Meet the newest Kremlin lie about Obama’s successful meeting with LGBT activists

The latest spin (read: lie) from Moscow is that three activists boycotted President Obama’s meeting with Russian NGOs yesterday in St. Petersburg during the G20 summit.

Except of course, it’s a lie.  Anyone surprised?


The disinformation was disseminated by Russian former gay advocate Nikolai “Jews are kikes” Alexeyev, who suggested on Twitter and Facebook that three Russian activists – Ludmila Alekseeva, Lev Ponomarev, and Svetlana Gannushkina – were invited to the meeting, but refused to meet with President Obama, and thus President Obama left Russia in “disgrace.”



Oddly, if you bother actually clicking on the link that Alexeyev, who has been rather unstable the past three weeks (to put it lightly), links to as proof of his claim, you find out that the activists wanted to attend the meeting with Obama, but were unable to go because of a timing conflict: The meeting time and day kept changing to the point that they could no longer attend.

First, Ludmila Alekseeva:

The meeting was transferred many times and it has become almost impossible. We also buy tickets. Had we considered it very important that, you know – we do not overcome such difficulties. And in this case, I believe the meeting is a ritual . A similar meeting was already during U.S. Secretary – he also had to report back to Congress, which met with human rights activists. Ritual is a good thing, and if it happened in Moscow, we could come.

Note that Ludmila says “we” – she’s speaking for all of them.

Next, Svetlana Gannushkina:

Today in St. Petersburg will host a meeting of representatives of civil society in Russia with U.S. President Barack Obama. I also was invited to the meeting, but was forced to abandon it because the day of the meeting and I was transferred following ports are important to me the business of protecting workers related to the participation of other parties.

The translation is a bit hinky, but it’s clear that Gannushkina is saying that she was forced to not attend because of the day that was chosen for the meeting.

And while Ponomarev would appear to be covered by Alekseeva’s “we,” in any case, there’s nothing from him online that I can find suggesting that there was any other reason for him not attending.

In other words, yet again, embattled former gay activist Nikolai Alekseyev is alleging something that isn’t true, and his misinformation just so happens to inure to the benefit of the Kremlin.  Whether it’s because Alexeyev is “being used as a spokesperson by the Kremlin,” as Russian journalist Masha Gessen now believes, no one really knows.  Here’s what Gessen told Mike Signorile yesterday:

“I have great respect for some of the work Nikolai Alexeyev has done in the past,” Gessen said, offering her beliefs on what might have happened to him. “And I have had disagreements with him on many occasions in the past. What I do know is that he’s given every sign of working for the Kremlin right now. Whether he was coerced or blackmailed into doing that through threat of arrest, which exists, through the search of his apartment, which occurred, or seduced by money, at this point he’s being used as a spokesperson by the Kremlin.” (Alexeyev declined a request for an interview.)

What we do know is that the Alexeyev Rule holds true for yet another day: If he says it, believe the opposite.

Follow me on Twitter: @aravosis | @americablog | @americabloggay | Facebook | Instagram | Google+ | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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  • pappyvet

    It figures. I hope the Russians never talk to our Oil and Gas companies to find out how the pros do it.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Right wingers will have trouble distinguishing between the two, likely because they lack the political skills to do so.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Stalking is not political, it’s just personal hatred spewed on the web. You do it repeatedly. It offers no solutions, just an outlet for you hatred.
    This is stalking – olandp Rob Dowdy – The point he is trying to make is that he is a maroon, but he can’t spell it. LOL 4 [— Bill_Perdue olandp –
    No politics, just personal attacks. You have to be a Democrat and an Obama supporter. If you weren’t you might actually have some political ideas to post that you weren’t ashamed of.”

    You’re a stalker.

    Democrats of all flavors, Republicans and Tea Party types are united in their hatred of the left. We take it as a complement.

  • Butch1

    Many POWs are forced to say things that they do not believe so they can survive. One has to remember that and still respect them and not what they are saying. Remember what they used to say when they were still free to say it and not silenced by the huge Hammer & Sickle that Russia is bringing back into their government. Our own government is really not very far behind with our own Black Sites and detention camps at the ready, we just haven’t put them to use but we’ve seen the police state in action in every city and if there is ever Martial Law ordered you can bet that the Military will be worse with Indefinite Detention. I’m sure there must be a list of the “Trouble Makers”; every president has had one.

  • olandp

    No you moron, they’re not the same, why don’t you look it up. While you’re at it look up “stalker” there is a picture of you.

  • Leota2


  • Moderator3

    Fellas, I really think it’s time to tone it down.

  • Rob Dowdy

    Backpedal from what?

    How do you know for whom or whether I voted? Simple question. Answer it.

    Also, if a socialist endorses something and yet can’t field a candidate, does it make a sound?

  • Bill_Perdue

    Too late to backpedal now. Socialists are kept off the ballot in most cases and when we do run it’s to educate and organize.

    We don’t endorse mass murder, union busting and attacks on the Bill of Rights.

  • Rob Dowdy

    How do you know for whom or whether I voted? Surely you don’t just … assume?

  • Bill_Perdue
  • Rob Dowdy

    Close enough. I knew I could count on you! :)

    Edit: One day do you think we’ll be close enough that I’ll get to see your manifesto? I bet it’s magnificent.

  • Bill_Perdue

    More personal attacks.

    Obama is a mad dog warmonger, a anti-union scab, a supporter of NDAA, FISA and the Paytriot Act and his orders led to the racist murders of at least four US citizens. He want’s to gut Social Security and Medicare. Virtually all of that was clear well before the last election.

    Those who voted for Obama in 2012 knew that or they shouldn’t have voted.

  • Bill_Perdue

    It’s your self description. Live with it. White, Southern yellow dog Democrats are Dixiecrats.

    Quit stalking.

  • Rob Dowdy

    I know, I know.

    But, 1) I don’t particularly care for Obama’s politics and actions on lots of things, but on gay issues I think he’s doing a damn fine job … of course, when it comes to our fearless leader, anything short of snarling hatred of a generally deranged and thoroughly tedious sort is never enough for you; and, 2) I was going to respond seriously but then I saw that John had taken you out behind the woodshed and explained a few things already, so … I figured I’d do what you do when you run out of things to say: post some random pictures (I know, I know, I didn’t use bloody, mutilated corpses the way you do, sorry!) and generally make a pest of myself.

    So I guess what I’m saying is … do you remember that old anti-drug PSA? Well, I learned it from watching you, Bill! I learned it from watching you!

    Now, if you don’t mind, please call me a mass-murdering fool who supports the wholesale slaughter of civilians (you’ve accused me in the past of that exact thing, so don’t deny it) and a warmonger so I can go have my dinner in peace knowing all is right with the world. Pretty please?

  • Bill_Perdue

    Obama did ever so much more than that reprobate Harding.

  • Bill_Perdue


  • Rob Dowdy

    Always looking for the dark cloud behind that silver lining, aren’t you?

    Might I humbly suggest these possible alternate avatar photos?

    I know there’s no way you can add the Debbie Downer “womp-womp” sound effect to complete the effect, but that’s okay, I already hear it in my head every time I see your name anyway.

  • olandp

    Do I have to point out to you Bill that “yellow dog Dixiecrat” is an oxymoron?

    I have never described my self as a Dixiecrat, that is your slur. In my world them are fightin’ words, but only if they were to come from someone who’s opinion I respect. You really don’t merit notice.

  • “panders miniscule” Oh, the visuals—-they burn.

  • Yep, the Vodka variable does seem present.

  • Oh honey, please climb off that cross, we need the nails and lumber for a real platform.

  • Bill_Perdue

    “Sorry Bill, he hasn’t broken all of his promises to us.”

    I disagree entirely.

    He and the Democrat Congressional leadership promised to fight for DOMA repeal and the passage of ENDA and didn’t.

    He promised to sign an administrative ENDA for federally contracted workers and refuses to do so.

    He raised the question of LGBT rights in Russia for the same reason he rebranded on marriage, to get support (now for Hillary Clinton) and money. It’s a very minor thing at best and will not, like all his ‘fierce’ advocacy change basic policy. The Supremes did that for marriage and If Putin begins to back down it won’t be because of Obama but increasing international pressure.

    I do have an animus towards all Democrat and Republican office holders. They’re the enemy.

  • Bill_Perdue

    I’m not demented. I’m a socialist.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Gary began with a personal attack, just as you did today and in the past. Your every comment is personal, you initiate the discussion and you ignore the political points I make. You’re a self described yellow dog Dixiecrat. You stalk me with personal attacks because you’re afraid that political attacks will reveal your right wing politics.

    There are others but two are enough to prove that you’re laying and whining when you get caught.

    When you have something real to say get back to us.

  • Only someone with dementia would think that.

  • Bill_Perdue

    By strident you mean leftist.

  • Sorry to say, after seeing these irrational outbursts from the likes of Alekseev, it’s clear he’s been “gotten to” by the Kremlin, probably with threats to his family. The public face of LGBT in Russia has therefore been eliminated. It’s underground from here on in, inside Russia, and they can post and read their news from Western sites, for as long as their government doesn’t block all access to LGBT news sources.

  • Yeah, I saw that. Interestingly, the NYT decided not to call any of us who were actually behind the boycott, including Queer Nation, though the reporter oddly had no problem quoting their press release, but not actually calling. Anyway, had he called he would found out that the boycott wasn’t about impacting Stoli’s bottom line, it was about blowing this story up worldwide from obscurity. And voila, mission accomplished :)

  • Rubbish. Obama could have simply said “no comment” on ANY LGBT issues, and at worst, lose our vote – 5-10% of the population.

    He could have remained just as electable, and arguably even MORE electable if he had simply left DADT in place, and had spoken AGAINST Marriage Equality, and NOT issued the White House Memorandum on LGBT RIghts, NOT sent Hillary Clinton to deliver her 30 minute address at the United Nations, proclaiming LGBT Rights are Human Rights, NOT recorded several “It Gets Better” videos, not condemned the Russian “Homosexual Propaganda Law”, AND if had defended DOMA.

    I am not usually a fan of Argumentum Ad Hominem, but you really are an ungrateful wretch, possibly part of the explanation as to why there is so much homophobia in the first place.

  • Leota2

    So basically you are saying that like no president before him president Obama was “forced” to get rid of DADT, DOMA and come out for gay marriage because of . . . . . what? Because in this country there are a lot of people who disagree with him. So why and how was he forced to do this? I’ve heard this kind of cognitive dissonance before—-and it is very disturbing.

  • JayRandal

    What can I say guy about past Presidents? Society and them were opposed to Gay Rights. Now majority of Americans are becoming OK about it. Obama has
    only done anything by being forced to do it.

  • Evidence please? Sources?

  • You didn’t name the president who did more for LGBT than Obama and his administration.

  • JayRandal

    Well John you post repeatedly about persecution in Russia which is horrible.
    But It’s happening here in US too just not reported by press very often. What
    is happening in Russia is a backlash pogrom against Gays. A far-right minister
    in US recently said Gays who marry should die. Put a thread up on that perhaps.

  • Tom Chicago

    strange goings-on.

  • JayRandal

    Obama is a militarist but not a member of KKK > I understand your joke about it.
    Actually whenever I tell anyone about KKK in Florida they scoff. It is a true story.

  • JayRandal

    I know who my enemies are > homophobes. I do not consider Obama a friend
    of anybody other than Military-Industrial-Complex profiteers and Wall Street firms. My difficult past as you put it is not just mine alone. Consider yourself
    lucky if you have avoided persecution of any kind. I believe in equal rights for
    Gays and everybody else.

  • JayRandal

    I beg to differ John but I can understand your perspective of it. Obama said as he came into office to make him to do good things. You could claim that yourself
    and others finally forced Obama to act on Gay rights issues. Most of what he has done is superficial in scope. Problem is like in Russia: Rights can be rolled
    back whenever homophobes take over. Persecution of Gays still exists in US in
    some states worse than others. I was born and raised in California where it’s more liberal than where I live now in Georgia. Florida the worst I have seen,
    because before living there I thought KKK just went after Blacks. Had no clue
    they hated Gays just as much. Gives me a different perspective to have seen
    persecution first hand. Grechev guy in Russia getting a pie smashed into his
    face could have been me in St. Augustine years ago. Could have been done
    to my younger partner. Could still happen to me in Georgia if not watchful.

  • MyrddinWilt

    He may be arrested and in some gulag somewhere. If so the authorities could not risk letting him out again.

    But it is also very likely that the Russian consumption of alcohol plus being a bigot is the cause.

  • Sorry Bill, he hasn’t broken all of his promises to us. Gay rights isn’t a checklist, it’s a totality. Did DOMA get repealed, no. Is DOMA on life support, and this president helped in court, and in the public arena, yes. All of the federal benefits gay partners are now getting is a huge deal. A republican president would have found a way to circumvent it. His statements in support of marriage, a huge deal. His raising the gay issue with Putin, A HUGE MOTHER F’G DEAL. A farce? I’m sorry, but that’s just bitterness talking. It’s a huge deal when the president of the United States raises our issues on the international stage, it’s a huge deal that when canceling his summit with Putin he mentioned our issues as part of the reason, and it’s a huge deal that he met with what are basically modern-day dissidents, and it’s a huge deal that he included LGBT groups in that meeting. As with the other guy above, I think you simply have some animus against the President, possibly because of some other issue you don’t agree on, and you’re trying to port it over to the gay rights area, and it’s just not going to fly. Can the President do more? Yep. And we’re going to push him to do more. But ever since DADT got repealed he finally became the fierce advocate he promised and we wanted. And if anything, the fact that he’s been SO good on gay stuff causes a bit of a conundrum for Democrats because a lot feel he hasn’t been very good on much else, so as a gay Democrat we feel almost divided between elation and disappointment – elation on how well he’s done for us, and disappointment on how he may have done on other pet issues. But don’t let that conundrum be confused with not having done great stuff on gay stuff, because he has. I just don’t even thin it’s debatable any more.

  • No, it’s Obama’s fault. He is a secret member of the KKK or something.

  • I don’t find socialist views ‘strident’. I find you to be strident. As would Desmond Tutu – you know, a representative of a ‘cult’ as you like to say. Same for that cultist Martin Luther King Jr. I’m sure there is a clinical diagnosis for someone with an ego so large that they extend themselves as being a representative of socialist ideals and having an exaggerated sense of importance/relevance.

  • And as for Medicare and Syria, your question was about whether Obama has come through on gay rights. And he has. That has nothing to do with whether we’re happy about Medicare, Syria, the NSA or anything else, because the question was gay rights.

  • He definitely has Internet access. And he knows reporters. The bigger problem is if your mom is being threatened, you might not leak it to anyone. Bottom line is that something happened 3 weeks ago, and whatever it was, as Masha Gessen notes, it now means that his message it counterproductive and has to be ignored (and countered). Here’s Masha:

    “I have great respect for some of the work Nikolai Alexeyev has done in the past,” Gessen said, offering her beliefs on what might have happened to him. “And I have had disagreements with him on many occasions in the past. What I do know is that he’s given every sign of working for the Kremlin right now. Whether he was coerced or blackmailed into doing that through threat of arrest, which exists, through the search of his apartment, which occurred, or seduced by money, at this point he’s being used as a spokesperson by the Kremlin.” (Alexeyev declined a request for an interview.)

  • olandp

    I’d put my money on Bill Perdue for the down votes.

  • olandp

    I guess it is your turn today Gary wait till he calls you a right wing stalker and Dixiecrat! I was thinking he really is Miss Culter.

  • Will Kohler

    Nikolai Alexeyev is a joke now. Its easy to boycott something that you weren’t invited to in the first place

  • Bill_Perdue

    I’m never compassionate with warmongers and union busters or those who enable them.

    People will learn, sooner or later, that voting for Democrats (and Republicans) is voting for the enemy. In the meantime we’re stuck with Clintons depression, Bushes DOMA, Obama’s mass unemployment and his wrecking operations on entitlements and the Bill of Rights. Too bad if you find socialist views strident.

    A post on or read a large number of blogs and every where the number of principled anti-capitalist leftists is growing, and so is anti-war, anti-cult and pro-union sentiment. On all of them a trend is becoming clear – more and more people see socialist ideas as relevant. They also see the right and right centrists as the enemy and see the center as irrelevant. That trend will grow and grow as Clinton’s Long Depression deepens and Obama’s wars go on and on.

  • Hue-Man
  • Just to be clear – because of your stridency, you’ve never ‘pointed out’ anything at all to me. For the record, I was (and continue to be) critical of Obama early on, starting with his treasury/fiscal appointments.

    You often quote Desmond Tutu, and yet you have learned nothing from him about being a compassionate human being.

  • Bill_Perdue

    I’m waiting for more news on what Obama did or did not say. He’s broken all his promises to us – ENDA, DOMA repeal, an administrative ENDA for federally contracted workers, etc., except for DADT, which has more to do with filling the ranks for cannon fodder than it does with employment discrimination.

    I doubt he was any more a fierce advocate for our Russian brothers and sisters but a transcript of the meeting should give us an answer. I just hope these activists are not harmed after the news dies down but there are no real signs that Putin is backing off. His invitation for people to come see him and his statement that he and United Russia and not bigots is a farce.

  • Name ANYONE, let alone the President, who is this powerful who has done as much, let alone more than Barack Obama.

    The President is elected to represent ALL Americans, not just the gays. He could have done nothing whatsoever, like Bush, and not even said the word “gay” or LGBT, and been just as electable, maybe even more so, considering his stance for same sex marriage alienated half of America.

    I appreciate you had a difficult past, we all did, but when it comes to knowing who’s your friend and who’s your enemy, you have no idea.

  • True enough, but to get the word out though, you’d still have to use the internet, or “The Free Press”, which doesn’t exist in Russia.

  • I feel like we’re having a debate as to whether the sun is purple. If you really think it is purple, nothing I can say is going to dissuade you. Most serious observers agree that on gay rights Obama has come through, though on other issues your mileage will vary. As for persecution, why should I post about that? I’m not opposed to it, but everything we post goes up for a reason. Usually because its something that just happened. I do agree that younger gays don’t know how good they have it as compared to the old days, but I’d have to think about how to weave that in. That’s part of the problem with the increase of HIV in younger gays, IMHO, having your friends die is a powerful motivator for both safer sex and political activism.

  • I’ve learned to believe my eyes and not a title :-) so far I’ve seen one person. And honestly I don’t care if someone was disappointed. That’s not a judge if how good the meeting was or whether obama did or didn’t do a good job, whether one activist was satisfied. It’s our job not to be satisfied.

  • Bill_Perdue

    It’s not a popularity contest. Now that Obama has largely exposed himself as a mad dog warmonger, as a promoter of a police state and a union buster even worse than Walker and his ilk people are beginning to change.

    I welcome those changes and hope that people learn from them and don’t get sucked in to the coming election hysteria regarding the next pair of evils (lesser)s – Hillary Clinton vs the Republican evil (lesser).

    Lots of people get angry when I point out that they’re enablers of Obama right wing policies and that if they voted form him they own them. Tough. The truth is the truth. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Desmond Tutu

  • We disagree about Obamacare. While I support ‘single payer’ I didn’t think it was possible to pass at the time. Given that reality, I support what we did get (no caps, no pre-existing conditions, another 30 million people insured, and the beginnings of caps on rates) and hope that it will be tweaked so much that we do end up with socialized medicine.

    We DO AGREE about Obama regarding the ‘warmongering’ (as you call it), the wiretaps, Chelsea Manning, Snowden, fiscal policy, etc., BUT because we disagree – by a few degrees – on a few issues, I’ve been subjected to your vile posts, that have said that I support wars, am a union buster, etc.

    Being as strident as you are, I’m sure you were popular on college debate teams. But you are lousy at thoughtful discussion.

  • Bill_Perdue

    I listened. You voted for him, you defend his policies like his attack on socialized medicine, etc.

  • I’ve been incredibly critical of Obama. You just don’t listen.

  • If someone was impersonating you on the Internet and ruining your reputation, don’t you think you’d try to get the word out to someone that this was happening?

  • Bill_Perdue

    Stirring the pot, Gary. Pathetic.

    I use that where and when it’s appropriate. John Aravosis has been critical of both Clinton and Obama but I do disagree with him about many things. I’ve never been shy about pointing them out.

    Thanks for the personal attack. It’s in character.

  • Bill_Perdue

    According to Euronews “Gay activists in Russia say they have been left disappointed after a meeting with US President Obama…” Even though they only interviewed one person, they used the plural form for ‘activists’.

    If I run across a full compilation of Obama comments I’ll let you know.

    I remain unimpressed by anything Obama is reputed to have done for us. I am more focused on his persecution of whistle blowers, his mad dog warmongering, his union busting and his putting the finishing touches on the American police state.

  • JayRandal

    Oh really John you think President Obama has done a lot for Gays? He just did a tad to get some votes for last election. He promised to do what you credit him for when he first came into office in 2009. Has he done more than Bush Junior did? Yes because Dubya did nothing for Gays. Clinton by signing Defense of Marriage Act did a bad thing, but I sent faxes to him after Matthew Shepherd was murdered to do something and he did.

    As for caring or not caring that has been Obama’s problem about everything. He didn’t care enough to pass and sign into law Medicare-for-all instead procurement of insurance or be fined act. He doesn’t give a hoot about Americans rejecting attack on Syria. He is shallow on most everything else. Him rocking on Gay stuff pretty slim but better than nothing you might say.

    John I wish you would put up a thread on persecution of Gays nationwide in US past and present. Older Gays like myself actually got persecuted. KKK threatened to kill me when I lived in St. Augustine, Florida, because I was one of promoters for displaying rainbow flags on bridge of Lions to celebrate Gay Pride event. KKK threatened violence so city council rejected display of flags. Younger Gays need refreshment of what could happen to them. Thanks if you do it.

  • emjayay

    Obama is a head of state of a big important country. He met with some activists, at least those who could make it. (The excuses of the others seemed a bit flimsy and vague, but who knows.) There is only so much a person in his position can say and do, and he didn’t have to do what he did. Having the meeting was a big statement in itself.

  • It will be interesting to see if Bill unloads his usual ‘you are an Obamabot and you support his union busting, waring agenda’ rant on you John. He does it all over the blogsphere, but I suspect that because this is your blog, he won’t. I support everyone’s right to their opinion. But Bill is more like Ann Coulter than someone who wants to engage in thoughtful debate.

  • I saw the video. It was one guy. Translating and paraphrasing what Obama said. I’d be curious to hear what Obama actually said. Having said that, one activist was disappointed. Ok. Still freaking rocked that Obama did this.

  • Well I think it’s clear the WH wouldn’t put someone acting this bizarrely and anti-semitically within a mike I the president.

  • Mark it’s hard to know but I think more and more people feel he’s been coopted by the kremlin, though that doesn’t preclude these being his honest sentiments. Both are possible.

  • No offense but that’s just stupid. He has now officially done a shitload. As for whether he cares about us, I didn’t for him to care. I voted for him to get rid of dadt, sign hate crimes law, come out for marriage, stop defending doma an more. And he’s done a ton of it. Fault the man on other issues If you like but on gay stuff he’s rather rocked.

  • Mark_in_MN

    I wonder why the assumption that his Facebook and Twitter accounts actually reflect him. At least the entries that John has been posting sound so much like propaganda, is it possible that he’s not simply been co-opted, but that others now control those accounts for nefarious purposes?

  • JayRandal

    Obama really only panders miniscule to Gays. He could care less what happens to them in Russia. He has not done much for Gays in US neither.

  • Every manifestation of his makes your case entirely likely. I would posit that a drunken sociopath is doubly awful. Even more so than a Putin enabling down arrow! :-)

  • Anonymous

    I think he lies mostly to bring the attention back onto himself. I don’t know if he’s coerced, so much as manipulating the media.

  • Bill_Perdue

    “Gay activists in Russia say they have been left disappointed after a meeting with US President…”

    Join the crowds of American GLBT activists.

    Euronews – “Euronews is a European, multilingual news television channel, headquartered in Lyon-Écully, France. Created in 1993, it claims to be covering world news from a Pan-European perspective.” Wiki

  • StraightGrandmother

    I agree with you that the end result it makes no difference. However since I am the first person who posited the Drunk on his Ass theory, it is of interest to me, as a side issue.

  • StraightGrandmother

    As things have unfolded, doesn’t my theory seem more plausible than not?

    People were saying psychotic break, I analyzed it and instead came up with 3 sheets to the wind narcissist drunk on his ass. A drunken anger against that guy in New York who was taking his “importance” away from him. I’d make book he hits the Stoli more than is healthy to do so.

    And who in the Hell is down voting us?

  • Personally, that’s how I see Alexeyev, mostly.

    Whatever it is, if it involves him and his efforts and decisions, it’s perfect. If it’s anybody else and doesn’t involve him, he’s (metaphorically) screaming “YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!” at the top of his lungs.

    But I’m also believing now he’s been compromised by the Russian government. Whether it’s by blackmail, threats, or pay-offs, it almost doesn’t matter. What does matter is he’s clearly no longer a credible leader or voice for the LGBT movement in Russia or anywhere else.

    Actually, right now, he’s reminding me of the gay leaders in the U.S. back in the 90s who tried to convince the community that DADT and DOMA were actually good to have been passed. Some said it was because those laws gave us big targets to fight against, but the worst ones tried to suggest they were terrific laws because technically gays and lesbians could serve in the military and DOMA didn’t actually outlaw same sex marriage at the state level.

    Alexeyev has been saying the same kinds of things about Russia’s new pogrom-enabling laws. “Oh they won’t be enforced.” “Oh they’re actually a good thing.” Yadda-yadda…

  • In vino veritas, is my thinking, if your theory is true.

    Or perhaps the Russian version:
    Что у трезвого на уме, то у пьяного на языке — What sober has in his mind the drunk one has on his tongue.

  • bill

    I advocated for GLBT students in a capital city school district. Sadly, often the biggest interference came from G&L people who claimed to be “leaders” of the community. They obstructed progress, denied help, sided with the homophobic opposition, and when we finally won, and the kids were covered by school policy, they began crowing about its not being possible without their efforts. I see the russian guy in that same light. Either some pressure is being exerted on him that he cannot reveal, or his jealousie of the work of others is having him act stupid.

  • What difference does it make. No difference. He is a growing danger to the Russian GLTBQ communities of Russia and has become a Putin collaborator.

  • Alexeyev = ZERO. The math is that simple.

  • StraightGrandmother

    Thank you Becca. I’m not on Facebook. So we see him on Facebook and tweeting out last night at 11:30pm Moscow time. See I told you, he is drunk. In his drunkenness the lies and deceit come out. When you are drunk you think you can get away with the lie. The Stoli makes numbs him from rational actions.

  • I went to Alexeyev’s FB page — looks like about 24 hours ago.

  • StraightGrandmother

    John, you grabbed a screen capture of the Facebook messages. I would like to know what time, Moscow time those messages were posted? Thank you in advance for noodling this out.

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