N*dist camp owner cracks up audience on “What’s my line?” (video)

A n*dist camp owner cracks up the audience on the hit 1950s game show, “What’s my line?”


Steve Allen: Might I ever come to you for these services? Could it ever make me happy? Could what you do improve my eyesight at all?

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  • jomicur

    Wow, I never knew that. And I’m grateful as hell for the information. :)

  • Indigo


  • Yep, just think that Barbara Wawa was in love with fascist gay thug, Roy Cohn.

  • Skinfully done!

  • ppppfffffttttt

  • You could ward them off with a scapula.

  • Keep your knees close tight and don’t wear patent leather shoes.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Nudist nudist nudist nudist nudist

  • Indigo

    It’s a sign of the times. We need a fresh Youthquake, one that rattles the Neo-Victorian / Reaganite cage.

  • cole3244

    allen was a great comedian and a greater american, imho!

  • OH yeah. They all disappeared and I freaked out. It was only when I thought, wait a minute, it CAN’T be, and then tried the asterisk – and bam, they were all back :) Yes.

  • It’s funny, I always got accused of enunciating too much when I was a kid. Always suspected I got it from my mom, who was an immigrant and learned flawless English. Possibly was also the era in which she learned English.

  • Indigo

    Seriously? That’s a wow! These neo-Victorian Daze are sometimes more harshly judgmental than the original Victorians ever were.

  • Indigo

    It’s the Eisenhower Era in full bloom. I was in high school then, that was the norm we were taught. Thank the gods for the late 60s! But now, through the black and white filters, it looks so innocent. It wasn’t. ;-)

  • Monoceros Forth

    I didn’t know Johnnie Ray was gay myself but I’ve only ever heard his voice on the radio and I never knew until now what he even looked like. Good singer. I’ve long felt like the nauseating Paul Anka was just copying off him.

    EDIT: And I note that the Wikipedia photo of Ray shows him at Judy Garland’s wedding. Yeah, that’s a bit of a giveaway.

  • butcher, LOL. I’d never heard that!

  • Bingo

  • It is when you write it and then suddenly every single ad disappears from your blog, but then they come back when you insert a simple asterisk ;)

  • Yes, I love the way they speak, and dress!

  • ArthurH

    Steve Allen was a funny yet literate comic. I remember one of his sketch characters, “Sen. Phillip Buster, the Best Senator Money Can Buy.” The frock-coated Buster would talk in circles to rationalize that something his campaign contributors wanted was what the public wanted, even if it hurt the public. Back then that was comedy. Today it is the Ted Cruz branch of the Republican Party.

  • Look for nudist friends here? There are, just enjoy?

  • jomicur

    LOL! Have you ever seen There’s No Business Like Show Business? Johnny Ray plays a priest in it! Throw in co-star Ethel Merman, who plays his mother, and you have something approaching a camp masterpiece.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I looked up Johnny Ray. I suddenly feel butcher.


    Reminds me of an old joke. Question: How can you tell someone is gay? Answer: They know the word butcher is a noun and an adjective.

  • jomicur

    If you’re not aware of it, it’s been fairly well documented that Dorothy Kilgallen was madly in love with the crooner Johnny Ray, and she tried to commit suicide (I believe by slashing her wrists) when she found out he was gay. Since Johnny Ray was only slightly more butch than Liberace, I find that a fascinating comment on how naive society was sixty years ago. Keep in mind that her journalistic beat was Broadway, where gay men and women were a dominant force even back then. I was only a small child in the 50s, but even I knew there was something, er, different about him. How could she not have known? The past really is a foreign country, where everything is different.

  • discus_sucks_ass

    it was the 50’s, n***** was fine but lordy lordy lordy if you said F*ck in public you would have some Irish cops dancing on your head!

  • Indigo

    I couldn’t help but notice how much more formally they spoke than we do nowadays and how elegantly enunciated all those pear-shaped vow-wels are. My goodness! Another 100 years and they’ll be neigh onto incomprehensible to the general public.

  • Wahid Janah

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  • juliensharp

    Nudist is a bad word?

  • That’s funny I was trying to think of a euphemism, then write the actual word instead, and then all the ads disappeared :-)

  • Monoceros Forth

    I suppose you could have used the euphemism “naturist” which I have seen on occasion to refer to nudist camps.

  • Yep the gay thing cracked me up too

  • It blocked every single ad on the page, and risked doing the same to the home page. So rather than put my finances in an even more precarious state, I opted to use the asterisk, as the only other option was to delete the post. But thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt ;-)

  • 2patricius2

    I used to watch this program every week when I was a kid, many years ago. I loved it.

  • It’s an advertising thing, Harry. It has nothing to do with balls, huevos, or any particular testicular fortitude.

    What it is, is if John puts certain key words into the title or body text of his posts, either the premium ads don’t display at all — or you will get bombarded with semi-porn. Now do you really want that?

    Certain words also cause the major search engines to barf. Which would drive down readership as well.

  • Now you can’t write out “nudist”? Grow (back) a pair of b*lls, please. It’s hard to think you were once cutting edge when you’re afraid of “nudist”. J*sus C*rist t*is b*og i* g*tting l*me.

  • cole3244

    steve allen’s expressions were great, and this video will make the cons homesick.

  • AngelaChanning

    That is funny on so many levels. The “gay” questions from Miss Francis and the knowing gasp from Miss Kilgallen are hysterical. I still believe Dorothy Kilgallen solved the Kennedy assassination.

  • Randy

    Watch to the end and see a fabulous dress of 14,000 pearls! And that tiara!

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