Jon Stewart on how Navy Yard shooter was f’g crazy but still bought a gun

This is a must-see. Jon Stewart walks through all the background we had on the Washington, DC Navy Yard shooter, all the “crazy” on the guy over the past ten years.

This included the family reporting that he suffered from “mental illness” for a decade.” ¬†Twice he was arrested in “minor shooting incidents,” including shooting in an apartment, and harassing a construction worker by shooting out his tires. ¬†The last shooting case led to his being discharged from the Navy Reserves, but that still wasn’t enough to stop him from getting a gun.

Then, last month he called police to say that he was hearing voices, people were stalking him, and using a microwave to send vibrations into his body.

But Stewart goes on to note that none of this would be enough to prohibit him from buying a gun.

But he STILL was permitted to buy a gun a few days ago and go on a killing spree on a US military base.


Jon Stewart:

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