Transgender homecoming queen in tears after brutal YouTube bullying

A terribly sad video, and a terribly sad ending to a really neat story from a few days ago.  This past Friday, 16 year old Cassidy Lynn Campbell, a transgender girl at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, California, found out she had been chosen Homecoming Queen.

Cassidy was stunned by her victory, and the support of her fellow students, and broke down in tears of joy on the podium.

But within a day, Cassidy was in tears again, following the hateful response she got to her winning the homecoming crown.

She taped a tear-laden response on YouTube that’s pretty heart-wrenching.

Keep in mind, Cassidy is only 16.  And the amount of hate she’s facing, especially in YouTube’s comments (it’s unclear if any online community is as viciously ugly as YouTube’s), destroyed what should be her happiest day in high school.

Cassidy Lynn Campbell

Cassidy Lynn Campbell

One YouTube commenter even told Cassidy to go kill herself:


Some of the additional comments Cassidy received on YouTube are below. Which I have to say, seem to rather clearly violate YouTube’s terms of service against non-discrimination and hate speech.  You’d think YouTube would have a better handle on people attacking 16 year old kids online.  I couldn’t even find a button to report people violating YouTube’s TOS in this manner. Again, keep in mind, these people are attacking a 16 year old girl.


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How many 16  year old girls do you need to beat up on YouTube in order to get someone’s attention over at YouTube headquarters?  Apparently, a lot.

It’s interesting reading all these hateful anti-trans comments on YouTube, since YouTube refused to publish a video I tried to post recently of a trans woman being brutally beaten up in Russia.  YouTube banned it, no recourse, no one to complain to (I tried, and was ignored).

Apparently my mistake was posting the video in an effort to help trans people – if you want to beat up a trans 16 year old girl for real on YouTube, it’s a free for all.

From Cassidy’s video:

“Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it, and if I should go back to being miserable. And just be a boy. And hate myself, and hate my life. Just so everyone could just shut up and leave me alone.”


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