Saudi women video selves driving cars in nationwide protest against sexist “men only” law

A woman drives a car in Saudi Arabia, risking jail.

A car drives by and sees her.

Suddenly, a mom, a little boy, and a little girl with a huge smile, give the female driver a big thumbs up.

The driver-activist thumbs back.


The video, and protest, are remarkable for their mundacity: Something as simple as driving a car is a cry for human rights.

I love the little kids in this video, and especially the little girl who got a small glimpse of a better future, and liked it.

This is part of a larger nationwide protest taking place on October 26, 2013 in Saudi Arabia.  On that day, women will drive, en masse, as a protest against the unjust law. I just found the Web site for the campaign that organized this protest.  They have a slew of videos of women driving in protest already, to gear up for October 26.



It’s really remarkable.  Check out this one – so short, and such a sense of risk and danger in something so seemingly banal.

And here’s the video with the adorable kids giving the thumbs up.

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