10% of Chinese cooking oil made from sewer sludge (video)

A new exposé from Radio Free Asia reveals that 10% of Chinese cooking oil is made from sewer sludge. And they have secret video showing it being made.


This is just the latest report on the disgusting situation in China when it comes to food production, and really the production of everything. I’d reported earlier on the latest outbreak of Chinese dog treats sickening thousands, and killing hundreds, of American pets.

And we’d reported previously on all the other horrific Chinese products gone bad, from wallboard to human food (exploding watermelons, anyone?).

And there was the wonderful news that American chicken was now going to be processed in China.  What could possibly go wrong?

The real question is, why should anyone assume it won’t go wrong with such a horrific history of malfeasance and culture of economic corruption?

You really need to watch this new video from Radio Free Asia.  A woman scoops up sewer sludge which is then used to make cooking oil for home, restaurants and hotels.


Chinese woman scoops up sewer sludge that will be boiled down and turned into 10% of China’s cooking oil.

And when asked about the latest scandal, a Chinese man tells RFA: “In our current society, everyone tries to swindle everybody else.”

Oh, but they won’t try to swindle us with regards to the safety of our chicken, when they’re still killing our pets, and have sold us so many other sub-standard products.  Right.

Oh, and if that weren’t disgusting enough, they’re also running illegal pig slaughtering operations across China where many of the pigs are already dead before they’re slaughtered (which is not a good thing).

But I’m sure they’ll treat those American chickens with the respect they deserved, after they don’t even treat their own people like human beings, either in the government or the marketplace.

Here’s the video of them making cooking oil from raw sewage, followed by the video of the illegal pig slaughterhouses:

Here’s the pig slaughterhouses:

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