CBS’ Bob Schieffer grills GOP’s Cornyn over shutdown (video)

Some good hard-nosed questions for GOP Senator John Cornyn of Texas (who’s more than a bit of a neanderthal), about the Republican extortion racket that is the government shutdown.


Schieffer: “We won’t fund the government unless we can also get you to agree not to fund Obamacare. Which is almost like, I’m gonna throw a brick through your window unless you give me $20.”

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  • fletcher

    But Cornyn doesn’t speak in rhyme. But he does meet Barney Fife’s definition: “He’s a nut!”

  • Bill_Perdue

    “By the way, expect nothing but personal attacks for the rest of your

  • mr. p

    Thank you Bob Schieffer

  • stonepiano

    “brick through a window” … sounds like Bob has got a littel Ernest T. Bass in him!!

  • jeff asbed

    That’s a grilling? That was pathetic. I would love to question that guy for 30 minutes. I love to make liars look like fools.

  • Just lie, smile, say Jesus, fetus, family and oh, the children and bingo.

  • Bill_Perdue

    It was the Democrats who voted twice, on the recommendation of Obama, to prolong the tax cuts for the rich. It was the Democrats who voted for funds for the wars and continue to do so along with their Republicans sisters and brothers.

    It was the Democrats who voted for NAFTA. TARP and the deregulation bills of 1999 and 2000 who wrecked the economy and pauperized working people along with their Republicans sisters and brothers.

    It was the Democrats who betrayed socialized medicine and overwhelmingly voted for Nixoncare/Romneycare/Obamacare.

    Democrats, by virtue of the fact that they control the WH, are the main enemy. When Republicans retake it they’ll be the main enemy.

  • Bill_Perdue

    If people vote Democrat they are also “would rather destroy their own lives with a poor job, poor health care, and living in cesspool of dilapidated infrastructure” because they accept the ultimate political delusion – lesser evilism.

  • olandp

    So instead of calling it a shutdown, like it is, or a slimdown, like FoxNews calls it, it is a shake down.

  • You really shouldn’t start drinking so early.

  • I must disagree with the assertion that voters are not idiots. The number of people who vote Republican completely against their economic self-interest just because the Republican candidate also happens to hate gays or is anti-abortion speaks for itself. That is somewhere around 35% of the country would rather destroy their own lives with a poor job, poor health care, and living in cesspool of dilapidated infrastructure, than risk having a candidate in there who didn’t agree with them on social issues. Issues which no matter what happened with them, wouldn’t change their lives in any way (ie, marriage equality does nothing to change the life of a straight man and his family in rural Kentucky, but by damnit nobody else can have it either!). These are the same kind of people who have the mentality that they’d rather burn down the government, hurting everyone and costing us all millions for no good reason, than let people buy insurance from private companies. I don’t know what to call that, but idiotic is a good start.

    It should also be noted that more people cast votes for Democratic party candidates over all in the last election, yet more Republican party candidates won. That is our “democracy”. It has nothing to do with majority rule, which is why we call it a Republic. If there ever was a time for a third party to finally get traction, now would be it, when people are utterly disgusted with the establishment, but people felt so burnt after Ross Perot and Ralph Nader (and the media fed right into that feeling) that I just don’t see it happening. At least not without a lot more work and money than the third parties have been energizing thus far. Sitting at home is the preferred method of protest vote these days, but unfortunately, that never seems to actually have any impact. No candidate ever looks at his percentage of eligible voters who didn’t vote and think to himself that he needs to do better because people aren’t voting. Non-voters are essentially ignored. Republicans actually do the exact opposite, and want to create more non-voters. They’re happy to tier our citizenship, and make voting a privilege to be earned by jumping through their hoops, instead of a right granted to everyone.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Oh my goodness, you know a big word!

  • Raymond Harper

    Deflection becomes you!

  • cole3244

    if you took the vote away from the idiots that don’t vote they would be the first to scream and yell.

    some are and some aren’t idiots and our govt tells the tale better than i or you.

  • Bill_Perdue

  • Bill_Perdue

    Only in part. It also contains elements of the dominationist christer right and parts of the middle class and managerial milieu that will be the base for a massive fascist movement when it arises.

    We are not there yet and for the now the main danger remains the mad dog attacks by Obama and the Democrats on unions and the Bill of Rights, as in NDAA and Obama’s belief that he has the right to murder citizens who disagree with him. In addition most Democrats support FISA and the Republicans Paytriot Act.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Voters are not idiots, they have no choices so they vote for the lesser evil and get betrayed every time. That explains why voters are not voting in droves. The vote count in the last election in which 42.5% of those eligible refused to vote means that each of the lesser evils got about one third of the vote, Obama a bit more and Romney a bit less. That trend has been increasing because of the vast radicalization caused by Clinton’s Depression.

    “A report estimating the percentage of eligible voters who cast ballots in Tuesday’s election shows the rate was lower than in the past two presidential contests, though it surpassed the rate from 2000. … Thursday’s report, from the Center for the Study of the American Electorate, put 2012 voter turnout at 57.5% of all eligible voters, compared to 62.3% who voted in 2008 and 60.4% who cast ballots in 2004.”

  • Bill_Perdue

    You’re dead wrong. Clinton destroyed the economy with NAFTA and the deregulation acts of 19999. the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB), also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000. The led to the housing bubble which burst and created the current long depression or the Clinton Depression.

    From the point of view of the unemployed, still a massive number, and the unemployed and those who’ve lost union jobs or representation Obama has done nothing to improve the situation.

    Clintons policies had exactly nothing to do with the budget surplus. That was created when the inflation form the Vietnam war finally ended along with the costs of the Carter-Reagan deregulation of credit unions and the costs of the Reagan crash of 1987 ended. The other contributing factor was minor, the ‘peace dividend’. Democrats take credit for all that but that’s just another partisan lie.

    Politicians of both parties seem to be always lying, even in their sleep.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Your post is like fingernails on a chalkboard. i can’t pay any attention to what you are saying. Learn the rules of capitalization. Running it through a spell check wouldn’t hurt. Then you should proofread for missing words. We can talk about punctuation rules later.

    I’ve always hated people who do this, but your post was just too much.

  • Raymond Harper

    a shame the democrats memory is only as long bush’s prededency! Old habits die hard( it’s all bush’s fault}1 Oh I also remember bily clinton robing social security to balance his budget and useing the rest to announce all his surpluses!LOL LOL Hmm Clinton Barney frank and everyone should own a house! Stop drinkin Obama koolaide!

  • rmthunter

    I assume you’re referring to special interest groups like the Club for Growth, Citizens United, the “Christian values” contingent, the banking industry, the fossil fuel cartel, defense contractors, and the like.

  • rmthunter

    History — that is, the actual facts — would seem to dispute that. Reagan/Bush I managed to screw up the economy, Clinton fixed it and gave us a record budget surplus. Bush II and his tame Congress did an even better job of screwing up the economy, magically turned the surplus into a record deficit, and now Obama is fixing it, in spite of the Republicans.

  • rmthunter

    It’s the latest manifestation of the insular, exclusivist, authoritarian strain that has been part of American politics from the beginning — the 27% who are certifiably crazy. Throw in just about every attitude that makes this country less than it could be, and you have the tea party — it’s a philosophy that literally doesn’t believe in government for the common good. (Or, if you like, its idea of the “common good” is “for the benefit of me and mine, and not ‘those people.'”). It rears its head from time to time, creates chaos, and then retreats when the backlash comes, and the backlash does come, because most Americans are better than that.

    The problem now is that segment of our political spectrum has got heavy-duty funding and all the tools of modern marketing.

  • rmthunter

    Dodge, weave, dodge, weave — I wonder if they have special classes in that for politicians.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Indigenous peoples preceded the European invasion. Who as here, as a question of fact, before them.

    The point again, is to reject the racist notion that some people are legal and some people are illegal, a notion very prevalent in Democrat and Republican party circles.

  • Dee

    Breaking the law (ACA) is illegal . Republicans in congress should be arrested for obstruction of justice.

  • caphillprof

    If you go back far enough, even the “indigenous” people are not indigenous.

  • Perhaps, but it seems to go way beyond that.

  • caphillprof

    There’s an interesting argument afoot that all this tea party nonsense is simply a revival of white supremacism.

  • caphillprof

    We cold give Texas back to Mexico, but would the Mexican’s take it?

  • cole3244


  • Bill_Perdue

    I up voted his comment on the Democrats. If he had made a racist, misogynist or homohating comment I would have down voted it and since he has one other sites I’ll withdraw my up vote. .

  • I think what he means is that nobody threatens to shut the government down when there is a Republican President. Though, the Republicans did threaten to default on the debt under Reagan. They like that idea a lot.

  • You might want to take a look at Mr. Harper’s comment history before you lend your support to him, Bill. Just saying.

  • Bill_Perdue

    How do you explain the Democrats support for mass murder by US/NATO forces in Libya. Yemen, Palestine, Bahrain. Afghanistan and Pakistan?

    The Democrats like wise are mounting campaigns to bust unions and gut social Security and Medicare that are far worse than those of the Republicans. “Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP Obama plans to cut between $200 billion and $380 billion more from Social Security and Medicare than Republicans in the next ten years.

    How do you explain Obama’s racist murders of American citizens like Anwar
    al-Aulaqi, Samir Khan, ‘Abd al-Rahman Anwar al-Aulaqi and Jude Mohammed? They’re not Republicans but they’re doing the same things.

    The only real explanation for the similarities between the two parties is that Democrats are Republicans in drag.

  • Bill_Perdue

    I don’t think they’re quite ready for a rebellion even though some of them advocate as do christer dominationists, a far more dangerous group because of their hard right support base.

    In any case the idea that Democrat politicians, who are moving right as fast as they can to replace the Republicans as the major right wing party, are somehow an alternative to right wing take over plans is ludicrous. In 1932 German liberals kept saying that ‘Only Hindenburg can save us from Hitler’. On January 30, 1933 Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor.

    Our only hope to prevent fascism here is to politically break the backs of the Democrat and Republican parties by the formation of labor and socialist parties and to create a workers state which will effectively deal with fascists and the rich.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Since when is murdering American citizens like Anwar al-Aulaqi, Samir Khan, ‘Abd al-Rahman Anwar al-Aulaqi and Jude Mohammed not a criminal offence especially when committed by a public official.

    The Republicans are attacking workers. Democrats do the same thing. Obama is a major scab and union buster who wants to impose more austerity by gutting Social Security and Medicare. Most Democrats in Congress back him and the ones who don’t are politically impotent and in the wrong party.

    “Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP Obama plans to cut between $200 billion and $380 billion more from Social Security and Medicare than Republicans in the next ten years.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Of course I up-voted Harper, whose comments were incomplete and inadequate in terms of explaining what’s wrong with Democrats and pointing out that Democrats are just Republicans in drag.

    For the same reason I down vote you from time to time for supporting Democrats and their wars of aggression, which are every bit as bad as those of Republicans. It was a Democrat, Clinton, who murdered half a million Iraqi children, who can’t wait to gut Social Security and Medicare, who pushes austerity as much as the Repbulicans and whose leader ordered the racist murders of US citizens like Anwar al-Aulaqi, Samir Khan, ‘Abd al-Rahman Anwar al-Aulaqi and Jude Mohammed.

    I understand that supporting Democrats means supporting was, union busting and austerity, I just can’t understand why someone who pretends to be opposed to those policy supports them in realty as with votes and comments as FLL does.

    Democrats are the enemy. (So are Republicans).

  • Bill_Perdue

    The Democrat Party is not democratic internally or in it’s relation to American politics. It’s a right wing party moving right who are, because they control the WH are much more dangerous. They are the main enemy. If Republicans retake the WH they’ll be the main enemy of workers.

    It’s really very simple for those guided by the principle of advancing the struggle or workers, as opposed to partisan support for one of the two parties of war, union busting, war and the racist murders of American citizens like Anwar al-Aulaqi, Samir Khan, ‘Abd al-Rahman Anwar al-Aulaqi and Jude Mohammed. One was a sixteen year old boy from Denver Colorado.

    Here’s a video of an Obama spokepuppet explaining why he was murdered –

    Why would anyone describe a party whose leader orders the racist murders of American citizens as democratic? It’s not.

  • Bill_Perdue

    I’m saying that the comment by ‘Sophia’ is racist. Sorry if you didn’t get that. The history is that native peoples often went out of their way to help European invaders and paid a terrible price for it.

  • FLL

    Thank you. I didn’t think to look at his comment history. Then I think I was interpreting his comment correctly when I guessed that he was against lower student loans, funding for Planned Parenthood (to get women’s votes) and funding for food stamps (to get the votes of those he would consider “welfare queens.”

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra


  • And even that ought to be used sparingly…

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Perhaps HTML code is above her level of understanding.

  • My personal guess is someone who wasn’t a Dem recently. Quite possibly a Reagan Republican, since a lot of ’em were former Dems from conservative states.

    His comment history is full of fanatic fundamentalism, misogyny, racism, and homphobic bigotry. But what stands out especially is the religious fanaticism.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    So you’re saying that half of me is a legal citizen and half of me isn’t? Do I get to decide which half is which?

  • Monoceros Forth

    Nobody who says “Democrat Party” as reliably as Bill Perdue can be entirely taken at his word.

  • benb

    All he needs to do is to keep the 25% of Texans who are uninsured from signing up and the 16% who are on Medicaid quiet, until after the primary in May.

  • FLL

    In my reply above, I was taking him at his word, but then, you might be right. He could have voted Republican or Libertarian his whole life.

  • FLL

    You said “give everything away for a vote” and “printing money like newspapers.” When I read those sentences, it really doesn’t sound like you mean that Democrats haven’t given away the financial benefits that they promised. The only meaning I can extract is that you think the Democrats are giving benefits to people who you think don’t deserve those benefits as a way of bribing them, for example, lower interest rates on student loans to get young voters, funding planned parenthood to get women’s votes, food stamps to get the votes of “welfare queens” and their families, etc. That has to be what you mean, right? If not, please clarify.

    Assuming that’s what you mean, I think the cost of those benefits pale in comparison to the cost of the Iraq War, which resulted in a lot more of the “borrowing” that you’re complaining about. I can see from your comment, however, that you’re on the side of being fiscally conservative and are in favor of fiscal austerity. How very freaking odd, then, that Bill Perdue gave you an “up vote.” But then Perdue’s mask slips every now and then, and we get to see what’s behind the mask. (We’re so lucky when that happens, aren’t we?.)

  • mark_in_toronto

    Since when is disobeying the law and holding innocent people hostage the job of Congress?
    And isn’t treason, especially when committed by a public official a criminal offence?
    These seem like very legitimate questions.

  • Monoceros Forth

    “I used to be a Democrat.”

    Another Useta-Bee. Probably lying anyway.

  • Jafafa Hots

    There is no moderate wing of the GOP.

    There is a solid conservative wing… it’s small, and far to the left of the rest of them.

  • Jafafa Hots

    Bush II: wars based on faked intelligence, CIA operatives (and consequently their whole cover operations and all associated agents) outed because the VP didn’t like an article one person’s spouse wrote because it CONTAINED THE TRUTH and contradicted the lies.

    If you call that “government running just fine,” you are practicing religion, not reason.

  • A_nonymoose


  • So, I take it you have no memory of which party was in control of both houses of Congress from 1995 to 2007, and passed two sets of tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, and declared that both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars would be “off the books,” and more than doubled our defense budget, and passed a multi-billion dollar unfunded Medicare-D expansion, and which party held the presidency when the United States went from surpluses to massive deficits, and then stood idly by when the economy crashed in 2007.

    I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t the Democrats.

  • The minute I read a comment with FREQUENT and INAPPROPRIATE use of ALL CAPS, I have a tendency to TUNE OUT.

  • You can safely assume anything John Cornyn says is only to minimize his chances of being primaried from the right. He has no other purpose for the party nor the People at this point.

  • The stupid part is, Cornyn is the ultimate DC/lobbyist insider. He and Boehner are cut from the same cloth, and are both scared shitless, because they are the epitome of what the Tealiban claim they can’t stand, and want gone from the Republican party. You can just assume that anything Cornyn says is to serve no other purpose than to save his own ass. It most certainly has nothing to do with the good of the country or the American people. He’s up for re-election next year, and he has to do everything he can to avoid being primaried from the right – a contest which he would most likely lose. And he would deserve to lose, he’s accomplished basically nothing as a Senator.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Why didn’t you just say that you were talking about Democrat and Republican politicians.

    The only legal citizens of the Americans, from Tierra del Fuego Province in Argentina to Zenith Point in Nunavut in Canada are the indigenous nations.

  • Bill_Perdue

    1. The rich own the commanding heights of the economy and exercise decisive political and judicial power because they also own the Democrats and Republicans.

    2. Those two parties, sometimes working together and sometimes competitively and beginning with Carter, the first of the major union busters, have largely succeeded in exporting union jobs, using deregulation to bust unions, drive wages down, eliminate benefits and are now vying to please their owners in by gutting entitlements like Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

    3. For now, because they run the WH and half the Congress, the Democrats pose the greatest danger. Historically. Democrats are called in when Republicans can’t get the right wing agenda passed. DOMA. NAFTA, TRAP, the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB), also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000. All of those All Republican measures were passed with Democrat support and signed by Clinton.

    4. Under Obama union busting sped up considerably (a), the rich have been given $7.7 trillion dollars (a)in further bailouts, no strings attached, wages and benefits have declined precipitously and the Democrats announced plans to gut Social Security and Medicare and will as soon the Republicans get over this hissy fit and begin to act in a bipartisan way against working people.

    5) The shutdown is not sedition or treason, it’s just a desperate attempt, goaded by Republican racism and partisanship, to capture the right wing voters who are drawn increasingly to the Democrats who, under Clinton and Obama, have become adept at outflanking the Republicans from the right.



  • Raymond Harper

    I used to be a democrat: But after 30 years of watching them give everything away for a vote I said enough is enough! this country has been printing money like newspapers and the democrats will promise you anything for a vote! No more borrowing period,

  • lynchie

    I watched the program and at one point he asks “why won’t Obama negotiate”. He is just an asshole not a complete one..

  • lynchie

    I am having an adult beverage in commiseration for your fate.

  • lynchie

    Why pray tell did you not espouse the same thing when Bush was running up the debt.

  • Mighty

    Everyone seems to be beating around the bush so I am going to say it. Are they preparing for a real civil war? I know they have been desperately wanting one.

  • Mighty

    I’m in the same boat but I can up you one ante… my rep is Louie “terror babies” Gohmert”. Oh the agony.

  • Mighty

    You can’t reason with the unreasonable. Quit trying. Just keep working to defeat the tea baggers.

  • cole3244

    the govt runs just fine with a gop pres and is run into the ditch when a dem is in the oval office, will the voters ever figure out why and whom is too blame, not likely not this idiotic electorate.

  • Tony T

    These bastards would say “What woman?” when their wives walk in on them cheating.

  • chrislib

    Aha, the republicons are just starting early with trick-or-treat Halloween terrorism. Maybe a few candied apples and some candy corn will pacify them.

  • Hue-Man

    I’ve wondered for awhile what the TeaParty/GOP has to adopt as policy for sane people to start calling them fascists and classifying them with 1933 Nazis (I hope they never slide down to 1940s Nazis although some of them have advocated concentration camps for gay people whether HIV+ or HIV-.)

    Let’s see. First, we need to increase spending on an already hugely bloated military and pervasive and intrusive domestic and international spying. Second, apply an anti-immigrant, anti-minority racist policy. Third, advocate policing which emphasizes shoot first, ask questions later. Fourth, support suppression of atheists and all non-Teabangelical religions. Fifth, establish party platform positions that treat LGBT community as less than human. The anti-women policies on abortion, contraception and workplace rights and harrassment of the poor (mostly for being poor) are just cases of “boys being boys”! (snark) [And the gay-bashings and anti-immigrant violence are just isolated local occurrences…]

  • pappyvet

    The ACA is the law of the land. If I were to say that I will not get a driver’s license till the insurance rates go down,or I will not pay taxes till NAFTA is overturned,I would not be outside a jail cell for very long.

  • Jimmy

    Cue Republican whining about liberal bias from the lamestream media. I guess Bob Scheiffer doesn’t come from the Chuck Todd school of “journalism.”

  • The true fringe in the GOP today is its moderate wing.

  • Oh please Henny Penny, the sky will not fall on you if you just STOP SCREAMING!

  • I am on SS Disability and depend on those checks. So do my adoptive parents and birth mother. Obama said they would not be sent out next month if the debt ceiling is not raised and the Speaker says it is going to be tied to ObamaCare. I don’t want the President to budge one inch. Let the credit rating be hurt.

  • Oh, you poor man.

    On the other hand, we have Ron Johnson and Reid Ribble here in Wisconsin. What really boggles the mind is that my fellow Wisconsinites actually voted out Russ Feingold to put that odious Ron Johnson in office.

    I attribute that to too much cheese and beer. Clogged arteries keeping blood from getting to the brain.

  • Bomer

    He makes my hair hurt. Then there’s the despair of knowing this asshat, along with that nutball Cruz and that jackass Marchant, are my “representatives.”

  • Indigo

    Aha! So that’s the game.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    The Nazis came to power in 1933 by a strategy of disrupting the proceedings of the German Parliament. Finally, President Hindenburg agreed to appoint Hitler Chancellor so that the government could get something done. Bad mistake.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Works for me.

  • Especially seeing as Osama bin Laden said that his goal was to bankrupt the United States. I see no substantial difference in the Republican tactics, especially if they refuse to increase the debt limit.

  • Sophia

    I just talked to a Texan the other day who had mentioned a Stampede and subsequent necessary Roundup in Washington…
    It’s about time WE LEGAL, RESPONSIBLE and CONCERNED AMERICAN CITIZENS brought the RUNAWAY HERD in from the wild and tamed their spending and beahvioral problems, along with the criminals and other stray parasites that have also been funded and facilitated by the American public’s failure to appeal BAD and CORRUPT POLICIES that are so detrimental to the USA!!!!
    Adverse “interest groups” are not acting in the INTERST of GOOD CITIZENRY! Many are running rampant, causing even more havoc, increasing crimes, facilitating corruption and ineptitude, etc.!
    I equate all the corrupt attorneys and judges as the COYOTES running loose to pick the flesh of those who are helpless, who could OTHERWISE CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING SUBSTANTIAL to our society, had they been shown HOW TO HELP THEMSELVES and been given a chance at self-respect!

  • Indigo

    The terrorists win simply by obstructing normal legislation. That’s almost as effective an attack on the United States as Osama bin Laden’s simplification of bombing by running airplanes into buildings. I see considerable commonality between those two strategists.

  • Geez, I knew that the Dominionists were out there, but thought that they were a lot more fringe than they apparently are.

    I forget where I read this, but there was a breakdown of the various factions in the Republican party based on polling. It seems that the TEA partiers and the religionists combined outnumber the moderates in the party.

    And here we have the combination of the two factions, sometimes in the same people, and they really are threatening the stability of the union if they ever do take their rhetoric beyond Values Voter Summits and the like.

    Part of me wants them to try it, maybe even give them a few states in which they can do their damage. But then I realize that there are sane people even in the reddest of states who would suffer if that happened.

  • Monoceros Forth

    I’m uneasy about it too. The GOP screams its bloody head off about how spending money on the poors is going to destroy the country’s standing with creditors but frankly it’s the screaming and not the spending that seem more damaging to me. But then the GOP idea of maintaining the nation’s standing is bombing foreigners to prove to the world we’re still big and scary.

  • Listening to Cornyn and his comrades makes my head hurt.

    But if you’re into listening to voices, and are good at picking out stress, it is clear that he and a great many of the Republicans who have been trying to defend the shutdown are very stressed.

    Listen to the hesitation in his voice at about the 33 second mark when he says “Ted and … I share”. That gives it away – he’s not so much concerned about the ACA not working as he is that it could work.

    You can also hear a bit of shakiness in his voice throughout, but particularly around the 2:08 mark when his voice shakes a bit. He tries to sound confident and all of that, but his vocal inflections give him away. He doesn’t even believe his own bullshit.

    And FFS, when will the news media quit calling it “Obamacare”? Insisting on calling it that is blatantly biased. No wonder we think of the news media as a joke.

  • I’m calling it treason.

  • What is their damned exit strategy, a coup?

    Why yes, it is. Secession, a military coup, anything to achieve their ends.

  • BillFromDover

    What exit strategy?

  • lilyannerose

    The GOP just doesn’t seem to be afraid of their standing with not just America but on the world stage. I’m getting uneasy about this crap. What is their damned exit strategy a Coup?

  • fletcher

    Justice would be the American people treating Cornyn and his collegues the way the Three Stooges treated the extortionist threatening their business in “Three Loan Wolves.” But then that might be too dignified for what the Tea Partiests deserve.

  • PeteWa

    haha, I was about to say the same thing:
    Every once in a while, the nearly useless Schieffer demonstrates the need for the adverb ‘nearly’.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    I don’t see why everyone shouldn’t be calling this extortion.

  • Bookbinder

    Once in a While he hits it. But mostly he’s just pompous-tulating.

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