Daily Show on fallout from Sup. Ct. striking down Voting Rights Act

The Daily Show’s Assif Mandvi, who I love, does a segment about the fallout from the recent Supreme Court decision striking down a key component of the Voting Rights Act, because in the opinion of the court racism is so six decades ago.


Mandvi goes to North Carolina to interview a Republican party official about recent legislation to combat “vote fraud.” The legislation was made possible by the Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act decision.  Our own Jon Green has written about this legislation before – it’s legislation intended to stop Democrats, in this case college students, from voting.

What’s really sick is that the North Carolina GOP official admits that the “anti-voter-fraud” law is actually meant to disenfranchise people who vote for Democrats.

I will never understand why bad people agree to do these interviews.  Mandvi just destroys the guy, by letting him destroy himself.  Mandvi’s face throughout the interview is just priceless.

Mandvi also interviews civil rights hero, and Democratic Congressman, John Lewis:


NC GOP Official: Matter of fact, one of my best friends is…. black.

When I was a young man, you didn’t a call a black and black, you call him a negro. [Though it’s unclear from the audio if in fact he said the n-word instead of “negro”]

I had a picture one time of Obama sitting on a stump as a witch doctor, and I posted that on Facebook… I was just making fun of my white half of Obama, not the black half, and now you have a black person using the term “n*gger this” and “n*gger that” and it’s okay for them to do it.

Aasif: You know that we can hear you, right?

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