Pro-gay Aussie PM Rudd asked why he’s not a good Christian, gives great answer

A great Q&A by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd about gay marriage.

Rudd, who is reportedly deeply religious, recently changed his position on the issue – he’s now in favor of marriage equality – and the questioner, a “good Christian” pastor, wanted to know why Rudd doesn’t “believe the words of Jesus.”


Of course, as every good Christian knows, Jesus didn’t say boo about gays or homosexuality.  Not a word.

You won’t find a single quote from Jesus in the Bible about gays.  Which is interesting, since the anti-gay Christian right treat being gay as one of the top two or three “sins” they care about.  Yet, of all the things Jesus talks about in the Bible, somehow He “forgot” to mention gays.

Perhaps Jesus had early-onset Alzheimer’s.  Or maybe he was a JINO (Jesus In Name Only).

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