MARK52947 says:

    The Right Wing complains that they aren’t rascist, so why is a Confederate flag being waved in front of the White House, during the budget crisis? The Civil War was over in 1865. And slavery was ended. They want to pick on the President, they have that right. But waving the Confederate flag, brings back memories of racism in the south in the last century. It represents the old South and the old ideas of the Old South. I figured most southerners don’t want those memories.

  7. Jarin says:

    I’m not feeling terribly optimistic, but hey, I like your version of the future, so here’s hoping.

  8. Moderator4 says:

    You have been warned more than once to stop pushing your own blog on this website. You are banned.

  9. The_America_Partyusa says:


    First you make me defend the republicans which I almost dislike as much as you, you make me do this because I believe in the truth instead of partisan rhetoric (I have the same problems on far right sites.) Then you start with the same tactic many do when they can’t back up what they say with facts, name calling, which is the wrong way to have a adult discussion.

    The facts are in 1960 around 3% National Budget was spent on all subsidies for the American people with less then 6% of people accepting any type of subsides (I would tell you to check the national achieves which has the true numbers as I did but I know you hate facts). Currently as of 2012 (using government numbers) 30% plus of the National Budget was spent on all the different subsidies for the American people with then over 40% of people accepting some type of subsides. Like it or not, this is the facts from the government numbers; look it up (I know you won’t, it will prove you wrong).
    The question is where does this money come from, does it magically appear? NO! It is taken from the hard working Americans and mostly given to people who in many cases refuse to work because welfare has become so profitable. I believe 100% in taking care of the truly disabled and elderly; its the right thing to do just as working for what you get instead of making someone else pay your way is the right thing to do.

    You stated, ” Meanwhile, the value in your pension and 401K is GONE (if you haven’t lost your pension altogether) and the equity in your house is gone or worse than gone. And who did that to you? Your fellow Americans?”

    You are right, the ones who refuse to work, the ones who keep piling on debt instead of paying their bills, the ones who rip off the disability finances who are not disable, and most of all, the ones in congress from both sides who refuse to be fiscally responsible with America’s money. I don’t make anything close to six digit income, I’m a blue collar worker and lost my job when all this happened, did I kick back on unemployment for the last three years; NO, I went and found a job to support my family, pay my mortgage, pay my health coverage, and the sad part is, right now I only get to see them every couple of months because I have to work out of state and now due to the crash my house is up-side-down so I can’t sell it to get my family with me and I am disable. If I can do it, anyone can but many are just too lazy and want everyone else to pay their bills. What is your story?

    The truth is neither you nor I can go without paying our debt but our leaders from both sides just want to keep spending. Barney Franks was the one in charge of the oversight committee for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which blew up causing the housing market crash as most politicians he said it wasn’t his fault. You are right about the banks but many unions (depending on where they are; you have good and bad ones) have run businesses into the group and the owners have left so they are to blame to; will you admit this? You are also right about the loans, I do not believe in bailing out anyone; how can Bush or Obama bail out the big companies (they both did), ignore the little ones, ignore the self employed, and say they are for the people? Go read

    “The Federal Governments Record on Bail Outs and Taxes”

    if you really want to see something that will make you mad, we have lost over $226Billions as a nation from bailouts, and the government just sold the rest of GM stock for another added loss of $20Billions.

    You stated “You wanna talk about “free stuff?” Talk about virtual slave labor being used by American Corporations to replace American workers”

    You are right, but much of this was caused as I mentioned above by unions wanting everything and the kitchen sink. I would love to bring manufacturing back here but until we bring back a fair pay for a fair day of work, it won’t happen. This combined with our “Regulation Nation” is why many jobs and technology are leaving the US; look at what they have done in just the last two years to the coal industry.

    You stated, “No American wants “free stuff!” All your fellow Americans want is a JOB”.

    You are wrong here and I wish you weren’t, many Americans do just want jobs but many also want everything they can get free, go to YouTube and watch, these people are everywhere and going from 6% to 30% plus proves this; you are very naive if you believe otherwise.

    You said, “But you go right ahead and keep thinking your fellow Americans are the problem. Divide and conquer. That is exactly what the rich and powerful want you to believe, so they can continue to rape and pillage the Middle Class.”

    Some Americans as you pointed out in your response are the problems; some who refuse to get off their backsides and go to work, and others who give them everything so they don’t have too. As long as we have massive regulations on everything and tax the devil out of the middle class to pay for those who refuse to work (not the ones looking for work) we will never have industry back in America. This is the sad truth, many things we agree on but as I always say, “I trust no politician from any side or media outlet because they all lie; I’ll look at the facts”.


  10. mark_in_toronto says:

    I have actually gained rights after moving here.
    Americans on the other hand have given up:

    The right of being innocent until proven guilty.
    Unlawful search and seizure.
    The right to privacy.
    The right to protest.
    Free speech.
    The right to move about freely.
    The right to marry.

    Think about it.

  11. mark_in_toronto says:


  12. Carol says:

    PhattElvis Thank you so much for this post. It’s too bad there are people so ignorant and uninformed and actually believe this is all Obama’s fault. These people who say all these things are not in the category of the CEOs etc., who perpetrated this mess and yet they stick up for them.

    I taught U.S. history for years and always presented the students with the question, “Why did the poor and down-trodden fight to preserve a way of life for the Southern elite?” The similarity going on here blows my mind and makes the term history repeats itself so relevant.

  13. Carol says:

    It’s so easy to say “go get a job” and vilify others who just want a fair shake for everyone. Also, The America Party obviously you have no higher education than perhaps high school, and I don’t think you were there enough to learn much, but saying’ He was rated…and about the free stuff people get…and all the subsidies of $40k without one valid documented source that those statements are true. OH, wait, maybe you read someone’s blog and because they said so it’s true. What a joke you conservatives have become voicing such nonsense. Maybe instead of showing your ignorance for real facts you would be better off staying off these blogs because trust me you are only embarrassing yourself and reinforcing to the rest of the world how ignorant you really are.

  14. Big Ed says:

    Why did none of the “journalists” that took picture after picture of the ONE guy waving a confederate flag, interview him? Wouldn’t that have been a good interview?

  15. Whitewitch says:

    I think I saw an article this morning that they were very non-plussed with the protest. I hope that is true…most Vets are pretty decent and deserve our respect.

    It would be nice if we could stop the angry words, but heck…even my companion is mean to me about politics and I think he really likes me.

  16. PhattElvis says:

    I saw a Bagger on Twitter this week conflate Nazis with Communists (and, as you know, President Obama is BOTH)…”because National Socialists.”

    *head explodes*

  17. PhattElvis says:

    Fine, but bigoted, hateful assholes do NOT have a Constitutional right to hijack the banner of a group that does not support them. The vets had every right to insist the Tea Baggers do their thing elsewhere on the Mall, like at the Lincoln Memorial, where the irony factor would be on STUN.

    If I were going to an Occupy Demonstration and the New World Order anti-semite phuques showed up, I’d insist that Occupy tell them to take their trash elsewhere or I would repudiate Occupy and oppose it with all the strength and fiber of my being.

  18. PhattElvis says:

    Keep in mind, they’re relying on poor turnout, and historically, turnout for elections in the US has hovered around 50-55% and even lower in non-presidential election years. Compare that to other countries, where voter turnout is regularly closer to 75%-85%.

    All we have to do is turn out. All the Gerrymandering in the world can’t stop demography.

    The most pissed off people are the ones who turn out to vote. It looks to me like the Tea Baggers have awoken the sleeping giant.

  19. PhattElvis says:

    YOU are the problem. You have bought wholesale the BIG LIE that your fellow Americans are the problem, that your fellow Americans want to rip you off. That is NOT TRUE, and shame on you for even thinking that!

    Meanwhile, the value in your pension and 401K is GONE (if you haven’t lost your pension altogether) and the equity in your house is gone or worse than gone. And who did that to you? Your fellow Americans?

    NO! The powerful: The banks and corporations, who engaged in documented, wholesale fraud that blew up the economy, crashed the housing market (which still hasn’t recovered), put MILLIONS of people out of their homes, and caused a world-wide 5-year recession by crashing the financial markets.

    You want to talk about “Free Stuff”??? Talk about the TRILLIONS in virtually interest-free loans the Bush and Obama Administrations gave to the big banks. Talk about the 100% reimbursement of Goldman-Sachs’ investments in POS mortgage-backed securities in the AIG bailout.

    The government reimbursed Goldman 100% when AIG defaulted on billions in credit-default swaps issued by AIG to guarantee Goldman Sachs’ reckless investments in junk-quality mortgage-backed securities.

    Those mortgage-backed securities were based on mortgages issued by banks that knew the mortgage debtors (home-buyers) were virtually guaranteed to default. But they got to collect those issuance fees. The fraud was so extreme and blatant that the mortgage insurance companies have successfully sued multiple mortgage issuers for insurance fraud. It’s why the CEO of Countrywide Finance is in jail!

    You wanna talk about “free stuff?” Talk about virtual slave labor being used by American Corporations to replace American workers…and US tax credits and benefits STILL going to corporations who outsourced 30% of all American Manufacturing to China, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia and on and on….

    No American wants “free stuff!” All your fellow Americans want is a JOB — a chance to work hard for a living wage. For you to think otherwise is a despicable insult, but it is exactly what the corporations, the corrupt billionaire plutocrats and their paid lobbyists in DC want you to think.

    To *earn* a living is all anybody wants — a chance to make it on one’s own, with a job that pays the bills and helps you put a little bit away for the future, for the kid’s college, for one’s own retirement, and for emergencies.

    But with the rampant outsourcing of living wage jobs — 30% of our manufacturing base, just think about that! — people can’t even afford the roof over their heads or to feed their kids with what most jobs are paying these days.

    After a decade of war, 5 years of recession and a jobless recovery, don’t be surprised when you see some poor people, homeless vets and hungry children around.

    But you go right ahead and keep thinking your fellow Americans are the problem. Divide and conquer. That is exactly what the rich and powerful want you to believe, so they can continue to rape and pillage the Middle Class.

  20. eliz77 says:

    I don’t see any of those rowdy protesters getting arrested. Not one. And they even got rough with the public property. If that had been a “peace” march, they would be in jail. I think I would like to see less name calling and imputing of stupidity and more discussion. I suspect if really talked and listened to each other we would get smarter and figure out solutions to our problems. I also saw a hint that the veterans there were a little nonplussed at their protest being hijacked by radicals.

  21. jackinator says:

    No we have no clue. Perhaps we can be enlightened by one of the head morons like Louie Gohmert. I notice that when tea party members are at a loss for facts they use words like constitution or liberty to hide their poor grasp of reality.

  22. micjo says:

    If you rearrange the letters in “The TeaParty,” you get “A Petty Hater.”

  23. Lisimba Lutalo Lumumba says:

    hey mark_in_toronto could you please explain to me exactly what rights have you personally lost?

  24. Churchlady320 says:

    Obana is VERY liberal. Read thepeoplesview.net now and then to see how and why.
    That said I agree with you about Mark’s comments. Those are NOT the issues.

  25. Churchlady320 says:

    Sorry – your points are not germane. We know who the enemies are. We are totally aware – and it’s not our neighbors even in disagreement. Are you cool there in Toronto with Harper in charge?

  26. Churchlady320 says:

    Well they didn’t say of the white cops,” Gee it looks like Poland here.” Grow up – it happened, they carried the flag that stands for support of Black slavery and nothing else to the White House where a Black man lives whom WE ELECTED. Just accept the fact that white supremacy is over, and go home.

  27. karmanot says:


  28. karmanot says:

    Good one Fixer!

  29. The_America_Partyusa says:

    Obama was rated the most liberal senator in the US; compared to the average citizen he is very far left just as Pelosi and Reid. You have many from both sides in the middle and then you have the Palins at the far right. I couldn’t find your word “christers” so I’m assuming you meant Christian. I disagree, the divide is between people who want to give everyone free stuff and those who want people to work for it (disable and elderly not included). I’m tired of paying taxes and having the non-working, non-tax paying, subsidy receiving person receiving as much in subsidies (gov last report $40k) as I make working; go get a job. I do believe we need to take of our disable and elderly but able body people should by working; this is the divide not religion.


  30. dogbcz says:

    The rethuglicons shut down the gov’t, not the President.
    You rednecks are so stupid, I wish you’d all just HANG YOURSELVES and go to hell.

  31. Chef Kowalski says:

    No, you are on the far side of insanity. When score after score of media outlets report the same thing and somebody their research doesn’t verify it, it is usually because they want to make up their own facts or quote an unreliable source that massages their prejudices.

  32. Gumi Megpoid says:

    so the sum of this journalists parts are about ignorance of the american people, but then he calls all confederates racists “Tea Partyers, led by Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz and southern racists waving the confederate flag, throw metal fences at the White House gates to protest the GOP shutdown of the government.”

  33. maria says:

    If I could get it, I’d use the Test Card Girl from “Life on Mars” as my avatar.

  34. fletcher says:

    Right! Or were they promoting Lipton with all those dipping bags attached to the three-corner hats they bought at Party City?

  35. The_Fixer says:

    The chart you are showing is one of federal debt, not the deficit. It says that right there on the chart. They are two different things. The deficit is a year-to-year thing and reflects the difference between what is spent and what is taken in.

    The debt is the cumulative measure of what is owed by government as a result of borrowing. It is the result of years and years of deficit spending.

    The point is still valid; deficit spending has been reduced since Obama took office and had his own budgets to work with. The debt is a different matter.

    You wanna rail against the debt, fine. But even if we had zero deficit spending, we would still have increasing government debt. that’s because of interest on that debt. Remember, when you borrow money, you pay more back than you borrowed.

    It takes a budget surplus in order to really begin paying down the debt. You get that one of three ways: increase your income, decrease your outgo, or do both. The last president who had a budget surplus was Clinton. He did it by both increasing the government’s income and by cutting spending.

    Every Republican president in recent history has engaged in deficit spending and therefore, has added to the debt.

    If you can’t understand these simple facts, then you have no business involving yourself in this discussion and quite frankly, it makes me worried for the readers of your blog.

  36. Upsetvet101 says:

    Amazing, the police only showed up, yelling and attacking police doesn’t make it peaceful. Morons.

  37. Moderator4 says:

    The next time you add your own blog URL to your comment, your entire comment will be deleted, rather than just edited. Be warned.

  38. 1jetpackangel says:

    *screaming* “THIS IS A PEACEFUL PROTEST!!!” *booing and insults*

    This is one of the things that doesn’t work when it’s shouted. Another thing is the phrase “I’m not crazy.”

  39. Jarin says:

    If you were linking to actual reputable sites instead of just repeatedly linking your own blog, you might have a leg to stand on. I never commented on your numbers, just your repeated link whoring.

    Oh, and if you want to see the definition I’m using, read here:


  40. The_America_Partyusa says:

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln

    You have left no doubt. Whoring is being bought, it isn’t using the true numbers from a government website. You having your agenda and response preset from a partisan web site or talking points before you even look at the facts; this is being bought which would be whoring. You have already been bought.


  41. Moderator4 says:

    Stop flogging your own blog. You may mention it once, but not in every comment, unless you receive prior permission from John.

  42. Phaerisee says:

    Blaming someone else for something you caused in the first place is the epitome of dysfunction.

  43. Whitewitch says:

    Gosh I hope not Jarin…that would be sad and scary.

  44. Jarin says:

    I swear to god I’m filtering any post with “blogspot” in it. Quit whoring.

  45. Jarin says:

    Their redistricting currently ensures that only the most extreme lunatics can get elected. All that matters is primary fights, where the biggest “true believer” wins. It’s a race to the Right, and the country is losing.

  46. Jarin says:

    Pardon me if I don’t trust american businesses (or any businesses) to act in the interest of anything other than the personal pocketbooks of their management. We have endless evidence that this is all that is ever considered.

  47. wartybliggens says:

    What’s really great about the internet is you can come up with your very own reality and post it to the comments section.

  48. The_America_Partyusa says:

    Notice this site is a GOV site, not a left or right site. It shows the deficit has massively but you are in denial; all the news shows from left and right sides the deficit going up massively from spending. We as Americans can’t be ostriches and bury our heads in partisan crap from either side but look at the truth; otherwise we condemn our children and grandchildren to this deficit.


  49. The_America_Partyusa says:

    I have researched, I can’t find one but I have found a lot of the National News media being inaccurate in their reporting along with a lot a politicians, both Democrat and Republican, being inaccurate in their rhetoric so please send me the link. If you don’t, the only conclusion I can come to is either you were reading or watching one of the National News media being inaccurate who never showed the videos or you have not seen a video and you are spreading your own rhetoric. Please prove me wrong; I’m not on the left side or right side but the truth side which all of us should be.


  50. Jarin says:

    The phrase “Nuke ’em all and let God sort ’em out” comes to mind.

  51. traviserck says:

    Business has the same benefits. IT’s called corporate welfare.

  52. traviserck says:

    You know Obama has brought the real racists and problems in our country. And I don’t mean this in a negative way at all. We now know who they are. As Americans we need to mobilize and start disrupting the Tea Party operations. They harmed us by shutting the government down. Maybe its time we the people organize and shut them down. They are going to destroy this land and are doing so right now. I’d hardly call their rallies peaceful.

  53. traviserck says:

    I’m actually shocked everyone that this fool typed this also. Proof positive that our mathematics sucks right here.

  54. pyrophilia says:

    was wrong.

  55. The_Fixer says:

    Thanks, but sometimes it’s kinda like shootin’ fish in a barrel :)

  56. The_Fixer says:

    Thanks! And your dog avatar is cute, too, no matter what anybody says :)

  57. The_Fixer says:

    Ah yes, the “blame game”. I’ve heard that from many a far-right politician after they’ve seriously screwed up. We heard it repeatedly from the likes of them after the Iraq war was proven to be a fraud. But ya know what? If I screw up, I get blamed and pay the price. These people seem to think that they don’t have to.

    This isn’t a blame game, it is a recognition of what is the problem, and who is creating it. Yes, there are rotten Democrats. And yes, I am not pleased with Obama. Quite frankly, I would love to see a third and fourth party in this country. Parties that are legitimate and not front organizations for moneyed special interests, which the TEA party is. Until then, and for right now, it’s the Democrats as the lesser of two evils.

    And yes, I am a liberal who has not had the luxury of wasting money in my life, therefore, I have no sympathy for those who do. Remember, the root of Liberal is the latin liberalis, and it is remarkably similar to liberty, from the latin libertas. Both words concern themselves with freedom. Liberal is not a dirty word, and I do not shirk from the description.

    You may not be some “cussing Confederate Flag waving moron, calling police at the White House brownshirts.” However, your political alignment appears to be the same, as represented by the arguments you make. Do you support this government shutdown and the tactics used to accomplish it? If you do, you are unfortunately in their company. You may not consider yourself a TEA partier, but you seem to be making the same arguments.

    Again, you talk a lot about following the Constitution. Isn’t it correct that the constitution says that we have to pay our debts? In what other ways are the constitution being violated that unfunding the government and defaulting on the debt are going to fix? Further, get specific on what you mean by “following the Constitution”. It’s all rather vague to me.

    Another question – is the closing down of the government a legitimate tactic to try and stop a policy that Republicans don’t like (but also were part of putting into law)? I don’t think so.

    Is shutting down the government going to magically fix the problems with the economy, level the playing field, correct the problems of unequal taxation, inequitable wealth distribution, make politicians follow the constitution and get us on the road to nirvana?

    Is shutting down the government, which was planned from the very day Barack Obama took office, a legitimate tactic to stymie his every effort to implement any of his initiatives? Is trying to stymie his every legal effort to implement his policies a legitimate tactic?

    No, emphatically no. We have a complex economic and political system. The problems we have can’t be solved overnight. You can’t turn a battleship around on a dime. A shutdown of the government certainly is not going to do it. There are plenty of things that have to be done to get the moneyed interests out of politics. Shutting down the government is not one of them. The budget is not going to be balanced by shutting the government down. None of these problems are going to be solved by shutting the government down.

    Again, this is not a blame game, or any other kind of game. Republicans, under threat of the TEA party contingent are the ones threatening economic disarray, and in the process are blaming Obama for problems that they themselves created. Democrats are not blameless when it comes to government problems, but they didn’t pick this fight.

    So I’m sorry, you still haven’t convinced me of anything.

  58. Willy Jones says:

    Now I have seen everything. I would love to know who the idiot was that was yelling “you work for us” This guy is too stupid to have a job! So he’s not paying taxes. He was out there for one reason, he was trying to push the buttons of the officers that “took an oath” to serve and protect. You are so lucky you didn’t pull that crap in my home town, your butt would have been parked neatly in our county jail ! And the charge is Disorderly Conduct. Peaceful Demonstration??? You were doing all you could do to pick a fight with the police. It wasn’t their fault. Do you want to pick a fight with the turds that are causing all this, Jump that big ass fence the officers were protecting. See how close you are able to get to the front doors of the White House while you are waving your flag and yelling like a mad man. Oh, ya might try yelling, You work for me! at the guys on the other side of the fence too….. That will certainly be more exciting than what I just watched. (make sure your life insurance is paid up first…….)

  59. karmanot says:

    “but send me a video so I can see” Do your own homework.

  60. karmanot says:

    WOW! You go Aquaria!

  61. 100 percent says:

    “doubling would be 200%, stupid”…. judas priest, you dumbass, doubling is 100%. Good gawd, you’re an embarrassment to yourself and everyone else.

  62. karmanot says:


  63. karmanot says:

    Seriously, some people (you) deserve belittling.

  64. Feb thirteen says:

    What would really be great = Big corps bringing back good paying American jobs, or creating good paying jobs (IN AMERICA) = more taxes would be paid = less hand out to Americans on hard times because of low wage jobs = America pays our debts

  65. Feb thirteen says:

    Shame on them?? for doing their job?

  66. Clint Lacy says:

    Meanwhile… back in MIssouri Tea Party members vilified and demonized me to the press for bringing a Confederate flag to a protest they didn’t even organize…


  67. donald says:

    Hell hath no furry as a woman scorned. She’s been pissed ever since she was put out there during the 2008 campaign when she wasn’t ready for prime time. Both her and her family were embarasssed and made fun of because she and her husband were too clueless to say thanks but no thanks, not at this time.IE, “She doesn’t know enough about that level of politics, we have some pending poltical/legal/family drama, and to top it off we have an unwed pregnant teenage daughter. I’m almost sure to make up for it and make her go away, someone felt the need to give her and Bristol TV shows to repairthe reputations, but that ended up as something else they both should had said no thanks to too!!!!! Palin has demonstrated over and over again she makes poor choices and decision and is just is hell bent on getting revenge on everybody she can. Thank God she was never elected to that high of an office. I feel sorry for her and her family, just a bitter woman.

  68. Aquaria says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Nobody is pushing divisiveness in over half the examples you’re sniveling about.

    There IS one side that is more interested in taking your liberties, and pitting all those people against each other, and that’s the party that’s the most authority. Say hello to the Republican party.

    BTW, Obama is NOT a liberal. He’s barely moderate. Our country has moved so far to the right that people don’t know what a real left looks like. There is no left in American politics anymore, and only utter morons don’t know this.

    Furthermore, the dichotomy isn’t christers/muslims, but christers in the US against everyone else. Someone as clueless as you would be shocked at just how many of the jaysus juicers would wipe out anyone who didn’t buy into their ridiculous beliefs, and would do it gladly, given half the chance.

  69. Aquaria says:

    You’re the idiot who doesn’t realize that someone might use a dog for an avatar because, I dunno, they really love their dog! You can use whatever you want for an avatar. Mine is of my favorite J-pop star. Why? Because I like him!

    What kind of total moron thinks he’s clever when he insults someone’s avatar? Well, obviously your standard TEA party moron.

    Karmanot, you were too generous with the IQ assessment. 40 would be a welcome aspiration in this case.

  70. Aquaria says:

    One: your website isn’t evidence of anything, and if I want to see massive lies in print, I’ll just go read Ann Coulter. You include the links that back up your assertions HERE, and shut up about your blog. Blogs aren’t evidence of ANYTHING. Astrologers have blogs, too, and I don’t follow links to that nonsense anymore than I follow it to yours. You cite the evidence HERE, and don’t annoy intelligent people with your blogwhoring. Welcome to how the reality-based world works.

    Second: You don’t know how to do basic math is the problem with your laughable and disingenuous claims that Obama doubled the debt.

    Bush ran up 10.6 trillion in debt. Doubling 10.6 trillion would be 21.2 trillion, and the deficit isn’t remotely there.

    Obama increased it by another 6.1 trillion. 6.1 trillion is only 57.5% more of the old debt. Doubling would be 200%, stupid.

    I’ve used the liar republican trick here of attributing the 1.4 trillion of deficit Bush caused in the 2009 budget on Obama, but I’m more honest than any republican.

    The HONEST thing to do would be to return the blame for that on Bush, and remove it from Obama’s ledger. If you do that, then Bush would be responsible for 12.1 trillion of the debt, and Obama would be responsible for 4.6% of it. Or, in percentage numbers, Obama would have increased the deficit by 38%. Not 200%, and a long, long way from the 24.2 trillion of debt that goes with the ridiculous and dishonest claims you have made that Obama has done such a thing.

    He didn’t. Only idiots don’t know this.

  71. wiseoldsnail says:


  72. wiseoldsnail says:

    what a lie . what a fuc king lie

  73. wiseoldsnail says:

    you’re joking, right? you know why there are few arrests at tea parties? because those in attendance offer ZERO THREAT to the corporate status quo . now, maybe you should research how many people were arrested while doing nothing other than exercising their constitutionally protected right to protest … and beaten during the process … illegally … thought the tea party folks were constitutionalists

    if you’re ignorant enough to believe that arrest ‘data’ somehow = actual crime data, you’re beyond repair

  74. mark_in_toronto says:

    I find the comments section more interesting than the articles.
    Everybody is doing exactly what the plutocrats want . . . fighting amongst yourselves while being distracted from what is really happening. Left/right, black/white, dem/repub, christian/muslim, north/south . . . and so on.
    How many more rights are you prepared to give up? “Land of the free” is becoming “land of the lost” and you’re giving to them on a silver platter.
    Instead of fighting with your neighbour, how about fighting your real enemy? And, if you have to ask who that is, then you’ve already lost.

  75. wiseoldsnail says:

    people in the occupy movement are feeding hungry folks : i call that civil . offering assistance to people in need : i call that civil . people in the occupy movement spend time fighting illegal foreclosures by banksters : civil … meanwhile, tea party folks continue to express racist baloney at every chance, and do so with such complete ignorance it’s astounding

  76. wiseoldsnail says:

    also, the tea party is on video often over many months saying exactly that they wanted to shut down government … quit lying

  77. wiseoldsnail says:

    the tea party labeled itself … guess you didn’t know that

  78. Aquaria says:

    I bet he was an atheist at one time, too. All the liars on that side of the fence trot out that old chestnut at will.

    Or I bet he was a Democrat when Strom Thurmond was one.

    Hey, moron: The party has changed, and it has no room for lying fascists like you. Goodbye and good riddance.

  79. Aquaria says:

    You’ve managed to win the Scumbag of the Day award for being the biggest moron AND biggest the liar on the internet today.


  80. The_America_Partyusa says:

    I go to the Government Accounting Office (GAO), its a gov site where you can get the true actual numbers. It’s numbers proved Bush ran up the budget just as it proves Obama has done the same thing.


  81. The_America_Partyusa says:

    Have you ever heard of the Government Accounting Office (GAO), its a gov site and I trust their numbers more then a web site on Google. It’s called research.


  82. The_America_Partyusa says:

    I get my numbers from the “Government Accounting Office (GAO)”, which is a GOV site and the actual true numbers, not a partisan left or right site; where are you getting your numbers?

  83. The_America_Partyusa says:

    I don’t believe what any politician says and you don’t know me so look at the GAO. Do research and not on political sites but government site and crunch the numbers yourself. I didn’t say I supported or didn’t support the Tea party and I didn’t see any of this racial crap but send me a video so I can see; most the people there when I went were blue collar workers like me. The Occupy movement had many assaults, rapes, and two murders (just look at the police blotter) so I disagree it was “merely set up tents while holding sign”, you need to take a better look; take your blinders off.

  84. Marc says:

    You really don’t have anything intelligent to say other than to belittle people. Read your own postings and have a realization about yourself. Seriously.

  85. karmanot says:

    Raise your IQ above 40 and maybe it might make sense. Tea bags and tin foil hats don’t count as progress.

  86. Marc says:

    You show a dog picture with a name that makes no sense. You make no sense.

  87. sword says:

    You are probably one of the ‘Democrats’ that LBJ bemoaned that the Democratic Party was going to loose for 50 years when he and Congress passed the Civil Rights Act. The Dixie-Crats simply changed their name first to the John Birch Society and now the Tea Party.

  88. sword says:

    When the police favor one political viewpoint over another, of course, they are going to arrest more ‘librls’ than Tea Partiers.
    Who were right? the anti-war anti-Vietnam protesters at the 1968 Democratic Convention or the far-right warmongers…especially in the Chicago mayor’s office and police departments?

  89. !eyedman says:

    The GOP / Tea Party are evil and racist….

  90. karmanot says:

    So begins the second American Civil War. Seditious traitors will lose again.

  91. karmanot says:


  92. !eyedman says:

    The Right Wing Tea Party / GOP / Neo- Confederates are DELUSIONAL and DANGEROUS. They have
    threatened to very core of decent American values, as well as the lives of all
    Americans….They are extreme terrorists and traitors and should be charged with
    TREASON and be dealt with accordingly…..

  93. karmanot says:

    Excellent comment!!!

  94. karmanot says:


  95. karmanot says:

    Short, simple and true. Now wait: 5-4-3-2-1………troll cries ‘ad hominem.”

  96. karmanot says:


  97. karmanot says:

    Or really wigs out and drinks a masculine Coors.

  98. karmanot says:

    You sad, pathetic, warbler of false ‘facts’. Better wise up, you are no match for Nicho.

  99. karmanot says:

    Fact: Obama has actually reduced the debt. Have you ever heard of Google? Give it a try.

  100. Marc says:

    Fixer, this is the classic blame game that leads nowhere. Of course the Republicans have a lot of fault in this. I agree with many of your statements. However, you are so Democrat, anti-corporation and liberal that you can’t be objective. I don’t support any of the criminal behaviour on Wall Street creating subprime derivatives, selling them for huge profits, and then short selling as they knew the whole thing would collapse.

    And of course we spend insane amounts money on the military-industrial complex. the establishment politicians, Demcrats and Republicans, keep it that way.

    So you still want to cheerlead for the Dems? Can’t have it both ways. You’re going to have to have the courage to look at the rotten core of the establishment Republicans AND Dems. I’m not some cussing Confederate Flag waving moron, calling police at the White House brownshirts. And neither are the great majority of other Americans who want the Constitution followed. It’s very simple, you get elected, that’s what you sign on to do, not all the other backroom dealing corrupt crap that got us where we are now. You don’t need to belong to any party to support that notion. It’s simple and true.

    And for Obama (and previous Democrat and Republican presidents alike), if any of them gave a damned about the “working class folk”, as Obama puts it, he and they would have done something to improve our tax system, because the working class folk are the ones being slammed most by it. Goes back to the foundation of our country – “No man shall be taxed directly.”

    No Chaser, sorry, but all the saber rattling and finger pointing and smoke and mirrors doesn’t do jack to improve anything. Any politician who is not following the Constitution is on my shit list, and should be on every American’s shit list, no matter what party they are in. Has nothing to do with “Tea Party”, whatever that derogatory label is supposed to mean.

  101. karmanot says:

    These folks are traitors and trying to engineer a coup.

  102. karmanot says:

    I see you have purged your profile.

  103. karmanot says:

    “Both parties are to blame” Ah, here in comes. Simple response: absolutely wrong. “the real change the country needs.”—the last thing the country needs is some nitwit Libertarian version of corporate fascism.

  104. tuvozmellama . says:

    We’re currently operating in Sequester, Republican (Ryan Budget) levels. HeadStart, Meals on Wheels, SNAP, WIC, Cancer Research, Veterans Administration, FEMA – SLASHED, SLASHED, SLASHED by BILLIONS!!!! Even our farmers are getting screwed! What are you bitching about? It’s your budget we’re operating on!!!!

  105. Jeff_Selbst says:

    No, the sad fact is that it’s not strange at all, It’s wholly expected. These people are openly worshipping sedition. We really should bring back the stocks.

  106. Jeff_Selbst says:

    You can’t spin your way out of the fact that it has been reported that this shutdown was planned by the Tea Party as far back as January. I know you feel you have to try, but this is lame even by Teatard standards.

  107. Jeff_Selbst says:

    This is fashionable inanity.

  108. FieryLocks says:

    Go worship Breitbart’s corpse some place else.

  109. The_Fixer says:

    This bit:

    “Bush ran up the deficit and Obama said it was Un-Patriotic which I agreed; then he gets in office and doubles it; there is no difference, both are bad for America.”

    Might I remind you that when Obama got into office in 2009, it was Bush’s budget that he had to work with? You know, they budget one year in advance.

    Yeah, I’m tired of crap, too. From Republicans, Democrats or just some random commenter on the Internet.

  110. The_Fixer says:

    In your previous two comments, you declare yourself to be an independent. That would be so much easier to believe if you didn’t spout favorite talking points of the TEA party and the Republicans. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

    You blame both sides (something we see the media talking heads say on the Sunday news shows). Who are the ones who changed the House rules to actually prevent a clean resolution vote from taking place? Republicans backed by, or scared of, the TEA party.

    You talk about how we can’t keep kicking the can down the road. But who were the ones who loaded up that can and kept kicking it? Primarily, the Republicans. We can go back to Ronald Reagan and his “trickle-down” economic theory to see that. The irresponsible lowering of taxes on corporations and the super-wealthy while simultaneously raising defense spending is where the debt started to really take off. G.H. Bush kept it up. Clinton made some progress on it with a budget surplus. G.W. Bush promptly reversed it and made it into the largest deficit and debt that we’ve ever encountered. It seems that Republicans were the biggest offenders in debt creation, while Democrats seem to be the ones who clean up the mess.

    Now about these people who are looking for government handouts. Are you including the corporations who hide their profits off-shore while demanding further tax cuts and breaks? Are you talking about the hyper-wealthy who do the same and use the savings to unduly influence U.S. politics? You know, the TEA party is financed by wealthy industrialists. Politicians are bought with that money through campaign contributions. It’s not the guy who works his ass off building roads that we all drive on and is worried about his overtime bumping him into the next tax bracket.

    The TEA party doesn’t want a government shutdown? How come the architects of this shutdown are all aligned with, or running scared from, the TEA party? Ted Cruz identifies with the TEA party. John Boehner is running scared, afraid he’ll lose his speakership and is facing a challenge in the primary by a TEA party candidate.

    Speaking of the Constitution, it says we are obligated to pay our debts. If the strict constitutionalists of the TEA party really want to act in concert with the constitution, how come they don’t drop this crazy charade and get this taken care of?

    Yes, one cannot live under the threat of constantly rising deficits. I might remind you that the deficit spending you decry is going down during Obama’s second term. But stop and think of where the debt came from. It came from those corporations of the Military-Industrial Complex holding their hands out. Not from what are derided as “entitlement programs”. We spend far more money than any country on earth to support an ever-growing number of military bases, research into ever more exotic ways to kill people, and a growing cadre of crooked military contractors. If you looked at the percentage of the budget spent on military vs. “entitlement” programs, you’d actually see that to be the case.

    Your comments are nothing but thinly-veiled TEA party talking points and Republican apologetics. Sorry, I’m not buyin’.

  111. Monoceros Forth says:

    I was a Democrat for a long time…

    Oh, that lie now! Now we’re on more familiar territory.

  112. Monoceros Forth says:

    And so is the population for continuing to want their handouts, benefits, and anything the government can give us for free…

    Yeah, imagining that the government should provide for the general welfare. What a bunch of sissies, eh?

  113. lynchie says:

    you’ve never loved anyone but your mommy. By the way Grade 7 english is a hard class to master

  114. lynchie says:

    Mommy is calling…..the meatloaf is ready. Put on your jammies and go upstairs the basement is so cold in the morning.

  115. hialtitudeangel says:

    Dear America Party USA—where are you getting your facts???? President Obama has not doubled the deficit, in fact, it has been cut in half under him. Since you said you were interested in the truth–there it is.

  116. MoonDragon says:

    “I was a Democrat for a long time but the.party I once loved is no longer for the people but for special interest groups.” I’m guessing the groups they represent are “special” because they don’t include you. Part of our system involves people with common concerns getting together to voice these common concerns to their elected representatives. This includes conservationists, vegans, animal rights groups, LGBT supporters, Evangelical Christians, Tea Partiers, Objectivists, The Club for Growth, and many, many, more. At the heart of it, each of us has special interests, and, no matter who is in charge, some interests will be served better than others. And complaining of the Republican party as containing too many wimps is a tell.

  117. MoonDragon says:

    Your comment on the arrest records leads me to ask what were the specific behaviors the precipitated the arrests of those members of the Occupy groups? Did they involve removing barricades and tossing them in protest at public facilities? Why, then, were these individuals not arrested? I don’t recall seeing pictures of Occupy participants brandishing weapons and suggesting “Second Amendment” solutions that might be construed as terroristic threats.

  118. Marc says:

    The media and the politicians with their finger pointing and rhetoric sure do an excellent job though of keeping most people’s attention off the real problems and instead at each others’ throats because we’re brainwashed into – I’m Democrat and hate the “Tea Partiers (whatever that means) = Republicans, or I am a Republican and I hate liberals = Democrats. Meanwhile these morons don’t fix the real problems.

    I believe the kinds of conflicts we’re seeing right now with the government shutdown are going to become more in the future – because our country’s financial situation will continue to get worse and worse as “the can keeps getting kicked down the road” as politicians say. The opposing voices will by default grow as things grow worse because more of us will wake up to the fact that it can’t go on this way. At some point, years in the future, some major corrections will happen fiscally, but it will be very hurtful to many of us when the problems finally do get confronted rather than ignored and finger pointed away. Both parties are to blame. And so is the population for continuing to want their handouts, benefits, and anything the government can give us for free and demanding the continued free ride = budget overspending. Of course speaking up against it is unpopular. The people who do at least have the honesty, integrity and backbone to do so and demand the real change the country needs.

  119. tuvozmellama . says:

    No, no, no – Karol, you’re being incredibly gracious. All they have to do is remove themselves from that faux news bubble and step into reality. They love faux news and the venom it spews. They’re not confused, they’re willing participants. They love this! Confused? Possessed is more like it.

  120. The_America_Partyusa says:

    Monoceros Forth,

    I guess you are in the same boat as Nicho. I was a Democrat for a long time but the party I once loved is no longer for the people but special interest groups and I don’t really care about the Republican parts, they have too many wimps. You know what assuming make you and you have proven it.

  121. The_America_Partyusa says:


    I don’t really like defending any group because I am an independent but since your ignorance in the facts are shown in your post you force me to. Nicho, looking at the police arrest records and the facts; how many Tea Party people have been arrested at Tea Party events for violence? Zero. Looking at the police arrest records and the facts; how many people have been arrested at Occupy movements? Too many to count. I am not for either group but I will look at facts instead of ignoring them in a hatred filled partisan rage. People from both parties who look at everything with their blind partisanship like you are the reason we have the problems we do today.

  122. Marc says:

    The Tea Party label is a bunch of BS. Comes in very handy though for anyone with an agenda to label anyone else who’s not liberal. These people showing up with a Confederate flag are just as stupid. Get real.

    And the journalist’s crap about the “Tea Party” wanting the shutdown, they didn’t want a shutdown. ANYONE who cares about the Constitution, any American with brains that is, should support a balanced budget, which most of our politician fools on both sides of the isle don’t seem to manage to get done, no matter what party is in power. So if the current president and most of his party members just want to keep spending more and more, there have to be some voices that say – NO MORE. If you don’t agree with that viewpoint and would rather label them radicals instead, wanting a gov’t shutdown, etc., you don’t get the Constitution at all. And you shouldn’t call yourself an American, because you don’t have a clue of government’s responsibilities as laid out in the foundation of our country, the Constitution.

  123. Whitewitch says:

    I am an American and I think I am good, you seem good to me too….this is just a tide of ugliness that often raises before the evil seeps away. (At least that is what I am going to hope for).

  124. Whitewitch says:

    Sadly, I think there is no reasoning with people such as this. They are feed a dish of hatred and fear and all need a scapegoat to blame when things are not going their way. I do sincerely hope that there are more people in this country like me, that see this behavior and think it is disgusting…so disgusting that they can not vote this Representatives another term…and will actively seek to help undo their next campaign – regardless of how far away that campaign may be.

    I also hope, really really hope that these few people are not a representation of Americans….I know they get a lot more media attention – why I don’t understand – than any Peace March I participated in in DC in the last decade….

  125. Clemensghost says:

    Nothing strange about it. They are one with the company they pretend to keep. Palin and Cruz are out in front of the tidal wave of hate and fear that they hope will carry them to positions of unassailable power. On Wed watch the voters of NJ, trapped between corrupt Dem machine politics and National debate blather vote too heavily for a human cypher that is to the right of both of them. The US has ceased to be great because we the people have ceased to be good.

  126. Monoceros Forth says:

    God, another one of these pretend “independents” who has probably never voted for anyone other than a Republican his entire life. Or maybe you vote for the occasional Libertarian for a bit of forbidden thrill, like the dedicated Bud Lite drinker who sneaks the occasional shot of whisky.

  127. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Are you talking about the Tea Party? They’ve pretty much proved themselves to be nihilistic kneejerk wackos with little regard for facts. Their patron saints include Michelle Bachmann who recently said that the biblical End of Days are upon us based on her reading of Obama’s actions. Their favored candidates are responsible for the government shutdown, to the dismay of many old-school Republicans. These “smears” are based on the actions of the many, not the few.

  128. maria says:

    Looks like they were engaging in a jihad. Or was that a Tea-had.

  129. rudyjamesus says:

    My opinion is this whole gov. shutdown is embarrassment to our country, which suppose to be the greatness nation in the world. Now, I see extremist tea party, who wants to blame the president only one man for all the nation problems and use racial slurs is nonsense. Here is fact the majority of Americans voted for our president and I stand by him. What scary these extremist tea party who wants to overthrow our gov. Because they want to see it their own way or no way. People this is a fact, we can’t see everything our way or get everything we want that not how daily life works. The tea party is nothing but unreasonable people. Funny thing I don’t get caught up in politics. Everyone has their own political opinion, this is mine. For those who want to reply to my comments or wants to ridicule me go head. My voice has spoken and none can’t change it. All I know, I am a American.

  130. spencer1952 says:

    Palin and Cruz have gone way beyond the norm in leading a blatantly racist rally against a duly elected president. It is an extremely odd behavior for a former governor and a current member of the senate to openly seek a photo-ap with a group of bigots. Strange indeed.

  131. Chef Kowalski says:

    You missed that the deficit is going down after peaking a year into Obama’s presidency? Now who do I believe? You or The Wall Street Journal news pages? I’ve been to both Tea Party and Occupy protests. The Tea Party protesters were well-off people marching under signs making racist and untrue statements about the President. The Occupy protesters merely set up tents while holding signs demanding prosecution of the Wall Street people who crashed the economy and about frustration about looking for work and not finding any. Being politer than the others in no sign of being better. Some of the most vicious criminals were cited by others who met them as having good manners.

  132. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Hi, Karol.

  133. nicho says:

    What bullshit.

  134. nicho says:

    Teabaggers are a bunch of violence-prone thugs. Your comment is bullshit.

  135. The_America_Partyusa says:

    I think you must have been to the Occupy movement; I have went to both the Occupy movement and the Tea Party what ever it is and the Tea Party was far more civil. I’m an independent and wish both sides would be truthful but I guess that won’t happen. I’ll take the truth over blind partisan following any day. Bush ran up the deficit and Obama said it was Un-Patriotic which I agreed; then he gets in office and doubles it; there is no difference, both are bad for America. I’m tired of the Democrat and Republican crap; tell the truth it is always better.


  136. silas1898 says:

    It’s been here for a long time.

  137. nkd says:

    Yep! Sure sounds like a “peaceful protest” to me!

  138. silas1898 says:

    Poor Irony has been dead for awhile now.

  139. silas1898 says:

    And somehow they keep all of this straight in their tiny little brains and are totally comfortable with it.

  140. DGT says:

    The Tea Partiers are experts at holding contradictory (and often mutually exclusive) opinions at the same time. Thus, they can claim that they love the government shutdown, while protesting against part of that shutdown. They can claim that they are the “true Americans”, while waiving the flag of secession. They can claim that they are the party of Christian values, while fighting tooth and tail against caring for the needy, as their Christ preached. They will swoon to the parable of the fish and loaves, while opposing free lunches for “freeloading” children.

  141. TPShultz says:

    Other than the “something out of Kenya” remark, that’s not too far from what we faced when Dubya’s thugs encountered crowds. Remember the “protest zones”? Obviously the teabaggers don’t because the police in this case didn’t herd them into pens a mile away from the White House. Short memories, eh?

  142. 2patricius2 says:

    You nailed it. It’s tiresome listening to people who claim to be members or leaders of the TEA party denying they are racist and intolerant when the facts of their rallies belie their claims.

  143. Michael Modes says:

    Occupy was a violent movement. No bullets flew at them. They rioted, committed arson, raped and spread filth very freely.

  144. Nur Alia binti Ahmad says:

    They are enjoying their attempt a provoking violence. Revelers is correct.

  145. lynchie says:

    They don’t believe in god. that’s only for the rubes. these self serving, bigoted whores believe only in themselves and their knowledge that 30% of america is so afraid of the black and brown menace that they can be sold anything. Climate change—-Al Gore, Obama—–Kenya, Hispanic—–illegal, food stamps—fuckers driving cadillacs, tea party—-defending america, and on and on. Palin, Cruz, Tony Perkins all of them would go away if they couldn’t gin up the hatred for others. There is always someone else to blame. Palin always blamed the lamestream media, Cruz the same and Perkins blamed the work of the devil. Well frankly shove your God up your ass tea party. You don’t represent the majority. Pack up your fanny packs, get your cooler of beer and don’t forget your confederate flags and leave, move anywhere I will help pay your way but leave and stop invoking the big head in the sky. He hasn’t stepped in to stop anything including putting the dirty Kenyan in the white house.

  146. olandp says:

    The Canadian Usurper™.

  147. mscanadada says:

    An ice floe in the Arctic would suffice.

  148. olandp says:

    As Sinclair Lewis may or may not have said, “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

  149. Clemensghost says:

    Read a book. The secesh traitors in1860 routinely used patriotism as their rallying cry against the abolitionists, and used the bible even more profusely to justify slavery. There’s no “cognition” involved, nor any humane impetus to the kneejerking of secessionists then nor tea baggers now.

  150. MoonDragon says:

    If you show up with a Confederate flag, you should be held on suspicion of sedition. If I remember aright, people under that banner called for the armed and violent destruction of the United States, not to mention that they whine, piss themselves, and demand action against people who carry Mexican flags on Cinco de Mayo.

  151. Keo R. Gathman says:

    No they should not have. We wore the uniform so that the right to free speech is protected for everyone, even bigoted, hateful azzholes.

  152. TZX1 says:

    Modern day Christian Conservative Republican Party and Tea Partiers,Birthers,and such the worst set of Humans ever to exist on America soil.
    They are overdosed on God and Religion,which has poisined their hearts and their minds with their own twisted interpretation of their God and religion,that keeps them in a permanent state of Anger,Rage,hatred,Racism,Greed,Materialism and also totally morally and spiritually bankrupt.
    There is not much in this world that modern day Conservative Chrstian Republicany like and worship except,Guns,Power,Money and endless wars .
    They hate Democrats,Liberals,Gays,Muslims,Arabs,Palestinians,Immigrants,and immigrant rights,Womens Right,,Voting Rights for Blacks and Minorities.Their hate list is long, far and wide,and as non believer I have to say if there is usuch a thing as a God and the Devil,Then the Chrsitian Conservative Republican Conservative of today,are the best example of what evil and the devil is.
    they live to hate,and love to hate.It is what drives them

  153. lilyannerose says:

    They should have escorted them away from the event.

  154. armada1701 says:

    Talk about having your priorities upside down. The Republicans are so worried about the National parks being shut down, meanwhile people are going into their third week without pay, CDC being shut down, government permits not going out, and oh yea, the economy about to crash and burn if this debt ceiling isn’t passed soon. The reality is, the tea party created this mess, and in their mind, good people losing their jobs, EPA, CDC, and so many other government agencies aren’t important to them, so let’s shut them all down, and destroy our economy.

  155. dhough1976 says:

    The underlying dynamic has been the Tea Party influence. The case can be made that it was a spawn of the GOP and wealthy benefactors, or that they merely embraced, the end result is they’ve lost complete control of it. Until that influence is removed, nothing will be gained. This site tried to warn America three years ago, but no one listened…http://wp.me/pNmlT-Nt

  156. Iron Scale says:

    The vets did not allow themselves to be aligned with the Tea Party. The Tea Party scumhawks crashed the party, so to speak. A buddy of mine from the Marines went, and he said pretty much all vets were not happy to see them there.

  157. rmthunter says:

    It’s all the members of the group that have put that handful in positions of power and continue to support them. They own the consequences.

  158. lilyannerose says:

    Shame on the Vets who allowed their event to be aligned with the Tea Party. There are already these “gee we just didn’t know that we would be used by politicians” apologies circulating. To hell with them, I feel that every Vet I have known including my father and my brother were disrespected by this Million Vet March which aligned itself with those filthy Teabagging idiots. How many Vets really care that the Memorial and parks were closed as a result of this orchestrated shut down?

  159. CherryTheTart says:

    There is a photo of Cruiser Cruz standing under an oathkeeper’s flag.

  160. chrislib says:

    Patriotic secessionists, christian racists…what’s next, communist nazis? (Something about cognitive dissonance…)

  161. goulo says:

    At what time in the video?

  162. pyrophilia says:

    they don’t “work for you” they work for AMERICA AT LARGE. not some crowd of right wing bigots at the gates of the white house

  163. pyrophilia says:

    OMG it’s a GOLDEN DAWN Flag,.. JESUS from GREECE.

  164. The_Fixer says:

    I’m all for giving them an island somewhere.

    An island that is in danger of being sunk by sea-level rise that comes as a result of the climate change that they so stubbornly deny.

  165. The_Fixer says:

    Let me get this straight. I read your comment as complaining that the above story is a smear on all of the good, loyal and wonderful members of the TEA party based on the actions of a few? If that’s your position, then I think you might find the following as food for thought:

    1) At least a couple of TEA party leaders, or at least those who have expressed sympathy for the TEA party were in attendance. At no time did they intervene to stop the removal of the barriers, or any of the negative things caught on video.

    2) At no time did any prominent spokespeople from the TEA party get the attention of the press and put out a statement saying that they disavow the actions of the people in attendance.

    3) This is not an isolated incident. We repeatedly see poorly spelled racist signage at just about any TEA party gathering.

    4) We repeatedly read in the press, in comments on blogs and web sites (like Yahoo!, for instance and right here in the comments on this blog as well) similarly racist and inflammatory/intolerant rhetoric from self-proclaimed TEA party members.

    Which leads me to believe that the actions of those caught on video are fairly representative of the rank-and-file members of the TEA party. I also think that any reasonable person could come to that conclusion. So this is not a smear of which “McCarthy would be proud”. It’s a logical conclusion one can make based on the facts at hand.

    If you’re trying to say something else, well then, I guess that my words were meant for someone else. If you’re not, then I think you are denying reality.

  166. Monoceros Forth says:

    Tailgunner Joe would have had to sober up first so I’m not too worried.

  167. FieryLocks says:

    These protestors lucked out. If they were Occupy protestors…bullets would fly.

  168. pogden297 says:

    Nice. Smear all the members of a group with the tactics of a handful of the members of the group. McCarthy would be proud.

  169. An_American_Karol says:

    The problem is Fox news is telling them it’ the Presidents fault the government was shut down when the Republicans shut down the government…it’s all so very confusing to them.

  170. An_American_Karol says:


  171. Tor says:

    I think “revelers” actually applies. They are taking great pleasure in this.

  172. AnitaMann says:

    Most dogs have greater cognitive/learning skills than these teabaggers.

  173. EdA says:

    “these revelers” It’s spelled “rebels.”

  174. EdA says:

    … or, given the number of them who are Christianist Fundamentalists, they believe that by creating chaos they will advance the Second Coming.

  175. The Open Door says:

    With a wife who’s a V.P. at Goldman Sachs who overseas high net worth portfolios.

  176. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Wadda bunch a maroons.

  177. tsuki says:

    Does anyone see the irony here? Rafael Cruz, born in Canada of a Cuban father and alleged American mother, having yet to produce a valid American birth certificate, and Harvard educated (has anyone seen the transcript), is leading the Teabagging Protest. Amazing.

  178. usagi says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is acting shocked about this. This is exactly what they’ve been doing for the past five years. They’re running the same play again, and I’m starting to think they’re going to win with it again because they really are that crazy. They don’t care if the world economy collapses because either they don’t believe it will happen or they don’t think it will impact them personally.

  179. Miss Dolce says:

    I almost wish the officer would just tase him…

  180. Nur Alia binti Ahmad says:


    This is a video taken from your CSPAN showing that thr Republican leadership baked into the cake, that no matter what happened, they intended for the government to shut down.

    They underhandedly changed a standard House rule that would have allowed any House member to call the bill to the floor for a vote after ‘disagreement’, and gave the exclusive right to the Majority Leader of the House Eric Cantor, or someone designated by him.

    These police officers are doing their duty, not even knowing if they will be paid, and they should be commended putting up with these revelers trying to provoke them to attack for a photo op.

    Please view this video and pass it around. This should be the top story.


  181. BeccaM says:

    Hell, their constant drumbeat of “Obama is a Kenyan Muslim” — as if that is a valid point of criticism — is itself evidence of rather blatant racism.

  182. Pick6 says:

    You’ve got that right!

  183. FunMe says:

    They are racist and un-American. They need to remove themselves from our country. Their HATE does not belong in UNITED States of America.

  184. Phil says:

    Well, they’ve figuratively crapped on the floor, complained about the smell, shrieked about the mess, and now deride the President because he didn’t clean it up. They need their noses rubbed in it.

  185. gerbilsbite says:

    These posers don’t know from police hostility. 2003, now there was some police hostility.

    If an anti-war protester had shouted “I use pepper spray for breath mints!” at a cop in front of the White House, what do you think would have happened?

  186. Pick6 says:

    They’re planning to tp it later . . . with used tp.

  187. Kittens&Politics says:

    Funny… Why didn’t they bring the neo-confederate protest over and open up the Lincoln Memorial?

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