Alan Grayson on “Democrats In Name Only”: They betray our side

In keeping with our two-headed shutdown theme:

Republicans wanted the shutdown all along, and Dems have already lost the negotiations

I wanted to bring you a short video by Alan Grayson from his “Ask Alan Anything” series on this very subject.

I found the video in a post by Howie Klein on DownWithTyranny about how one of the two “Democrats” who voted with Republicans to shut down the government — Mike McIntyre — has grown a primary challenger.

Klein writes (my emphasis and some reparagraphing):

[T]wo of the worst of the worst [Democrats are] Jim Matheson [UT-04], a Utah Blue Dog with a ProgressivePunch score this year of 26.42 (worse than half a dozen Republicans) and Mike McIntyre [NC-07] who is both a Blue Dog and a New Dem from North Carolina. They were the only two Democrats who voted with all but two Republicans to shut down the government unless Republican policy agenda items were met. …

[T]he odious Mike McIntyre [is] one of the DCCC’s most heavily-financed incumbent Democrats.

He’s heavily financed despite voting against Nancy Pelosi in 2011 and 2013 and despite his loud refusal to endorse Obama for president against Mitt Romney. He opposed the Affordable Care Act and keeps voting with the GOP to repeal it and parts of it. He’s rabidly anti-gay and never misses an opportunity to prove it by voting against LGBT equality. He also consistently votes against Choice and even voted against the DREAM Act. Oh– and he’s a pro-pollution, anti-environmental voter as well. The NRA loves him, rates him an “A” and donates thousands of dollars to him.

And like we’ve been pointing out, it was McIntyre and Matheson who were the only Democrats who voted with the GOP to shut down the government last week.

Let that sink in. Nancy Pelosi, Steve Israel and the DCCC fund this guy to the tune of a bunch of bucks. Howie has much more on this, including how you can help. Do click through.

As Grayson points out in the video below, “when you give to the party,” you give to guys like this. I don’t know what your take-away is, but mine is the obvious next sentence.

Here’s Grayson:

I’ve been pushing for an Open Rebellion Caucus in the Democratic Party for some time. As in, “We’re in open rebellion against inhumane neoliberal leadership. Benefit cuts? Up yours. Keystone pipeline? Same place. Come back when you’re acting like a Democrat and standing with the people.”

Listen to Grayson again, listen very carefully, and ask, have we found us our caucus? Seems like it to me.


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