Dan Savage in This American Life (video)

Dan Savage – writer, humorist, sex advice columnist, and gay activist – appears on This American Life, talking about growing up gay, and Catholic, and about the death of his mother a few years back and how it changed him.


This video is considered a Dan Savage classic.  I’d never seen it before. It’s terribly moving.

I’ve written before about Dan, and my great respect, and fondness, for him (I also interviewed Dan Savage on a Google Hangout on Air a few months ago about his new book, “American Savage.”)  I met Dan, virtually, back in 2000 while working on StopDrLaura.com, our campaign against Dr. Laura Schlessinger and her anti-gay prejudice.  Dan contacted me out of nowhere and offered to help.  And he did.

That was the beginning of a long working friendship that was finally consummated over dinner at a Thai/Japanese place just off of Dupont Circle in DC a few years back, and Dan was as fun and fascinating in person as he is by phone.  Just a wonderful friend to us all.  I can’t gush enough about the guy.  (And yeah, he really is that cute in person.)

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