Jon Stewart’s latest on the GOP federal government shutdown (video)

Jon Stewart’s ongoing coverage of the ongoing Republican shutdown of the federal government.


Here’s Stewart’s response to Fox News’ concern that the media keeps reporting that it’s the GOP who shut down the government:

“It appears that during this shutdown, facts are mattering. Well, we can’t have that!”

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16 Responses to “Jon Stewart’s latest on the GOP federal government shutdown (video)”

  1. laryjnj says:

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  2. Media Mentions says:

    Gotta love Jon Stewart: one of the few upsides to this mess right now. The other is the potential “trimming down” of the public sector but who knows how long that’ll take. Anyway, I’d like to think that this will be over soon but mulling over
    the fact that our government takes half a year to decide what to serve for
    breakfast and thoroughly enjoys sticking it to the other side, I’d say we’re in
    for a rough ride. Meanwhile, the effects have become very real and very
    visible. For anyone not familiar hands-on, this article looks at Arkansas as an
    example of sorts:
    Figure it’s worth a read. As for the markets, all they really show is that the
    government is overinflated and should consider trimming off the edges, so to

  3. chris says:

    You people make me laugh. When will you realize democrats and republicans are the same piece of crap just dressed differently? This isn’t a republican shutdown, its a congress shutdown.

  4. fletcher says:

    The latest whine from the TPs is that Obama and the Democrats won’t negotiate over the Affordable Care Act. That is despite all the negotiations and all the compromises made and in some instances Speaker Boehner denying a compromise was reached because the TPs won’t vote for it because they want all or nothing. I wonder how the Republicans would act if the Democrats countered that they’d negotiate about ACA if in return the Republicans would negotiate to include comprehensive gun control in the budget resolution? The TPs wouldn’t just hold their breathe until they turned blue. They’d implode.

  5. pappyvet says:

    Orwell was right,Miller was right, and Margaret Atwood was right.

  6. Chas Holman says:

    I do not like Green Eggs and Ham

    I do not like these games, ‘Gd’dmn

    Speaker Bohener, at least put up a clean CR so your own party can vote on it. My goodness. This is beyond criminal to the American people at this point.

    Stop the [email protected] games..

  7. The whole hypocrisy of blaming others for what one does or accusing others of what one is doing goes back to the god Ronald Reagan. I was so confused when he said he wasn’t wearing makeup when some clowns wear less. So the Republicans are trying the same thing, for it worked for the Gypper. Next we should see a Republican scandal in which they admit they were too stupid to know about it, but if they had they would have approved the crime. Can you say Iran-Contra? There’s nothing like admitting to be stupid and crooked, yet still come out popular. Oh, that’s right, the Wall Street Journal wrote we shouldn’t criminalize policy differences. Well, we shouldn’t defund programs we don’t like, either, once they are the law.

  8. pappyvet says:

    ” fellating Faux News mouthpieces ” LMAO ! ! ! Oh Sis,you are the one. LOL ! !
    Tell us how you really feel now don’t be shy. I’ll back your play. ;]

  9. BeccaM says:

    Oh, the GOPers believe in government.

    It’s just that they believe it in it ONLY when they are entirely in control of it. A form of “single-party state” autocracy, if you will.

  10. Monoceros Forth says:

    They’re not negotiating, they’re laughing and dicking around. They have no interest in governing…

    That’s what scares me the most. It was a joke in a movie when a character said, “Say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, dude, at least it’s an ethos!” Do the Republicans even have that much going for them?

  11. Naja pallida says:

    My Congressman just tweeted calling it the “Democrat shutdown”. They’re not negotiating, they’re laughing and dicking around. They have no interest in governing, and the Democrats don’t seem to have any interest in actually standing up to them.

  12. Monoceros Forth says:

    What’s particularly disgusting about this situation is that, even though the “negotiation” that the Republicans want isn’t any different than the sort of negotiation a kidnapper wants before releasing his hostage, the GOP is going to be taken seriously, as though sabotaging the normal working of the government were just another routine negotiating tactic. And Pres. Obama, being the sort of weak and gutless loser that he’s shown himself to be, is going to concede their point.

  13. Monoceros Forth says:

    It’s frightening to consider that Orwell was right: the future of politics is the ability to hold two completely contradictory ideas in one’s head and not be the slightest bit aware that there’s any contradiction.

  14. cole3244 says:

    jon does have a way with words doesn’t he!

  15. BlueShark says:

    …Stewart didn’t call capital hill “Bullshit Mountain” as your sub-headline claims …He called Fox News Bullshit Mountain.

  16. BeccaM says:

    The double-think part I find hilarious: The GOP and its fellating Faux News mouthpieces say on the one hand the shutdown is no big deal, it’s actually a “slimdown” (yeesh), a few closed parks etc., it’s a terrific way to force the gov’t to save money (except actually it’s not), etc.

    And on the other hand, they also yawp constantly how the shutdown is terrible, horrible, a disaster and the Dems are to blame for it happening.

    Of course, the source of the disconnect was the GOP’s assumption the public would think the shutdown was a fantastic idea and thus they’d take credit. But the reality is only the hardcore 20% of the Fox-watching GOP base feels that way, and yeah — denying cancer treatment for kids at NIH is just about the worst PR optics possible.

    I hope the GOP chokes on it.

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