How to swaddle an insufferably adorable sick baby sloth (video)

How to swaddle a sick baby sloth, via Animal Planet.


It’s funny how less than adorable adults can be such adorable babies.


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  • UncleBucky

    I know a rescue veterinary hospital that has a sloth in their lobby. The ceiling has structures that the sloth can climb and move around in. They know where it “goes” and the sloth is apparently happy and healthy. No predators, I guess. But no natural environment.

  • Oh how cool.

  • Not an expert on sloths in particular, but I’ve been doing exotic animal rescue and rehabilitation for about 15 years. I’ve worked with a lot of animals that most people probably wouldn’t even realize are being sold in the US as pets. ie, my mongoose comes up every now and then on your random pet photos. ;)

  • And you’re a sloth expert because… ? ;)

  • They’re pretty consistent about going in one spot, and only go about once a week or so, depending on diet. So box training them really isn’t much of a concern. Still, doesn’t mean they make good pets. Nocturnal and solitary, aside from being cute as babies, they don’t have most of the things that most people would look for in a pet.

  • pappyvet

    Oh My! That’s just way too cute ! Around my house it would get spoiled almost immediately.

  • Mighty

    My cuteness meter has hit overload!!!!

  • jomicur

    Adorable. Just insufferably adorable. (But I have to say I’m glad I never had to do that with my cats.)

  • Krusher

    I think it’s that all babies are cute thing. I always look at baby sloths and think, oh, I want one of those, until I remember how big they get. And I bet you can’t box train them, either.

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