Leopard cub kills baboon, then tries to adopt its baby (video)

A remarkable, and sad, video of a leopard cub that kills a baboon only to discover that it was a mother, and that its one-day old baby baboon was hiding in its fur.

But rather than eat the young, the leopard cub ignores its kill, the mother, and starts tending to the baby, even defending it against a hyena.


The story doesn’t end terribly well, the baby baboon died from the cold, but still it’s remarkable to watch the leopard suddenly become so maternal to the baby whose mother it just killed.

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  • jomicur

    Kind of gives a whole new meaning to “random acts of kindness,” doesn’t it?

  • S1AMER

    “Nature red in tooth and claw” can sometimes be hard for us sentimental humans to bear.

  • HelenRainier

    This certainly tugs on all the heartstrings. My eyes are filled with tears.

  • quax

    Doesn’t take pheromones. It’s visual. All mammals are wired to react to a baby schema.

  • I think this is merely more proof that many animals are far smarter and more compassionate than most people give them credit for.

  • Elliott

    Do you think there’s a baby “pheromone”?

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