Jon Stewart on gay marriage now being legal in New Jersey (video)

Jon Stewart takes on the news that gay marriages are now legal in New Jersey.


The first gay marriages were held in the state at 12:01am Monday morning. Here’s one of the very first:


Stewart noted that New mayor, and soon to be Democratic US Senator, Cory Booker had his own little Howard Dean Scream moment (my words, not Stewart’s) when the couple was finally wed. It’s a cute segment.

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  • rabblerouzzer

    Thanks, and back atcha!

  • Congratulations!

  • rabblerouzzer

    My partner and I ended our nineteen-year engagement and got married at the SB Co Hall of Records this past Tuesday. I am a former commissioner on the county’s equal opportunity commission and was pleasantly surprised by the response from the county employees through the whole process. The officiant at our ceremony was, if our gaydar is accurate, a gay man, though he never said. Knowing what I know about some of the conservatives in our county “leadership,” I’d braced myself for a much less friendly reception.

  • melissa spurgeon

    Can u imagine? Some nut screaming about gays getting married. If they want to get married let them. There’s nothing wrong with it. They deserve equal rights the same as heterosexual couples get legal rights under the marital laws should the relationship go sour and if not good, they can live happily without interference from nuts who think it is immoral. These nuts could find better things to do with their time…

  • Bomer

    Thanks ^_^

  • that is probably because catholic priests (other than those of the new US ordinariate) must feel ridiculous teaching “how to classes” on surviving as a couple. Compelled celibacy looks especially silly in that context. Actually Booker looked like he was having one hell of a good time.

  • Love those Bun ears!!!!!

  • Monoceros Forth

    Oh, God. I can’t imagine anything worse. I’m not sure I would have been able to make any snide comments; I’d be too busy staring in horror. Though I did once let rip an involuntary “What?!”, drawing the eyes of everyone near to me, when the priest of a Mass I was attending at St. James Cathedral hit us with a comically bad analogy involving a story about fishing with dynamite–I cannot remember for the life of me what the point of the whole story was except that it was the dumbest bit of rhetoric I’d ever heard. Up until then.

  • DetroitSam

    Stewart has developed a growing affinity and comfort level with the bigot Bill O’Reilly. Is he auditioning for a spot on Fox News?

    Seems like Bill O’Reilly has been on the Stewart show more that John McCain has appeared on all of the gas-baggery network tee-vee shows.

    Wonder if Limbaugh, Larry Klayman and Ted Nugent are scheduled to appear?

  • Bomer

    Wow, that last one sounds like a hoot.

    All of the marriages I’ve attended have been Catholic ones (most where when I was an altar server) and in most of them the priest just didn’t come across as particularly enthusiastic about the whole affair. My brother’s wedding…that priest’s homily was probably the most memorable thing (and not in a good way). He got so detailed about the subject of marital sex that everyone in the church was squirming and the nun sitting next to me looked like she wanted to get up and hit him. I spent most of the time giggling (my brother had blushed beet red) and making snide comments to the people setting next to me.

  • Monoceros Forth

    There was a weird period in my life when I attended five weddings within the course of two years or so and, you know, the explicitly religious one (a Catholic wedding Mass) was far from the worst. On the other extreme I’ve been to the El Cheapo wedding–ten minutes with a justice of the peace at some town near Sacramento–and that was OK too. The most awkward wedding I remember was officiated by…I didn’t think at the time he was a priest and I remember no religious content in the ceremony, though he probably was the pastor of some colorless and inoffensive Protestant church in town. The oddest wedding was that of a writer I once knew, for which I travelled to Hay-on-Wye just to attend. It was a civil ceremony highlighted by the reading of passages from the celebrants’ favorite books: a passage from Return of the King and a passage from Desolation Road. Pity we’re not friends any more…

  • Bomer

    Yup and if I find that someone else (like my mother) has taken a picture of me I take her camera and crop myself out the picture. Terrible but I really hate having my picture taken.

  • I feel the same way: There are almost no photos of me that I actually like. A few I tolerate.

    My camera shyness knows no limits.

  • Bomer

    Thanks ^_^
    It’s one of the few pictures I have of myself that I actually like.

  • The one performed by the San Bernardino deputy county clerk for us back in August couldn’t have been nicer. She was awesome.

    Despite our attitude walking in of “Let’s just get this over with so we can begin the 12 hour drive back home”, she managed to make it fun, enjoyable, and rather special.

  • Thanks. BTW, love the bunny ears.

  • Bomer

    At least Mr. Booker was happy performing the weddings. All the religious ones I’ve been to the priest has been awkward, creepy, and boring.

  • Bomer

    They do seem to come out of the wood work for you. /comfort

  • Monoceros Forth

    Here you go. He’s not hateful perhaps but, seeing as how he’s made of concrete, he’s basically dumb as a rock.

  • Well, it -is- just Tuesday. The cellar-dwelling troglodyte variety usually waits until the inevitably dateless Friday night before embarking on rampages of homophobic trolling.

    Plus John wrote the post. For some reason, I seem lately to be the one wearing the troll-pheromone perfume around here.

  • judybrowni

    What, no ignorant hateful trolls yet?
    Sorry to invoke ’em.

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