Crazy video from US Capitol shooting (video)

There’s a crazy video going around of the woman who was shot by the Capitol Police after some weird altercation at the White House.

The video goes a ways towards explaining why force was used to stop her. The video shows the woman ramming her car into a cop car, and almost hitting several officers, trying to get away:

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Someone thought it was a good time to check his email:

And a Republican member of Congress behaving like an idiot:


Yes, because it’s the Democrats who always support violent wars, the unlimited sale of weapons of violence domestically, and who routinely resort to violence to challenge people they disagree with politically (anti-gay hate crimes and abortion clinic shootings come to mind).

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48 Responses to “Crazy video from US Capitol shooting (video)”

  1. docsterx says:

    There are many doctors who feel the same way that you do. It can be extremely frustrating to get to a point where there aren’t any options at all. I didn;t go into medicine to NOT be able to help people, yet sometimes there’s nothing else to do in some cases. Extremely frustrating.

  2. Thom Allen says:

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Mom and Dad just put out $80k in tuition, plus room, board, books, transportation, etc. and now the new grad needs $10,000. MAYBE the new grad managed to get a scholarship foe a few thousand, and managed to work a little, and took out some loans, but that still leaves a lot of unpaid bills unless the parents chip in.

    BTW, what kind of business can you start on $10,000? Shoe shine stand in a vacant telephone booth?

  3. Thom Allen says:

    ” . . . fly off the handle . . . ” Hardly. And please read carefully. I said “reportedly.” i.e. that is what was reported by the source that I read.

    Please try to control your excitable, and incorrect, responses.

  4. Facts First says:

    According to the U.S. Capitol Police recruitment page, a starting salary for an officer is $55,653, which comes with 13 days of annual leave, an additional 13 days of sick leave and 10 paid holidays. Those with 30 months of service receive a salary of $64,590. Where did you pull your salary figures from? You butt? People never seem to amaze me with the amount of false information they post. Before you fly off the handle at least check your facts.

    Read more:

  5. fletcher says:

    Even if poor people start a successful business that success may be short lived at the hands of the giant corporations. One of my brothers-in-law started a neighborhood shoe store and did well because he stocked a broad selection of style and sizes. But 10 years later, Payless Shoes opened in a nearby strip mall. They stocked only the most common sizes and few stylish pairs, but they pulled away enough business with their volume-priced-at-wholesale prices that his business was forced into bankruptcy. Then less than a year after he closed his store (and is still paying off his debts), Payless closed its store because it wasn’t meeting a 15% profit requirement set in corporate offices. The neighborhood now has no shoe stores. I guess we should all be happy working as underpaid serfs to our corporate lords.

  6. fletcher says:

    And right after their parents got done paying for their tuition too! Maybe they should follow the example of Mitt’s despicable son Tagg and start with the help of Dad’s 1-percenter friends a business now being investigated for ripping off Medicare.

  7. Nicole says:

    probably was already on psychotic drug/drugs and that could possibly be why this happened

  8. UncleBucky says:

    It depends. “Jim, I’m not a doctor!!!” I only play one on the Internet tubes.

  9. karmanot says:

    It’s a sad commentary on this country that murder-by-cop is easier than suicide.

  10. Naja pallida says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, and unfortunately often allow my bitter experience to color my thoughts on the matter.

  11. Whitewitch says:

    You forgot the /snark/ on the end there – but I too have seen such stupid comments posted by those who work a full-time job and are not entrepreneurial themselves – just parroting what they are told.

  12. Whitewitch says:

    You do know emjayay that the mentally ill work. I have a nice car and have been “crazy” most of my life. I work a full-time job and manage my affairs quite nicely – thanks to medication, therapy and learned coping skills. Many are not as lucky as me.

  13. docsterx says:

    I don’t disagree with you, you have a valid issue. But often, there are some additional factors that need to be considered.

    Some patients refuse to see a psychiatrist because of the presumed stigma of seeing one. But they may be clearly depressed and need treatment. Or some people refuse therapy in favor of the pill that will cause the quick “fix.” Some promise to follow up with a mental health professional and then never do it. So, do we (non-psychiatrists) withhold treatment, or stop treatment in those cases?

    In some more outlying areas, there aren’t psychologists or psychiatrists available in the immediate area. I was in rural Texas for a few months and the nearest health care professional was almost a two hour drive away. So a patient visit to this psychiatrist would consume 5-6 hours of a patient’s day for treatment. Not something that a working person could easily accomplish. Also, some psychiatrists are just employed to do medication check visits and not do any kind of talk therapy, psychological testing or related tasks.

    Some patients will stop medications depending on how they are feeling, whether they should or not. Others only take an antidepressant when they feel depressed (as if it will work like an aspirin does for a headache.) Others add old medications that they have been switched from in the past. Others self-medicate with alcohol, street drugs and “borrowed” psychiatric (or other) medications.

    As funding for inpatient and outpatient mental health has continued to decline, there has been a decrease in mental health clinics, hospital beds, long-term psychiatric hospital beds. Some psychiatric hospitals have closed completely. A significant number of the homeless have mental health issues and that’s a population that is not only underserved but very difficult to serve and keep in any kind of long-term treatment.

    These are just some issues that we face when we have a patient with a psychological issue that needs treatment who presents to a family medicine or internal medicine doctor.

  14. Max_1 says:

    Watch from the beginning…
    … From AlHurra TV.

  15. emjayay says:

    Nice car for a crazy lady dental hygenist.

  16. Naja pallida says:

    The people telling us this are the same people who are making a comfortable living off of gullible “donors”, who give them their hard-earned money as a Pavlovian response any time they hit on certain keywords. Abortion… money. Homosexual agenda… money. Socialism… money. Muslim terrorist… money. They just don’t understand why everyone can’t be a shyster too, because it really seems to be so easy.

    Simple fact is, a quarter of all new business startups fail in the first year. More than half fail within five years. I’ve been working for myself for nearly 20 years now, and I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do it unless they were really seriously motivated to do so. You’re basically always working, always trying to make ends meet, and always wondering where the next contract/customer is going to come from. That miracle idea business idea that lets you write your own check is a one in a million shot… but then, Americans are very poor at anticipating the future. In general we don’t learn from the past, and rarely look beyond two steps ahead of us.

  17. Thom Allen says:

    The Republicons, and their base, never assess the logic (if any) concerning their claims. Of course, the immigrant farm worker has enough cash lying around to start a restaurant. And the language skills, education, business acumen, financial backing, etc. to make a go of it. So all 500 migrant workers will just stop picking strawberries, go to the nearest small town and start a mega-mall of small shops that will be wildly successful. Thus, the American Dream is fulfilled.

    Unless they actually try it and then fail. Then that supports the conservatives’ claims that immigrants are lazy, stupid, uneducated, etc. So the Republicons win either way. If the immigrant succeeds, they were right to tell him to start a business. Now, as a successful business owner, the Republicons will perform an outreach to him to become a marginalized, minority, third-class Republicon himself. If he fails, well then, it’s because of his genetics and lack of will.

  18. Monoceros Forth says:

    Gee. I wonder why he thought that’d be so easy.

    There are many things wrong with this facile notion that anyone who’s struggling for money simply needs to start a business, but rightly or wrongly I feel that the most disquieting thing about this fantastic worship of the entrepreneur is the pyramid-scheme quality of it. There’s no way everyone can start their own business; you need a working class. The pyramid needs a base. The right-wingers are telling not merely poor people but all workers in general that if you’re not a businessman you deserve what you get.

  19. Thom Allen says:

    I’m not sure how easy it is to shoot out tires, especially in a car going 80mph. Considering that gunshots often miss when police are standing a few feet away and shooting at a 6 ft tall person. And they may have been freaked what with the previous recent shootings in DC. Plus, with the current Congressional clusterfuck, they may have thought that this was the beginning of a terrorist attack or that US citizens were coming to off some politicians.

  20. Thom Allen says:

    No, you’re right. I think he was speaking at a college and offering advice for those who might be graduating and who couldn’t find jobs. They could borrow from their parents and just set up shop.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You mean drugs aren’t a “cure” for mental illness? Say it ain’t so!

  22. The_Fixer says:

    Didn’t Mittens say that during the last campaign about college students? Seems to me he said that they could just borrow start-up capital on the order of $10,000 from their parents (like most parents have 10K lying around doing nothing).

    Or am I remembering that wrong?

  23. bhull says:

    DC is so used to approving money to kill folks in war, militarizing our local law enforcement and spying on Americans at will, so no wonder all these folks living in their death profit driven hell are a bit on the edge. They deserve the hell they have created. Most of America will not shed a tear for any future heat additions making DC’s existence even more miserable than it is currently.

  24. UncleBucky says:

    Hahaha, I agree, significant.

    In most studies, a 5% difference is significant. That’s not the same thing as most, but no matter. We are essentially both right in spirit!

  25. karmanot says:

    It seems that the first response to mental illness by cops is to kill and blame later. Why didn’t they shoot out the tires or disable the car? They a good close look at her, probably saw the baby and still ……..

  26. cole3244 says:

    to do this with a child in the car there must be mental illness involved, i certainly hope so or is the country coming unglued before are eyes.

  27. Thom Allen says:

    Wasn’t it something like 230 to 190 who voted to let the government shut down? I think that’s a significant number of mentally ill egomaniacs.

  28. Thom Allen says:

    Yeah, I read something about that, too. They can just open businesses in the homeless shelters where they’re living. Start-up capital, business plan, training, nah, don’t need them. Of course, should these entrepreneurs actually become successful, the Republicons would bitch because of their loss of market share.

  29. LanceThruster says:

    Mental health issues are always sad. Police are not psychologists and quite often they perceive their only tool as a ‘hammer.’

  30. Naja pallida says:

    Psycho-pharmacology is sometimes more art than science. Finding a right balance of dosage and regimen for an individual takes time, and careful monitoring. Not sure about the details of your case, but I’ve seen the same kind of thing many, many times here volunteering. It is truly stunning how many general practitioners, without any significant psychiatric training, think that they can just blindly prescribe, with minimal follow up, and not have to deal with the consequences. Our mental health care system in this country is beyond pathetic.

  31. UncleBucky says:

    Put a marshmallow or a rotten tomato in the hands of someone mentally mal-adjusted and see what happens.

    But please do not try to put a car or a gun, axe or a bow and arrow or an explosive etc. into the hands of a person who is not sane, much less has an axe to grind.

  32. UncleBucky says:

    Relatively a lot, but not “most”.

    Don’t you agree? ;o)

  33. UncleBucky says:


    And BTW, here in Chicagoland, this past week I spent time with a person suffering from bipolar disease and depression. It came out that she was taking 5x a particular drug that was very fast acting but with a lot of side-effects. Let me say that it was tense, but we got her away from the apparently incomplete consulting she was getting and to a team that quickly realized that she had too much of one and not enough of another drug and a lot of interactions. The results were paranoid behaviour, tremors, stiffness, an inability to focus and make decisions and a deteriorating condition that made it difficult to leave her alone without competent observation. Thankfully, she was not “violent” per se, but only very very much in distress.

    And more and more of this occurs with people who have access to dangerous objects, such as cars, guns, objects and so on, and in the presence of vulnerable people, such as children, bystanders and even law enforcement.

    Dang, I was not prepared for this kind of world. And I did not think that the flag wavers and so-called Christians would make a world like THIS.

  34. Whitewitch says:

    Latest reports: The woman, a 34-year-old dental hygienist from Stamford who once lived in Brooklyn and who ABC News said has a history of “mental health issues,” had a child in the car with her who was not hurt, officials said.
    Read more:

  35. Monoceros Forth says:

    That’s their fault for not being entrepreneurial enough to start up their own private security firms!

    (I have actually come across that sort of reason given for why the working poor shouldn’t expect a living wage: if they really wanted they could start their own business.)

  36. Monoceros Forth says:

    I’m waiting also for the cry that always goes up when just about any widely publicized crime is committed without a firearm, that this proves how gun regulation is totally useless.

  37. Bill_Perdue says:

    That too.

  38. Whitewitch says:

    Having lived in DC for 17 years (thankfully no longer as of 1.5 years ago), this could totally be just some weird incident with traffic and mental illness/environmental stress. Everyone though is so tightly wrapped and being hyped full of hatred that they have overreacted and possibly killed a mother in front of her child. I am so sad that this is being blow up without all the facts. Hopefully that will stop someday. Life is hard enough without scaring people silly.

  39. Indigo says:

    And that extraordinarily exclusive economic system.

  40. Thom Allen says:

    Interesting to note, that the Capitol Police who risked their lives (and one of whom was injured and helicoptered to a hospital) ARE NOT BEING PAID BECAUSE OF THE SHUTDOWN. Any one of them could have been seriously injured or killed in this incident. And, reportedly, their average salary (when they ARE getting paid, that is) is around $24,000/yr. The Republicon slime is just shameless.

  41. MyrddinWilt says:

    Well thats only fair, I immediately thought it would be a whack job egged on by Bill O’Really and Faux News.

    Just like the last dozen nutters who have tried similar.

  42. Thom Allen says:

    Most of the untreated mental illness in DC seems to be WITHIN the capitol, mostly the House.

  43. Bill_Perdue says:


  44. Indigo says:

    Just like a Central American republic. We’re so colorful!

  45. Bill_Perdue says:

    Nervous times and itchy trigger fingers in the bipartisan capital of the nascent American police state.

    Too bad – so sad.

  46. BeccaM says:

    I’m guessing we’ll soon learn there was an untreated mental illness involved here…

  47. BeccaM says:

    I figured the interval would likely be measured in minutes at most.

  48. heimaey says:

    I was wondering how long it would take for a Republican to blame it on Obama.

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