If the Soviets did a remake of Grease, it might look like this (video)

Her name was Armi Anja Orvokki Aavikko. She was a Finnish beauty queen, best known for her duets with singer “Danny,” aka Ilkka Johannes Lipsanen. Apparently, Danny is an elder statesman of Finnish pop music nowadays.  And this is their hit video, “I wanna love you tender.”


I love Wikipedia’s description of Danny, and this video below:

Danny achieved some notoriety outside Finland in 2006 when the 1978 music video duet with the late Armi Aavikko, “Tahdon olla sulle hellä”, sung in English as “I Wanna Love You Tender” became an internet meme. The choreography of this video was particularly noteworthy. While it was apparently intended to be “erotic and tantalizing”, in the eyes of many it principally succeeded in being hilarious.

Armi died in 2002, while Danny is still alive and kicking.

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