Ohio State marching band creates giant moonwalking Michael Jackson (video)

Chris, who has been busy working on his new tech startup, sent this video over of Ohio States’s renowned marching band doing a tribute to Michael Jackson in which they formed themselves into a huge Michael Jackson, and did the moonwalk.


Ohio State is known for doing freakingly awesome moves that you just can’t believe they pulled off. This is yet another.

The moonwalk starts about 4:15 into the video.

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  • Amazing! Imagine the hours of rehearsal that went into that.

  • cole3244

    i’m not a fan of osu fb but the dotting of the I is an amazing display, i wish they had always left it to the student tuba player to do it.
    bob hope & another person were given that experience who was the other if you know?

  • babsurd

    Or perhaps even the glove goes up into the stands and finds a 8-10 year old cute boy and commences to fondling the child.

  • tazpa

    As a Buckeye alum, very proud of them. This is why we call them The Best Damn Band In The Land!

  • keirmeister

    When you live in Columbus, OSU is like the lifeblood of everything around you. People take their Christmas family photos in OSU jerseys! Not being much of a sports person, growing up I couldn’t care less about OSU football (BLASPHEMY!!!!) but always loved the marching band. It’s great seeing them carry on the tradition of performing some really awesome routines.

  • Ok that would have been funny

  • Indigo

    Would you have ever imagined America could be so great?

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Pretty impressive. I will admit, I kept waiting through the entire Michael Jackson sequence for the white glove to grab the figure’s crotch. Wouldn’t that have been a nice, and accurate, touch??

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