Make it stop (video)

I don’t know if this is the worst music video I’ve ever seen, but it certainly ranks up there.


This seems to be their version of “Non So Piu Cosa Son Cosa Faccio,” one of the songs from Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro.”

Just wow.

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  • pappyvet

    I’ll be right back,I have to go wash my eyes and ears with bleach now.

  • Danny Ray Snow

    Let’s go to the bridge once more so this time I can jump.

  • buddy

    Hey! I like it. One chick with her head stuck onto all those hot bodies. Obviously an homage to the late, great Robert Palmer.

  • :-)

  • slideguy

    Do I want a translation, or would that ruin it?

  • HAHA!

  • Bulgarian Disco?

  • Cross between Howdy Doodie and Cowboy Bob.

  • Died and went to Barbie.

  • Run, Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

  • “They have curiously trashy television programs” True, but don’t hold a candle to Mexican TV.

  • Bcre8ve

    Sure they do – but they all have dead parrots in them.

  • I believe the Flemish are to blame for this, not the Italians,

  • 2$? Where?

  • AngelaChanning

    Now John, I rather liked it but then again, I live in a city where a junkie will come up and offer you a bj for $2, while urine comes out of his pants leg. :-)

  • Kevin Perez

    The guitar solo left me breathless. Jimi Hendrix never had so much soul. The fact that he was able to execute that guitar solo exactly the same way about 40 times would earn the envy of Eddie Van Halen.

  • Yet I could not stop watching all the way to the end. I’m glad I wasn’t tripping. You have to admit, however, the girl rocks that dress.

  • Indigo

    That’s quite a discovery! I didn’t know the Department of Silly Walks made videos.

  • Indigo

    Is that a Barilla ad?

  • HeartlandLiberal

    I think Mozart would approve heartily of this video production. I certainly do. I suspect the director is also a Robert Plant fan. This video makes Mozart simply irresistible.

  • Bookbinder

    Lovely. Sounds exactly like the Muzak in my local Asian seafood market.

    Italians messing around with Mozart, eh.

    What key is that, exactly? Not the original.

    So this is what Barbie is up to 40 years later.

    Reminds me of my cousin, the real estate lady.
    Didn’t get her drag in Milan, did she?
    That ring of fire thing…is it a hemorrhoids commercial?

  • That was choreography? I thought it was drug-induced convulsions.

  • DRoseDARs

    Her eyes. They’re looking in opposite directions. Opposite directions.

  • FLL

    I think you have a winner. This video is borderline torture.

  • FLL

    A fascinating entry, if only for his eyes, which strike the observer as more robotic than human. This video looks like it comes from the fairly distant future: the first horrifically unsuccessful attempt to create a robot with human-like actions and facial expressions.

  • FLL

    Yes, this video is a strong contender. The choreography is from the very pit of hell.

  • Oh, c’mon. What about Mr. Trololo (aka, the incomparable Eduard Khil, may he rest in peace)?

  • bkmn

    So this is what all the Cindy McCain clones/Stepford wives are up to now…

  • AndrewMilner

    No, it’s not as bad a video as this:

  • Island In The Sky

    OMG, John – at first I thought it was (ick!) Orly Taitz!

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