3 Scottish guys (in full accent) stalked by a bunny on the road (hilarious video)

Three Scottish guys driving down the road, and a rabbit, for some reason, refuses to leave the road in front of them.  Like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps running and running in front of their car. For five whole minutes.  Every time they stop the care, the rabbit stops. Then they start, and it runs in front of the car again.

The Scottish accent is worth the price of admission alone. I probably didn’t understand 80% of this video.

Oh I don’t know, it don’t want us to get by him.

Why’s he no want to go in the grass?

Cuz there’s beasties in there.

Okay, you sneak by him.

Oh my God, he’s back in the f’g road.

It’s f’g following us. F’g rabbit.

Oh there he goes, it’s getting his speed up again. I can’t even believe this.

Every time we stop, he stops.

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