Alan Grayson on “Democrats In Name Only”: They betray our side

In keeping with our two-headed shutdown theme:

Republicans wanted the shutdown all along, and Dems have already lost the negotiations

I wanted to bring you a short video by Alan Grayson from his “Ask Alan Anything” series on this very subject.

I found the video in a post by Howie Klein on DownWithTyranny about how one of the two “Democrats” who voted with Republicans to shut down the government — Mike McIntyre — has grown a primary challenger.

Klein writes (my emphasis and some reparagraphing):

[T]wo of the worst of the worst [Democrats are] Jim Matheson [UT-04], a Utah Blue Dog with a ProgressivePunch score this year of 26.42 (worse than half a dozen Republicans) and Mike McIntyre [NC-07] who is both a Blue Dog and a New Dem from North Carolina. They were the only two Democrats who voted with all but two Republicans to shut down the government unless Republican policy agenda items were met. …

[T]he odious Mike McIntyre [is] one of the DCCC’s most heavily-financed incumbent Democrats.

He’s heavily financed despite voting against Nancy Pelosi in 2011 and 2013 and despite his loud refusal to endorse Obama for president against Mitt Romney. He opposed the Affordable Care Act and keeps voting with the GOP to repeal it and parts of it. He’s rabidly anti-gay and never misses an opportunity to prove it by voting against LGBT equality. He also consistently votes against Choice and even voted against the DREAM Act. Oh– and he’s a pro-pollution, anti-environmental voter as well. The NRA loves him, rates him an “A” and donates thousands of dollars to him.

And like we’ve been pointing out, it was McIntyre and Matheson who were the only Democrats who voted with the GOP to shut down the government last week.

Let that sink in. Nancy Pelosi, Steve Israel and the DCCC fund this guy to the tune of a bunch of bucks. Howie has much more on this, including how you can help. Do click through.

As Grayson points out in the video below, “when you give to the party,” you give to guys like this. I don’t know what your take-away is, but mine is the obvious next sentence.

Here’s Grayson:

I’ve been pushing for an Open Rebellion Caucus in the Democratic Party for some time. As in, “We’re in open rebellion against inhumane neoliberal leadership. Benefit cuts? Up yours. Keystone pipeline? Same place. Come back when you’re acting like a Democrat and standing with the people.”

Listen to Grayson again, listen very carefully, and ask, have we found us our caucus? Seems like it to me.


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  • Selina Grissom

    These people only call themselves Democrats because they know it will get them re-elected…period!

  • Bill_Perdue

    There’s a psychological term that describes why people vote for right wing politicians who don’t give a damn about what voters think – it’s called projection. People project their own ideas onto politicians who don’t share those ideas.

    When that happens over and over you have to question if it’s more than just projection and usually it is, it’s having the wrong perspective on the fact that this is a country ruled by the rich with a government owned by the rich.

  • Bill_Perdue

    I live in the world where a president can order the extra-judicial racist murders of four American citizens – Anwar al-Aulaqi, Samir Khan, ‘Abd al-Rahman Anwar al-Aulaqi and Jude Mohammed. One was a sixteen year old boy from Denver Colorado.

    Remember their names, who murdered them and what it means.

  • ronbo

    Obama is pulling the Democrats TOWARDS: war without end, spying, desecration of the 4th Amendment, prosecuting whistle-blowers, ending habeas corpus, drone assassinations, etc….

    Some can’t see a trojan-horse even if it is the fourth term for Bush’s policy.

  • ronbo

    That party exists only in the minds of citizens – rarely in the minds of ELECTED democrats.

    We live in a world where the 1% own both political brands (with few exceptions)

  • ronbo

    Correct! The democratic party; however, only really seems to exist in the mind of the citizens.

    ELECTED democrats acquiesce at the drop of a hat – fully enabling the Republicans.

    Remember, Obamacare came about by acquiescing to Republican/Heritage Foundation demands for a for-profit alternative to actual healthcare.

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Can’t do as much harm? Are you living in the same reality as the rest of us at the moment??

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Because we donated hundreds to candidates and Obama during last two presidential year election cycles, I have been bombarded daily for the past few weeks by the Democratic committees, trying to get me to reward Obama and the Democrats for standing firm.

    Well, until the clean continuing resolution is passed; and Obama agrees to end this nonsense about a ‘grand bargain’ that will gut Medicare and Social Security, I will not be donating another dime.

    We donated much more than our financial circumstances really allowed, and for that, watched Obama and the Democrats cower and cave again, and again, and again.

    I think that is part of the problem. Boehner and the House GOP simply assumed, based clearly on past experience, that Obama would cave again this time.

    So far they have been wrong, but I am not giving a dime while this issue is still settled.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me for the 5,452nd time, well, shame on me.

  • dave3137

    I use an e-mail rule. Nothing from, the dccc or the dscc ever makes it to my inbox. I support individuals, but I do NOT support the party apparatus. I figure that’s the “democratic” thing to do. They supported and endorsed the proposed “limited action” in Syria. Yeah, like we’ve never seen the results of THAT before! They supported DADT until backed into a corner… And were then surprised that people who actually worked for its repeal got more applause than they did at the signing ceremony!!!!!! Anti-environment, anti-gay, anti-kid, anti-poor, anti-vet, anti-elderly, anti-education — not all, not in every case, but they have supported legislation that is anti-everything Democrats used to stand for, while being pro-war, pro-Wall Street, pro getting re-elected at the cost of every principle for which their party label used to represent. If they ever find their soul and the heart, and a couple of other body parts, and don’t just talk the talk, they probably know where I live, my phone, my e-mail, and the fact that I lost a few pounds since my last medical exam. (They support the NSA, of course)

  • Bill_Perdue

    I’m a socialist and I don’t have a dog in the race between Democrats and Republicans. The Democrat party deserves the same amount of respect that the Republican party deserves – none.

    Democrats are the enemy. (So are Republicans but they don’t control the White House and can’t, for the moment, do as much harm.)

  • NCMan

    You are the one being partisan by using the favorite term of the Republican party to refer to the Democratic party in a derisive manner. While at the same time showing the Republican party enough respect to use the proper name they have given themselves.

    But, you refuse to show the same level of respect to the Democratic party. Each organization has a right to give itself whatever name it so chooses. If you are unable to distinguish between the concepts of “D”emocratic and “d”emocratic, that says something about your own powers of perception and not about what name a given party has chosen for itself.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Democracy has nothing to do with the Democrat or Republican parties. Both are right centrist parties moving right at a dizzying pace.

    You’re just being partisan. The Democrat party is not democratic internally or in relation to working people – it’s a party owned by the rich. Democrat politicians give daily tongue baths to the banksters.

  • NCMan

    BTW, It’s “Democratic” party, not “Democrat” party.

  • Bill_Perdue

    As a matter of policy (determined in the real world by actions, not electioneering lies) the Democrat Party is pro-war, for the detention of US citizens, embraces the murder of US citizens if Obama dislikes them, and is anti-union, for immigrant bashing and wants to impose austerity.

    They utterly refused to repeal Bill Clintons DOMA and after nearly 40 years (1974-2013) of stalling and tabling it can only be assumed that they oppose ENDA because enough of then are the pay of anti-LGBT employers. Obama is chief among those who support anti-gay employers because, after promising to do so. Here is a link to GetEqual’s timeline of lies and deceit by the Democrats – and here is the link proving that Obama promised an administrative ENDA for federal contractors before being elected in 2008 –

    There are no real prospects for change through the Democrat or Republican parties because both are owned by the rich. Congress and the WH are not just bribed, lobbied or influenced. They, like the mainstream media, are owned by the rich. Voting for Democrats (or Republicans) in the real world is voting for wars, union busting and austerity and against the Bill of Rights.

  • Hue-Man

    This will never change until Citizens United is over-turned and the entire PAC universe that Stephen Colbert has highlighted repeatedly is eliminated (yes, I know it won’t be easy). Political campaign money is like high-powered artillery in the gun debate – I NEED AK-47s because there are people who might attack me with their semi-automatic machine guns. Or to translate, I need to spend every waking hour on fund-raising from corporate donors (who will shred any sense of political responsibility I may have had) because my opponent is going to raise even more money to run negative ads against me. This arms race is what leads to $1 BILLION elections.

    It doesn’t have to be this way. I know you’re sick of hearing about Canada BUT

    1. corporate donations to federal election campaigns are illegal. One Member of Parliament recently lost his seat (and lost the subsequent by-election) because his campaign accepted corporate donations.

    2. the federal government subsidizes political parties and individual candidates for approximately $100 million, through election expense reimbursements, per-vote subsidies (being phased out), and tax credits for individual political contributions.

    Canadian corporations have excessive political influence but more through their near-monopoly market positions (banking, airlines, telephone/cable/internet/broadcasting) but they are less likely to purchase individual politicians through political contributions.

  • GaiusPublius

    Gotta disagree, Stanley. Purifying just strengthens the ideas. If the ideas are bad (dumb), what you call “purifying” increased the badness. If the ideas are good however, well, …

    I have to agree with Grayson here. Kick the privatizer, corp-owned Dems to the side of the road and we’ll have a better, more broad-based party (but only if the voters are the base, and not the CEO class).


  • NCMan

    LUV it !!!! The best example I’ve seen yet.

  • cole3244

    i only donate to left of center pols and not to the dem organizations who support rw dems at the expense of progress, when the dems become a lib party again maybe but i will never see that day.

    warren will get most of my money and cross my fingers and hope for a miracle.

  • Thanks. It’s pretty easy really. “The day you stop nominating Democratic candidates who vote along with the Republicans and in favor of Republican policies, then we can talk. Until then, bye.”

  • 20 years, the only thing the Republicans have learned is that if you propose something crazy, and it gets rejected, your comeback proposal should be something even crazier. Moderates and centrists never do that… which is why every time we have a “compromise” in our politics, we get lurched further and further to the right. As someone pointed out yesterday, the Republicans strategy is this:

    Can I burn down your house?


    How about just the second floor?


    How about just the garage?


    How about your car?


    You aren’t compromising!

  • FLL

    Multiple “likes”!

  • That’s what we do. And every time the DCCC or DNC or any other high-level Democratic fundraisers call, we tell them in no uncertain terms why we’ve stopped donating to any but individual candidates.

  • Ford Prefect

    I did twenty years ago and my impression was much the same. Le plus ça change, no?

    Of course, back then there will still state-level folks who were still pretty good. But now? Ha!

  • Ford Prefect

    Thanks, GP! I now have my new talking points for the next time the DCCC calls me: “Um, yeah, you want me to give money to Democrats who voted with the GOP to shut down the government, because Obama’s austerity doesn’t go far enough! Good luck with that! Buh bye, to all the fawning wankers at the DCCC!”

  • Stanley_Krute

    As can be seen w/ the GOP, purifying a political party ideologically only serves to dumb it down.

  • caphillprof

    If you ever met the folk who work for the Democratic National Committee, you would understand why the “Democrats” won’t stand up for Democratic values. The notion that Democratic politicians would ever play hardball like the Teapubllicans is utter nonsense. Never in my lifetime.

  • Blue Floridian

    Be careful the side of town you choose as Grayson was shoved over to the east and south including part of a rural county (Osceola). West Orlando was dumped into the district of one Dan Webster , Teahadist-Orlando. The DCCC chose to run against him a careful, cautious Neo Liberal who had an excellent bio and stood for nothing and she lost. It took Orlando two times to wash away DCCC Neo Liberal losers before they let Grayson run and

    win. It would be nice if he had a protege for us on the West Side but none are on the horizon.

  • Blue Floridian

    It was interesting on “Morning Joe” this a.m. (or a timely non coincidence,) in that Chuck Todd claims the WH is trying to break this crisis governing for the sake of the PRESIDENCY. Todd went on to say they were doing this in the event of say a “President Christie” (take time to throw up a little,) and say there’s a caucus led by Alan Grayson . . . who could end up doing the same thing as the Teajadists. I believe Todd probably had an off the record with someone like Carney who probably voiced the exact sentiments. The Repubs would be hurt by non neo lib dems but so would the Neo Lib Dems and they are already trying to thwart that idea.

  • FLL

    Donations to the DNC might very well go to Blue Dogs. So don’t make contributions to the DNC; only contribute to individual candidates.

  • ronbo

    Again Gaius, a great post that MORE Dems need to digest. The DCCC wing of the Democratic party are merely trojan-horse Republicans – designed, implemented and populated of, by and for the 1% (and fools who fall for their labels and imagery over substance and policy)

    I’m a fan of yours and post a lot of links to your pieces at the corporatized democratic sites like bob cesca’s awful blog and democratic underground. Yes, they have some great anti-repub pieces; but, they block anyone who even suggests that Dems cooperate with Repubs to maintain the status quo.

    If you read this and agree, please post the links. You’ll know they are Oboticized/corporatized when you’ve also been blocked (as they think that ANY criticism of the DCCC, Dems or Obama makes one a “teabaggin’ troll”). Better to tell the truth and take heat, than stand by and watch it all burn down.

  • NCMan

    The “No Labels” group is the worst of the worst. All they do is support right-wing solutions in the false name of bi-partisanship.

    The right-wing has moved so far to the right that what used to be considered center to center-right is now consider socialist. Everything the “No Labels” group supports would have been the right-wing’s wet-dream 20 years ago.

    The fact that the Tea Party’s ideas are crazy doesn’t mean that the things the right-wing proposed 20 years ago should now be considered reasonable and centrist.

  • BrianG

    I live in IL-17 with freshman Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, a freshman Conservadem with a voting record just as bad. She is one of the most 10-15 conservative Democrats in the caucus. She is one of those “No Labels Problem Solvers.” She represents a D+7 PVI congressional district that one of the founders of the Congressional Democratic Caucus, Lane Evans represented for over a quarter of a century.

    Needless to say, she has NO PRIMARY challenges, which isn’t surprising considering how the man whose kids she used to babysit, Dick Durbin cleared the field for her run in 2012. Her record has turned off many activists and organizers, and she is tied in the polls with her defeated opponent from 2012, Tea Party Republican Bobby Schilling. This is a seat that only Steve Israel and the DCCC can and will lose.

  • Indigo

    Alan makes me proud to be an Orlan-dodo. Really! He graces our little town nicely and speaks his mind clearly. The local opposition continues to pout, just like Boener and the rest of that ilk. I especially liked the phrase “rabidly anti-gay.” I think we should use that one more.

  • olandp

    f there were anything that would make me want to live in Orlando, Grayson would be it.

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