Various stories you might have missed today…

Here are various news stories I never got to write about today, but are worth perusing.

John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan is insane.

GOP Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli really hates gay people.

Robert Reich tells Bill O’Reilly to be a man.

George HW Bush (the older one, not the idiot) served as a witness at the wedding of a gay couple.

Paris’ famed Musée d’Orsay is doing an exhibit on the male nude.

26 hilariously-bad book covers.


CNBC being racist.

5 mistakes people make with salt in recipes.

A Russian parents group wants Putin to cancel Elton John’s upcoming concert in Russia cuz he’s too gay (John, not Putin – well…)

Azerbaijan holds first LGBT Pride.

David Lebovitz’s recipe for Ginger Syrup. I just made it.  Depending on how much you boil it down, you might want to add less of the syrup when reconstituting the drink.  But it’s quite good.

My actual work in progress - I added half the sugar, which was still enough.

My actual work in progress – I added half the sugar, which was still enough.

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