German Olympic team to sport rather-gay rainbow uniforms at Russian Olympics in Sochi

In what many are interpreting as a subtle dig at Russia’s draconian anti-gay crackdown, the German Olympic team will be wearing rainbow-colored uniforms to the Sochi Olympics in Russia this coming February.

The rainbow is commonly accepted as the symbol of the gay rights movement.

The Germans are claiming that the use of the rainbow in their uniforms is but a mere coincidence, and that the decision to use the uber-gay symbol was made long before Russia’s anti-gay crackdown, and its impact on the Sochi Olympics, exploded in the media in July.

But still, come on…


“I’m not gay, but my uniform is.”

Yeah, nothing gay about that.

I understand the Germans are also planning on playing “It’s Raining Men!” as their team walks out onto the field.  (Kidding, kinda.)

Of course, Germany would have to deny that the rainbow was an intentional “statement,” because the International Olympic Committee has already threatened to ban — and the Russians to jail — any athlete wearing a rainbow, or any other symbol of being gay.  So what else could the Germans say?

Of course, even funnier, the head of the Sochi Olympics, Russian Dmitry Chernyshenko, was busy fawning over the German’s gay mittens today on Twitter:


Yes, colorful is one way to put it.

It’s rather ironic – beautiful, really – that it’s the Germans making this apparent pro-gay statement at the Russian Olympics, as many human rights advocates have criticized the International Olympic Committee’s penchant for coddling totalitarian governments going all the way back to the 1936 Nazi Games in Berlin.

Wir für Deutschland now too!

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