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It’s after midnight in Paris, and after an exhausting night of attempting to make chocolate chip cookies with French butter and homemade chips, we ended up with something that was tasty, albeit not quite traditional.  More of a chocolate chocolate-chip cookie.  But it was quite yummy.


Chocolate chip cookies are notoriously difficult to make here in Europe, using American recipes, as our butter and flour are different than theirs.  I found that by eyeing the dough, and adding a bit more flour, I was able to replicate the American formula.  Though this, my second batch, was problematic because of the fact that we too finely chopped the high quality French chocolate, so it kind of melted into the batter (though not entirely).  I ended up baking them at 400, as 350 (well, 200C instead of 175C, to be exact) just didn’t seem high enough (and this oven doesn’t give you a middle temp).

They’re quite yummy and chewy, if a tad sugary.  I found a decent substitute for brown sugar (“vergeoise”), but used cassonade (cane sugar) instead of white sugar for the second half of the sugar, and it definitely doesn’t dissolve into the cookie as much as white sugar would have, so you sense little bits of sugar when you chew.  Still, they were surprisingly yummy, if not 100% true to the original.  But hey, what do these guys know about chocolate chip cookies anyway?  As Julia Child would say, serve it and smile :)

Piranha-esque fish found in the Seine river near Paris. Apparently it enjoys eating men’s testicles.

The Texas and Louisiana National Guards think gay is the new black.

Most prominent former resident of Russian palace where G20 summit is being held was a big homo.

Autumn economy in the US looking scary.

Auto sales, however, are doing well.

honey-badgerHoney badger don’t care. (Most you have already seen this vid, but it’s worth seeing again. Funny as hell.)

History of English podcasts (something I plan for a rainy day).

Do e-cigs cause cancer?

They’re finally canceling True Blood, in a year.  Hallelujah.

DOJ won’t enforce law banning gay vets from getting spousal benefits (yeah!)

Former top gay activist in Russia, who suffered a very public, and ongoing, anti-Semitic meltdown on social media this past week, says he wouldn’t meet with President Obama in St. Petersburg even had the President invited him to, which he did not.  Of course, not being invited in the first place isn’t a terribly strong starting position for a “so there.

New Dan Savage-y gay Christian video project intended to stand up to anti-gay Christian bigots.

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