Rand Paul plagiarizes weird Gattaca wiki on behalf of Cuccinelli, Colbert is amused

Ken Cuccinelli just can’t get a break.

It’s bad enough that Virginia voters seemly oddly averse to embracing the Republican gubernatorial candidate’s plan for banning all oral sex in the commonwealth.

Then you had those weird reality stars, the Duggars, who couldn’t remember the name of Cuccinelli’s opponent, Terry McAuliffe.

gattacaThat was followed by Dan Savage choosing “Cuccinelli” as the new name for that small “vagina-looking pasta.”

This was followed by Rick “Man-on-Dog” Santorum parachuting in to save the day.  Because what you need when the voters are turning against your message of banning oral sex between consenting married adults is a guy who’s even more extreme on social issues.

And with the latest polls showing Cuccinelli falling even further behind Terry McAuliffe, you’d think things couldn’t get any worse.

Oh, but they did get worse.

Now Tea Party Senator Rand Paul shows up at a Cuccinelli rally and decides to plagiarize the movie “Gattaca” in order to convince Virginians that Terry McAuliffe’s election will lead to a world in which children live or die based on the theory of eugenics.

Because the candidate who wants to ban all oral sex, even between consenting married straight people, is going to be your best defense against the government intruding into your reproductive choices. Okay.

Well, Stephen Colbert had some fun with Rand Paul’s “Gattaca” problem last night. It’s a good clip.  Enjoy.

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