Sad Cat Diary (funny video)

Another “Sad Cat Diary.” I may have posted this one before, but it’s so well done, it’s worth the risk of double posting.

As regular readers are aware, on the weekends we try to slow things down and post fun videos. One can only work so many 14 hour days writing about politics, so the fun videos on the weekend give me a breather, and hopefully provide one for you as well.

These are a hysterical genre of cat videos where a very sad cat recounts the tails of its horrible existence among the humans. Very well done, and quite funny.


Dear Diary, the authorities have removed the pair of black pants from the couch. There is no longer any place for me to sleep. I have vomited three times in protest, but there is no sign that anything will change. My only other hope for rest is on the computer keyboard, which is nearby, but sadly no one is currently using it. I will wait.

And another:

Dear Diary, I have decided to plead with the authorities to rub my belly. I think it’ll do me good in my current condition.

I would like to receive two rubs, exactly.

A third one, and I will bite the sh*t out of them as per protocol.  Wish me luck.

Or this:

Dear Diary, it is three in the morning.  The authorities have closed the door to the bedroom. I can only assume that they have forgotten about me, and have left me here to die. As a last resort, I will stand post for the rest of the night and sing the song of my people, in hopes that they rescue me.

These things just crack me up, every time. Enjoy.

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  • Ayoub Hunter

    I started watching when trying to find the magic formula . What makes these funny videos ? Why cat videos are even more fun and more accessible than dogs?Cats are cute , but more importantly , are curious. I think this is due to the curiosity and the strong spirit of funny cats offering continuous material .Consider for a moment the top 10 videos of funny cats on YouTube.# 1. Talking cat : A tuxedo kitten “speaks” in a husky voice that sound too swear like a human being .# 2. The cat eats from chopsticks : This looks seriously hairy man as he is in his hind legs and eats … on sticks

  • Then you certainly do not have to watch it. And why are you posting in an eight-day-old thread? I assure you that few people view older threads except those of us who are moderators.

  • Aliya Samatar

    it is not funny

  • I rather like the frequent reference to the obviously fascist ‘authorities’. lolz

  • cole3244

    as someone who lives with a house full of cats i appreciate this video possibly more than most, thanks again.

  • FauxReal

    Have you seen the Henri the Cat videos. He’s a very droll French cat. Here’s the list of his videos.……0.0…

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I particularly liked the part about no place to sleep. My cat is a big time lap cat. I’ve had her follow me around the house while meowing pathetically. She was extremely tired, but she had to have a lap. We refer to laps as cat mattresses.

  • pappyvet

    Oh my Gawd John. All this time I thought Eeyore was a donkey.

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