Voice-over guy follows people on street, funny as hell prank (video)

Kevin Brueck teams with voice-over actor Jon Bailey, and they pull a prank on people walking down the street – pretending they’re doing movie voice-overs about each person.


It’s hard to describe, and quite funny.

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  • pappyvet

    snort ! giggle !

  • ckg1

    “In a world where people try to make you laugh…”

    Seriously, I could see Don LaFontaine doing something like this if he were still among us.

  • Strepsi

    LOL. In my mind John Waters’ movies are a documentary….

  • AngelaChanning

    In Baltimore, things like this happen all the time except it’s not a prank and it usually ends up with the guy flashing himself. :-)

  • One of the better practical jokes I’ve seen. Very funny.

  • mirror

    Great one, John. Thanks.

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