Chuck Todd on Cruz and Palin continuing to push the shutdown: “What planet are you guys living on?”

Chuck Todd weighed in yesterday on the Republican government shutdown, and efforts by GOP shutdown leader Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to question the recent series of devastating polls showing the Republican party in serious trouble with the American people over both the shutdown and the GOP plan to hold the US economy hostage to a debt default.


Here’s some of what Todd had to say, the rest of the video is below:

NBC’s┬áChuck Todd: I think the echo chamber problem is huge again with the Tea Party wing of the Republican party…. The problem is two-thirds of the country is thinking something else….

Look at yesterday. Yesterday it was he [Ted Cruz] and Sarah Palin doing this odd protest, and you’re just sitting there going, “What planet are you guys living on here at this point?” This is so far off from where the rest of the public is on the shutdown, where the rest of the public is on the direction of the country.

In fact, yet another devastating shutdown-related poll came out yesterday, this time from ABC. The ABC poll shows a record high 74% of American disapproving of the way the Republicans are handling the budget crisis – up 4 points from last week – with 54% now “strongly disapproving.”

Only 53% disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the issue, and 61% disapprove of Democrats – both numbers unchanged from last week.

Now that there’s a tentative deal, at least between the Senate Democratic and Republican leadership, these increasingly bad poll numbers can only help to pressure the GOP to stop holding the economy hostage.

Then again, as one recent article I’d read noted, with all the gerrymandering the Republicans did in the House, far too many of their districts are far more conservative than their party in general. ┬áThus, even if the national polls are abysmal, and even Republican voters find themselves divided on the shutdown strategy, that ire won’t affect many of the staunchest pro-shutdown/pro-default Republicans, who reside in virtual Tea Party districts.

It will, however, hurt Senate Republicans, who run statewide, and thus can’t benefit from gerrymandering.

It will also hurt any Republican trying to win the presidency in the general election.

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