My dog Sasha playing with sis’ pooch Carmela (video)

We’ve not seen a lot from Carmela the Wonder Dog, my sister’s yorkie-poo, of late.

Carmela is doing fine in Chicago at the ripe old age of 7 or so. Sasha, my yorkie-bichon (who’s 3 and a half), has been staying with my sister, and Carmela, while I’ve been in France. And my sister has been sending me video updates of how Sasha has been faring.


Sasha gets along great with Carmela – the two play all the time, which is just great. It’s good exercise for them – my sister has a big backyard – and it’s nice to just give them a chance to socialize with other dogs.

It’s also nice that they get along – Sasha is pretty easy-going, she gets along with my mom’s dog too. Though it’s certainly not every dog that she wants to play with.

Oh, and just fyi, Sasha is the apricot looking one, Carmela is more cream colored (with a silver back). As a puppy, Carmela was dark black and dark brown with some cream, but she changed.   Sasha as a puppy was dark apricot with black highlights and some cream.  Then Sasha went all cream with just a spot of apricot on her back, and now she’s turned super apricot again over her back.  I believe it’s the yorkie in them that can lead to color changes.  It’s a bit odd, but the color is nice.

Sasha, you might note in each video, is always aware of who’s around her, in this case my sister filming them.

Anyway, enjoy.

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