Alan Grayson: GOP made up of corporate shills, religious fanatics, and freedom fiends (video)

Democratic Congressman, and liberal firebrand, Alan Grayson of Florida appeared on the Bill Maher show the other day, and had a few choice words for  Republicans.


Alan Grayson: I think there’s really 3 Republican parties: there are the corporate shills; there are the religious fanatics; and then there are the freedom fiends, the ones who want to make sure you have the right to sleep under a bridge.

Bill Maher: So Jesus freaks, gun nuts, generic obese suburbanites — and let me add the super rich. That’s the Republican party, isn’t it?

Alan Grayson: Yeah, and right now at this particular moment the corporate shills are in the minority, they can’t force their will on the others anymore. Because when you get down to it, they have the money but the other two have the votes…. [The Republicans] think that the biggest problem in America today is that billionaires don’t have enough money.

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