Dog catches 11 pound, 32 inch fish (video)

This dog is amazing. Apparently he’s caught around ten fish over the past year, and this time his owner just happened to be filming when the dog got a 32 inch, 11 pound fish.


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  • RWG

    Striped Bass don’t live in ponds. The oxygen levels are too low and stripers are open water predators. It’s a carp of some type.

  • RWG

    It’s a carp of some variety. Largemouth bass don’t have such an elongated body.

  • Looks like one of those invasive Asian carp species.

  • Hard to tell exactly because the resolution is so poor. I was thinking ‘striped bass’, but I can’t see the scales clearly enough.

  • Number Six

    They should have named the dog “Bear”!

  • Time to get out the Bass-o-matic!

  • Indigo

    As BeccaM said, a bass. Possibly a large mouth bass. At first I thought it might be a catfish because of the width of the mouth but it doesn’t have whiskers so . . . maybe it’s a bass.

  • Indigo

    Good dog!

  • Looks like a type of bass, but I could be mistaken.

  • Island In The Sky


  • StraightGrandmother

    I wonder what kind of Fish it is.

  • I think my father would’ve referred to that sort of dog as, “Definitely a keeper.”

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