Russian gay activist Alexeyev has no memory of quitting LGBT movement 4 days ago

In a bizarre development to an already strange story, Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alexeyev now appears to have no memory of his erratic behavior of the past two weeks, specifically his Twitter announcement last Wednesday that he was quitting gay advocacy all together.

International concern about Alexeyev’s well-being raised to a fever pitch this week as his Facebook page and Twitter account became filled with an ongoing series of anti-American, anti-gay, and then finally anti-Semitic posts and tweets.  At one point, Alexeyev even published a Facebook post titled “Kidnapped,” along with three photos of himself, two partly naked and one completely naked from behind, seemingly intended to suggest that he had been abducted.

The apparent social media meltdown raised to a fever pitch this week after Alexeyev’s erratic behavior was criticized by former Russian emigre Michael Lucas, who is himself Jewish.  In response, Alexeyev retweeted a series of comments calling Lucas’s editor, who is not Jewish, a “jewish pig” and “israeli monkey,” and gay publication OUT magazine, which published Lucas’ op ed, a “jewish slut magazine that supports jews and their filthy faggotry propaganda.” (sic)  Alexeyev also repeatedly used the word “kike” in both English and Russian.


But it didn’t stop there.

On Friday, two days ago, Alexeyev again posted about Lucas, this time suggesting that Lucas’ support for an international boycott of Russian vodka (taken in response to Russia’s crackdown on its gay and trans citizens) was motivated by a desire to promote “Jewish vodka,” which Alexeyev says is distilled and purified through Jewish sperm.



At the same time, Alexeyev threatened to hire a “contract killer to kill” Lucas, which, oddly, did not lead Twitter to close Alexeyev’s account:


Next, in a seemingly endless series of Tweets, Alexeyev repeatedly declared that he had quit the LGBT rights movement entirely, as a result of the one critical article:

alexeyev-1 alexeyev-2

But then, in an appearance on a Kremlin-financed propaganda network last night, Alexeyev was asked about his departure from gay politics, and suggested that his resignation was a lie cooked up by “tabloids.”

NIKOLAI ALEXEYEV: First of all, I wanted to, you said that I’m going to resign.  I’m not going to resign anywhere.  I have so many cases pending at the European Court of Human Rights on violence against…

PRESENTER: But what about your position at the moment? Did you not publicly resign from Moscow Pride?

NIKOLAI ALEXEYEV: No, I’m not resigning anywhere. It’s clear that I’m going to continue my fight, and that’s what I’m doing for the last eight years, so….

PRESENTER: Why have we been misled by that? Why has it been indeed in the Moscow papers?

NIKOLAI ALEXEYEV: I think tabloids have to discuss something. That’s what they have been discussing for the last days, that I was hijacked, that I was tortured, that I have been harassed by everyone and so on.

In fact, it was a statement that Alexeyev himself posted repeatedly on Twitter.  Many of Alexeyev’s Facebook followers, who had read Alexeyev’s tweets resigning his leadership post, were visibly befuddled by the new denials.  They were equally confused by Alexeyev’s subsequent response, that perhaps his Facebook profile is not really him at all (which would then make the profile subject to a Facebook take-down order).


In fact, Facebook requires users to be who they say they are, or the account is closed.

Alexeyev also made clear during the appearance on the Kremlin-network that his erratic online behavior of the past two weeks was not in response to any Kremlin coercion, as previous thought.

Alexeyev has yet to respond to outrage over his recent anti-Semitic rants, which come on the heels of earlier concerns about his apparent anti-Semitism.  Even stranger, an international human rights organization, Human Rights First, has now invited Alexeyev to keynote a public conference call the organization is holding this coming Tuesday.  The invitation from Human Rights First came immediately after Alexeyev had called OUT magazine a “jewish slut magazine that supports jews and their filthy faggotry propaganda,” and right before he called Lucas a “jewish pig” and “israeli monkey.”

One wonders whether Human Rights First would have chosen to elevate someone who had made similar bigoted comments about, say, African-Americans.

For example, had Alexeyev tweeted the following, would he still have received an invitation from an international human rights group the next day:

– Calling Ebony a “black slut magazine that supports blacks and their filthy n*ggery propaganda.”

– And calling a black writer a “black pig” and “African monkey.”

And, if within hours of the invite, Alexeyev had suggested that African-Americans make vodka from their own semen, would he still be keynoting Tuesday’s “human rights” conference call?

I have my doubts.

Sadly, as a non-Jew, I’ve come to realize that there’s a double standard in some human rights circles for anti-semitism.  Being a racist would rightly get you banned from further contention as a human rights leader, regardless of how much good you’d done before.  (And likely being a homophobe would ban you as well.)

But when the victims are Jews, it seems that Human Rights First puts human rights second.

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