Ted Cruz admits Americans will like Obamacare

When you cut through the presidential-hopeful-pandering side of Ted Cruz’ faux filibuster of Obamacare that’s currently taking place live on the US Senate floor, you come to the conclusion that the man thinks the greatest risk from Obamacare is that the public might actually like it.

That’s why Cruz recently read Dr. Seuss’ story, “Green Eggs and Ham” during the filibuster (see video below).  He knows the story ends with Sam liking green eggs and ham.  But to Cruz this isn’t a contradiction.  It’s his main point.


Ted Cruz, like a lot of Republicans, is afraid that Americans might actually like Obamacare.

And Cruz is trying to stop the program before it begins to be fully implemented in one week.

That’s why Republicans won’t simply let health care reform move forward, and if people don’t like it, repeal it.  They need to repeal it now because they know people might actually end up liking it. And then, as Cruz notes below, it will be impossible to repeal.

As Tommy Christopher over at Mediaite noted, Cruz has made a similar point before in a July interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity:

Right before he bragged that he isn’t “housetrained,” Cruz laid out the Green Eggs and Ham scenario, telling Hannity “If we don’t do it (defund Obacare) now, in all likelihood, Obamacare will never, ever be repealed. Why is that? Because on January 1, the exchanges kick in, the subsidies kick in,” and added that “their plan is to get the American people addicted to the sugar, addicted to the subsidies, and once that happens, in all likelihood, it never gets…”

“It’s over,” Hannity cut in, “it never gets repealed.”

And there’s the rub.

If the Affordable Care Act were the disaster that Republicans claim it is, then it would be easy to repeal. Americans would be clamoring for its repeal. But they’re not, because it’s not a disaster yet.  And as Ted Cruz, and even Sean Hannity admit, once Obamacare is fully implemented, more than enough Americans are going to like it, and that’s going to ensure that Obamacare is never repealed.

And even Cruz’ specific argument about the “subsidies” buying people off contradicts the standard GOP talking points.  I thought we were told the subsidies wouldn’t be enough?  And that prices for health insurance would go through the roof.  And that people would lose their health insurance at their current employer.  If all of that were going to happen, people would gladly demand that Obamacare be repealed.  The only way Ted Cruz’ fears come true, the only way that the American people refuse to support a repeal of Obamacare, is if Obamacare actually works.

And that is the Republican party’s greatest fear.

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