Epic Wash Post Twitter response to angry Ted Cruz teapartyer

A funny as hell back and forth that the Washington Post had on Twitter last night with a rather rabid Tea Party follower of Republican Senator Ted Cruz, one of the leaders of the GOP shutdown of the federal government.

Oh, and lest anyone doubt it, it’s for real.


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  • forsuthe

    Actually, Newt with NO brains.

  • Sherry

    …and go down three times and come up twice!

  • Rhondayes

    What’s frighteningly clear to me, since electing President Obama, is these people has always existed in our government. They’ve been right there all of the time and were not exposed until the president was nominated. These are not people “new” to DC. We’ve been handled all of these years. The nuts have been running our government, our nation, and us. Thank God for President unhinging them and bringing them out in the open for us to see and remove.

  • snakeguy

    I love the implicit threats of violent from the American radical right.

    TERRORISM: The use or threat of unlawful violence in the furtherance of political goals.

  • clementinesalmassi321

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  • Jake Stevens

    Cuban father actually, he was just born in Canada.

  • I hope ya smacked em good with a mind wave M! :-)

  • BBC is regularly running the StarTrek episodes (3 back to back) on Fridays in our area of Northern California. Starts around 9:00.

  • Watching FOX News frantically looking for a truck or two was hilarious.

  • Newt Gingrich with real brains.

  • silas1898

    Good stuff. He’s even pissing off the other wingnuts.

  • Tom Mingmitmee

    Hugh Everett, where are you?

  • Bomer

    Awesome! I’ll have to see if I can find it at the library. ^_^

  • You might enjoy this then:


    The blurb:

    Ensign Andrew Dahl has just been assigned to the Universal Union Capital Ship Intrepid, flagship of the Universal Union since the year 2456. It’s a prestige posting, with the chance to serve on “Away Missions” alongside the starship’s famous senior officers.

    Life couldn’t be better…until Andrew begins to realize that 1) every Away Mission involves a lethal confrontation with alien forces, 2) the ship’s senior officers always survive these confrontations, and 3) sadly, at least one low-ranking crew member is invariably killed. Unsurprisingly, the savvier crew
    members belowdecks avoid Away Missions at all costs.

  • Shivas

    I’m waiting for Cruz’s new book, “Dreams from my Canyadian Father”

  • woodroad34

    All he can bag is a rabid tweeter, who toots his tweets to a toothsome titan and gets bagged to a “t”. Silly bagger, rants belong on the Republican floor of Congress.

  • woodroad34

    Yeah…you’d think with their $$$, they could afford better merchandise. “For money you get”, as the mother of a jewish friend would say.

  • I live in Texas. I can hardly think of anyone less likeable than Ted Cruz. It’s not just his views. I’m sure Palin many other Tea Party favorites could be good for a laugh at a party. Cruz is a horrible person and always has been. Has anyone ever even seen him smile or heard him crack a joke?

  • nicho

    Even conservatives think Cruz is a total shithead.


    It would have been different if Cruz’s gamble had been over a minor issue that drew little attention, but the purpose of the gamble all along seems to have been to turn Cruz into a national figure and link his name to some of the most important issues available. It succeeded in making him better known, but in every other respect it has backfired badly. More important, Cruz didn’t just misread the political landscape and support a strategy that had zero chance of success, but he did so in a way that maximized intra-party divisions, burned bridges with most of his colleagues, and distinguished himself as a self-seeking bomb-thrower who ended up helping to blow up his party’s own standing. Granted, Cruz didn’t do this all by himself, and there are many others that contributed to the mess the GOP finds itself in today, but he very much wanted to be identified as the leader of the effort, and now he will pay for it.

  • HarpoSnarx

    Sounds like this Dolt of Liberty missed his big, scary truck convoy.

  • Bomer

    Ha! I was busy taking notes. When she called my name and pointed at me all that went through my head was, “Oh sh*t. This is all I need.”

  • Whitewitch

    Sorry to hear that Bomer…I am sure you weren’t really planning at all…cruel teacher…

  • Bomer

    Back in my 6th grade social studies class the teacher was talking one day about revolutions and she asked the class who should you worry about more: the vocal people or the quiet ones? The class said the vocal ones and she told them they were wrong that it was, and here she pointed at me, the quiet ones you had to watch out for because you never knew what they were going to do. The entire class turned around and stared at me like I was 3 seconds away from blowing the place up.

  • Bomer

    If Star Trek has taught me anything it is never be a red shirt. They never seem to survive the away missions.

  • Bomer

    It’s even better when they take those long walks off of short piers.

  • ariesmatt

    And how in the heck would the “revolting” know who was liberal or not? Are we all supposed to wear blue or red shirts? We really need to do something about mental healthcare in this country. And fast.

  • After eating at the ‘All You Can Eat Macaroni, Tacos and Jello Bar,’ They will take naps

  • That works

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Thank God we have tim sloan to guard us in case the North Vietnamese Navy attacks San Diego.

  • Whitewitch

    Do not be too disturbed Nylund, I find most of those (Like Ted Nugent) that advocate violence expect their fellows to do the violence – not them of course…as they will be too busy shatting themselves in fear. Big talkers are never the ones to fear (it is the quite loners one must watch out for).

  • Whitewitch

    Thank goodness for that eh? I read a very interesting article at the DB and it points how that when you use hatred and fear as a tool to control the masses, you must be very careful as that fear/hatred can turn on you in a heart beat, especially if you don’t really believe as the people you are feeding too. I suspect the Koch brothers are above the fray for now….they should be very careful though as they could be easily mistaken for the “elite” by those less fortunate than they.

  • fletcher

    A Tea Bagger. He’s not smart enough to be a grocery store bagger.

  • Whitewitch

    Oh Fletcher – thank you – that is two giggles in one day! And this week has sorely needed a good giggle.

  • fletcher

    I get cookies too every time I visit the WaPo website. I can’t say how they taste as my computer has swallowed them all.

  • fletcher

    Tim Sloan proves David Letterman right. When he first heard about Twitter he remarked, “So that’s what twits do all day.”

  • BillFromDover

    Or simply, baggers all?

  • lynchie

    No it disperses when its time to change their depends and take their Viagra.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Tiny brained wipers of other peoples electric donkey bottoms!

  • JosephP

    Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for the Koch brothers.

  • What a sad, impotent, rage-filled little man…

  • LanceThruster

    I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food
    trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a
    hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

  • Indigo

    So that’s what Twittering looks like. Is anybody actually steering the ship of state?

  • pappyvet

    I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.
    Noel Coward

  • Krusher

    Oh, thank you, John. I am having the most annoying afternoon, and suddenly it’s all better.

  • iamlegion

    Oh, so _that’s_ what the “27% Crazy Factor” looks like…

  • Nylund

    I find it funny and think the WaPo twitter person handled it well. Still, I can’t quite get passed the whole “we’re going to shoot you to death,” message that’s implied by his question regarding what will happen during an uprising. It’s a bit disturbing to think about how many people are out there who literally hope and dream for a day when they can go out and shoot anyone they consider to be “liberal” or whatever.

  • Monoceros Forth

    “What’s going to happy to you?”

    Besides, I’m not too much worries about might “happy” when the teabaggers’ populist uprising takes place. It’ll disperse at happy hour, I’m pretty sure.

  • cole3244

    i love it, when you are debating with a rw con the more controlled you are the more angry and vile they get, ergo they lose we win.

  • Whitewitch

    I love the person in charge of Washington Post’s Twitter account. They should get a HUGE raise and cookie, no two cookies. I have not laughed so hard all week. Thank you for sharing John, maybe I should check out the Twittersphere more often. Happy Friday!!!!

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