Best Haunted House photos of scared visitors

Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada has a reputation for producing some of the funniest photos of people scared inside a Haunted House, and this year their Twitter feed doesn’t disappoint.

This Canadian guy does a pretty good description of the kind of things that happen inside, and below that is some great photos (this video below is from 2010, and let me just say, someone has aged well ;):

And here are some tweets from their Twitter feed – sometimes guys really are the biggest girls:










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  • noelrogersxx

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  • Duke Woolworth

    Big watchdogs hide under the bed during thunderstorms, while cats stretch and yawn, saunter over to the bowl for a snack, and go back to sleep.

  • It was creepy, but well worth trying thrills

  • Butch1

    I don’t think they would allow wheelchairs. ;-)

  • Sounds like a typical day on Fire Island.

  • Yep, remember Bush petite? Even in a suite and tie he couldn’t pull it off.

  • Yep, I must have bobbed at least a thousand times in my lifetime, only a few time at Halloween.

  • Leave that handsome kid in the haunted house ALONE! Lyndsey Lohan

  • Jim Olson

    Truth. But there is some value in preserving one’s sense of dignity.

  • olandp

    I also bobbed for apples without getting at all wet.

  • Fentwin

    I bet you were the kid at the Halloween parties saying “that ain’t witch’s hair, thats spaghetti”, or “Those aren’t witch’s eyes, those are grapes!”.

    Ya, I was too. :)

  • pericles9


  • olandp

    I went to a Haunted House once, but my sense of reality and absurdity wouldn’t let me be scared. It is just people dressed up and acting.

  • goulo

    I can understood not enjoying haunted houses and horror movies (I’m also not so into them.)

    But I admire people who do what they enjoy instead of worrying that they’ll look silly to other people who don’t enjoy what they enjoy!

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Decades ago, a group of us decided to spend the weekend at the Atlantic shore. By midday Saturday, it started to cloud up a lot. We were forced to find other activities. We went to the amusement park on the Ocean City, MD pier. It didn’t take too long for some idiot to suggest we go into the haunted house. One of the girls was a strapping 6’1′, and I was sort of thinking of hiding behind her. As soon as we were in the house, she grabbed both my arms right above my elbows. She planted her face between my shoulder blades, and kept yelling, “Don’t touch me.” She kept that up as I drug her trough the entire house.

  • shaki0564

    great stuff.


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  • Jim Olson

    I’ve never understood the desire to be deliberately scared witless in haunted houses or horror movies. I am even less inclined to go and attempt the experience with the possibility that someone might photograph me making an utter ass of myself in public.

  • Hue-Man

    More shocking news from Niagara Falls, ON.

    “The Maid of the Mist, one of Niagara Falls most popular attractions, completed its final run on the Canadian side of the border Thursday.”

    “The Maid, which first set sail across the basin of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls in 1846, currently runs two 600-passenger boats, the Maid VI and VII, according to Niagara Falls Tourism.”

    “Considered one of the oldest tourist attractions in North America, the Maid of the Mist has carried a number of celebrities and dignitaries including Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt and Pierre Trudeau.” [I assume they got just as soaked as I did.]

  • pericles9

    The scariest things in the last pic are the coordinated shirts.

  • Butch1

    It looks like it would be fun to go to if you are in pretty good physical shape. (e.g. can climb stairs, crawl on your hands and knees and walk on uneven surfaces like the swinging bridge etc. )

  • keirmeister

    I performed at a haunted house back in my college days. It was always the tough-guy types that scared the easiest.

  • cole3244

    i loved it when he said the guy was talking with a hillbilly voice like he was going to pull him into the woods and have his way with him, classic.

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