Russia advances bill to take kids away from gay parents

Homophobic Russian lawmakers have moved ahead with their threat to attempt to pass legislation taking children away from gay parents.

Ironically, if you can call it that, the Russian lawmakers are basing their latest attack on gay people on a debunked gay-parenting “study” from last year that attempted to bash gay parenting when in fact the study didn’t really look at any kids who were brought up by gay parents.

The study is referred to as the Regnerus study, and an internal audit of the study found its conclusions to be “bullsh*t.”


Russia, like many homophobic countries, is now taking its cues from America’s gay-hating religious right, which is known for using fake-science to promote its anti-gay agenda.

Even Russia’s state-sponsored media is suspicious of the Regenerus study:

The study by Regnerus, an associate professor at the University of Austin and a practicing Christian, has sparked vehement debate in the sociological community and was formally condemned by the American Sociological Association as invalid earlier this year. Zhuravlyov’s note makes no mention of the controversy, but claim Regnerus’ findings were corroborated by unspecified independent experts.

RIA-Novosti says roughly two three million gay Russians could lose their children if the legislation becomes law.  Won’t that be embarrassing for the International Olympic Committee if the Russians start ethnically cleansing gay families right before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Then again, the IOC was okay with Hitler.

And yes, that Nazi analogy, sadly, becomes more just every day.

UPDATE: Interestingly, though not surprisingly, fallen Russian gay activist Nikolai Alexeyev doesn’t think the bill will pass.  Which may very likely mean that it will in fact pass.

You see, you have to keep in mind that Alexeyev claimed last Saturday, on the Kremlin-propaganda-network RT (aka Russia Today), that the anti-gay propananda law would not actually be applied in practice.  In fact, the next day it was applied in practice against a 24 y.o. Russian.

Also keep in mind that Alexeyev just suffered a horrific anti-Semitic meltdown in which he retweeted comments calling OUT magazine a “jewish slut magazine that supports jews and their filthy faggotry propaganda,” and OUT’s editor a “jewish pig” and “israeli monkey” (not that it matters, the editor isn’t Jewish).  Alexeyev also repeatedly referred to Jews as “yids” and then “kikes,” in English and Russian, and worried that the “Jewish mafia” was trying to control the world.  Finally, Alexeyev repeatedly tweeted and commented on Facebook about his apparently belief that Jewish vodka is made from distilled sperm.

This is just a sampling of Alexeyev’s ongoing anti-semitic meltdown:







Also casting doubts on Alexeyev’s credibility, he today criticized gay writer Jamie Kirchick for hijacking an RT segment in which Kirchick was supposed to talk about Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning, but instead famously slipped on a pair of rainbow suspenders (illegal under Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law) and proceeded to berate the state-journalists for their complicity in Russia’s state-sponsored homophobia.  Kirchick’s brave and rather inspired move was roundly applauded by everyone except the Kremlin and its apologists, and now Nikolai Alexeyev.


It’s difficult to lie about Alexeyev’s anti-semitism when we all have the screen shots to prove it.  Interestingly, Alexeyev has yet to apologize for, or even explain, his rabid anti-semitic outbursts.  The best anyone can get is a flat denial that they even occurred.  Sadly, we all witnessed it live, and have the screen shots prove it.

So take anything Nikolai Alexeyev has to say in the future with a huge grain of salt. Or better yet, just ignore him.

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