Obamacare truthers: Woman faked faint at Obama event today

A young woman nearly fainted at President Obama’s press event this morning at the White House to discuss the problems with the Obamacare exchange Web site, and to talk about some of the people who have already been helped by the Affordable Care Act exchanges.

But the rightwing is outraged.  They calling the woman a plant, and claim her fainting spell was planned in advance.

And that would be really bad, faking a story to advance your own partisan ideological agenda on Obamacare.

What kind of sick, deluded person would fake a story in order to trick the American people about the Affordable Care Act?

Oh yeah, this kind:


The young woman’s name is Karmel Allison and she has diabetes. She tweeted after the event:

First, here’s a quick gif of the fainting, and the full video is below.  Then, some of the truther comments.


And here are some of the truther comments:

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