Funniest (wrong) game show answers ever (video)

A rather long collection of the funniest (wrong) game show answers ever.

I remember (fondly) so many of these shows, including Match Game and the Newlywed Game.  (Come on, who didn’t lose Charles Nelson Reilly?)


And you almost feel sorry for some of the people. Even this guy, in his own twisted way, makes perfect sense, if you consider the fact that he’s under extreme pressure (and on national TV):

Q: Name something that follows the word “poor.”
A: Cupine

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  • I’ve seen some good ones in the past. I laughed all the way through these videos.

  • “Hey, is this the greatest country on earth, or what?” Hey I though we is a continent.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    OK my favorite was the woman who predicted her husband would say his mom had been alive 10 decades, and she was right based on his 4-years-per-decade math. wow.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    This is funny but doesn’t really meet the qualifications of ‘game show’

  • SkippyFlipjack

    I love the host who says “Doesn’t she have pretty nipples, I mean dimples?” Today he’d have been fired within the hour.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I think my favorite was the woman who got 8 inches on her honeymoon. Obviously, she’s a size queen.

  • jomicur

    Unfortunately, it can’t all be put down to the pressure the contestants feel. I’ve always loved Family Feud because it strikes me as the perfect window on American ignorance. I still remember the time I saw the host ask, “Other than America, name a country that begins with A.” Out of ten contestants, TEN, they couldn’t come up with even one. One of them guessed “Amsterdam.” Bzzzt, wrong! Another guessed “Asia.” Bzzt, wrong! And that was it. Not even another guess. Ten contestants couldn’t come up with Austria, Australia, or Argentina (to name only the most obvious ones). Hey, is this the greatest country on earth, or what?

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I suppose any profession that deals with the public hears strange thing. I was a teacher, and we shared weird things with each other. One year, I was teaching second grade, and an obviously distressed mother came in, because I gave her daughter a B in math. All the other grades were As. The mothers question was, “How will she get in a good college?”

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra


  • emjayay

    John Muir didn’t think of that and his house is right by a major freeway. What a moron.

  • emjayay

    If you look inside the fee collection station at any national park you are likely to see a list of recent stupid questions posted on the wall.

    Actual question reported to me by a uniformed woman Navy person (they run the tour boats because it’s actually their monument) at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor: “How did they get the ship in under the memorial?”

  • milli2

    THAT was a walk down memory lane. Used to watch Richard Dawson on my father’s lap when I was a little kid. Everyone sat in the living room together and watched the same show in those days.

  • nkd

    On Password: ( the word was money)
    Q: dough
    A: knob

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Well gee, it’s well documented that the Indians built so far from the highway, because they wanted to avoid the traffic noises. Sheesh!

  • JozefAL

    Ah, the FUNNIEST (wrong) game show answer was this one:

    (Of course what makes it even funnier is the fact that game shows are usually taped well in advance to avoid just such a circumstance but the above clip wouldn’t work if the game show weren’t “live.”)

    Edit: Just to acknowledge, the majority of the humor comes from the contestant’s squirming from giving the answer but then the OVERenthusiasm when he actually gives it. Also, everyone else’s reaction to the answer.

  • atalex

    They didn’t show my all-time favorite. From Match Game: “Cuckoo ______________” to which the poor contestant answers “Fran and Olly.”

  • Jeffrey Karter

    Everybody loved Charles Nelson Reilly. There’s even a song about him, by Weird Al:

  • pappyvet

    I once went to Colorado National Monument. It’s something of a mini Grand Canyon. Very beautiful with ancient cliff dwellings and red sand stone. I began a conversation with a park ranger there. Nice fellow. He told me that every paycheck the rangers would all put a few bucks in a kitty and at the end of the season whoever got the most ridiculous question won the pot.
    Here are a couple of the winners;
    Are deer the summer form of elk?
    Why did the Indians build so far from the highway?
    Humans, we are if nothing else,we are truly unique. ;]

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