Catholic archbishop says Satan is pushing for gay marriage

It’s difficult to find an organization as corrupt and hateful as the Catholic church.

I never had issues with the Catholic church, grew up with Catholics on the south Side of Chicago, and never fully understood why some of my gay politics friends (who are, or were, themselves Catholics) are so down on the Catholic church.

I get it now.


If you follow the Catholic church’s various meanderings, from gay-bashing, to women-oppressing, to child-raping, after a while you get a decidedly bad taste about the entire thing.

Let me put it this way: How many organizations do you support that have a chronic problem with raping young children, and then refusing to address the problem? For most people, the answer is “none.”

You don’t even need to get into the Catholic church’s ongoing, hateful, almost aggressively mean anti-gay advocacy. And you don’t even need to get into the Catholic church’s treatment of women, which up until the mid 1990s included forced slave labor.

Show of hands: Who has recently supported an organization that up until recently had slaves?  Come on, don’t be shy.

So, considering all of that, considering the fact that the Catholic church let its cardinal down in Costa Rica recently call gays “faggots,” and apparently did absolutely nothing about it, we shouldn’t be surprised that yet again this borderline criminal enterprise is bashing gays.

At this point, I’d be worried that something was physically wrong with the Catholic leadership if it actually did something in accordance with Christ and His teachings.

So I’m not surprised that the Catholic archbishop of Minneapolis, John Nienstedt, thinks that Satan is behind the push for gay marriage (you can even watch Nienstedt’s speech, if you’re so inclined).

These are people who think that raping children isn’t necessarily a job-disqualifier for working with kids in the future.

People who think you don’t punish priests who rape kids, you punish priests who blow the whistle on priests who rape kids.

People who didn’t shy from appearing to threaten violence to counter the gay marriage wave in France recently.

People who think the rape of children is nothing to apologize for.

I could go on.

But I won’t.

I will say this.  If Satan really wanted a foothold on earth, he wouldn’t choose a minority still fighting for simple equality. He’d pretend to be God’s own messenger.

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