Two people run into a bison in Yellowstone (video)

Very neat.


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  • now that could be funny

  • Butch1

    Just . . . don’t . . . make . . . any . . . sudden . . . moves . . . pant . pant . pant.!

  • Island In The Sky

    Still waiting for YOUR version, John…I KNOW you can do it!!! It would be AWESOME :) Surprise us (or maybe have it ready for Christmas or April 1?).

    Please do this:

  • UncleBucky

    Top condition? It seemed too slow and didn’t notice the people, it seemed. (I dunno!)

    Tell us more! Have you been around bisons or do you know about this? :)

  • UncleBucky

    It’s a male. Anyone guess how old? And then why is the feller walking around solo and kinda slow? Surely he saw the people! But not a flinch.

    Thus, is he sick or older or what?

  • Yeah that was my sense. I remember being charged by a moose in Alaska because some tourists thought it would be neat to go check out the animal, and their dog started barking at it. We ran for about two blocks to get away from the thing chasing us.

  • Honey badger got competition.

  • Indigo

    That’s a real North American Bison with a traditional Amerindian message for all : MYOB!

  • Island In The Sky

    That bison’s like: “I got shit on my mind – I don’t got time for y’all. Peace.”

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Somewhere in my memorabilia I still have from our Yellowstone trip the little yellow handout the rangers passed out as we entered, with an illustration suggesting that being tossed by a bison’s horns because you ignored instructions to stay away from them would not be a good idea or a pleasant outcome.

    It does look like this bison just wandered up the trail where these guys were, but just standing there that close? Sort of dangerous.

  • cole3244

    another magnificent resource that man has all but eliminated from the scene because of mans greed and ignorance.

  • EdHandy

    That was rather obviously a boy bison. *lol* Cool video.

  • Jim Olson

    Mmm. Bison.

  • Quilla

    Too cool! My reaction mirrored their expressions. :)

  • shanob

    Wow, that was a giant bull in top condition! Well done, but not recommended!

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