When a cop slaps a child is it an outrage, or just Outrage, Inc? (video)

This is a video of a police officer removing a child from his mother after a former boyfriend had reportedly obtained custody.

In the video, the ten year old boy bites the cop, and the cop slaps him (though not that hard, by the looks of it), and onlookers, including someone with a camera, are besides themselves with outrage.


My BS meter went off, so I did some googling, and here’s the rest of the story.

1. The “former boyfriend” is the child’s father. That’s a tad more than a “former boyfriend” of the mother.
2. The mother had been holding the boy, illegally, for several years against a court order. That’s called kidnapping. And the court order gives the mother no visiting rights, so it would be interesting to hear the details of exactly what happened to make the court decide that way.
3. Officers believe the boy has never attended school, and is illiterate. That’s called child abuse.

As for the outrage over the “slap,” I think some folks’ outrage-meter is a tad jumpy. The boy was hardly tased – hell, he was hardly slapped either, if you actually watch the video. (Would they have preferred the cop handcuff the kid?)

In fact, the cops did a darn good job in a difficult situation – child custody matters can’t be easy, and you always have to be respectful of the fact that the kid likely has no idea what’s actually going on.  If you watch the whole video, the police were incredibly restrained with everyone. And the mother, who had reportedly kidnapped the kid, was hardly helping matters any.

As for the crowd watching, this is a perfect example of why it’s good to look for the rest of the story before just assuming “outrage.” Sometimes outrage is justified. Sometimes it’s not.  If anything, the police are lucky they had the video to disprove false allegations of how they handled the situation.

Anyway, I just thought this was an interesting look at a case of “outrage” in the age of “citizen journalism.”  This is one more example of why people with cell phone videos can’t replace real journalists.

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125 Responses to “When a cop slaps a child is it an outrage, or just Outrage, Inc? (video)”


    hey stepph its alicia i hope your ok<3

  2. Zionwasmybestfriend says:


  3. Moderator3 says:

    It does not take a brain trust to figure out that dfissell and Donald Fissell are the same person.

  4. Donald Fissell says:

    so should he have let the child keep biting him ?

  5. dfissell says:

    were is your proof that he is not the father and no you would not when the child is biting you

  6. eugenemama says:

    brian wolfe is NOT Zion’s biological father, and if I ‘tapped’ my child in the head like that, you can bet that the police and CPS would be taking my child and charging me with abuse.

  7. Rain man says:

    Dj midget. Your a small minded person and the name says it all. You mental midget. Kids need to be reprimanded. And that really wasn’t a hit you fool. You are a dumbass

  8. Rain man says:

    Dino your a Moron

  9. Rain man says:

    That officer deserves an award and the woman deserves to be locked up and evaluated and the wolf boy who is illiterate, yeah she is really helping that kid. What kind of life will he have being uneducated you poor excuse for a human being, answer that Dino. Dino you are the loser here and I don’t know nor do I care to see your credentials because they only prove one thing and that is you learned nothing therefore your words carry no weight. I know when I’m wrong and further more I will admit it but I’m not wrong here. Good luck with all that you pathetic wanna be loser. You are and embarrassment to the American people as well as the human race.

  10. Rain man says:

    Dino, grow up

  11. Rain man says:

    Dino,, you are out witted and wrong. You are liberal I can tell. The problem in America is lineancy and you just won’t open your eyes and admit your wrong but you are, that woman and child are a creepy bunch. I would like to invite them to stay with you for a couple of months. All the cursing going and that mothers contradictions in her own words and her own face book and all the cursing no shoes and a mullet. Your wrong and you need a glass of reality check. Our truly hope you are an isolated case and are not to many like you out there because if there are we a in trouble.

    Thank you

  12. starz34 says:

    I don’t usually post on ANY news sites or news blogs but dear fucking god you are a moron.

    When that kid bit the officer that is ASSAULT. PHYSICAL ASSAULT. When the officer slapped him he was acting in self-defense. If someone bit your ass would you stand there and take it? Get fucking real.

    Furthermore the job of police officers is to protect and serve society. They are serving a court order which is their duty. Because the mother refused to respond to the charges (WHICH I’M GUESSING SHE IS ALLUDING TO and which you can be arrested for) she inevitably put her child in danger. Not the danger of being disciplined by a police officer but of being in the custody of a man who’s probably a child molester (as she states above with his occupation with child porn and rape, good choice of choosing a boyfriend amirite?).

    The amount of disrespect shown to the officers in this video is appalling. It’s obvious these kids (and adults) shouting obscenities are fucking uneducated. What kind of example are they showing when they disrespect the law? REALLY GREAT PARENTING HUH? I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t influencing them to be future criminals. When you are setting an example to disregard the people who enforce laws you are promoting a mindset of devaluing the people WHO ARE FUCKING PROTECTING YOUR ASSES.

    Your examples have no relation to this video. “I’m sure if a police officer slapped your elderly mother or anyone else in your family for not complying, you’d feel outraged.” Well it depends, is your elderly mother physically biting someone? Police are shooting family dogs? Well is the dog acting like it’s going to attack? I’m willing to bet the instances of cops shooting innocent dogs is fairly low (but who knows, maybe there is a mass epidemic of dog shooting abuse).

    Your argument of “white trash” people being human is one sided to fit with your bias. Police officers are human too.

    I wouldn’t resort to calling these people white trash (as probably the majority of people will do because they see these people would fit their definition of the word). But I’ll give it to them that it’s wrong to demean people to a lower social class because of their behavior.

    It can be a form of child abuse to not educate your child when free resources are available. In a country where 98% of the people can read and write you are putting your child at a disadvantage. If someone cannot read or write they will be affected their whole life, whether it’s through discrimination, economic hardship or social acceptance into society. This is really beneficial to the child’s future isn’t it?

    If you have a problem with vaccines, feel free to start your own school of vulnerable children (or send your kid to one), partitioned off from society so that they don’t spread illnesses or cause epidemics to the mass populations. Vaccinations are used as preventative measures in controlling outbreaks of disease. The claim that autism has a direct connection to vaccinations has been repeatedly debunked and has no relation to this article.

    As others have noted, the police officers in this video have the patience of a saint. If I were dealing with verbal insults being hurled and screamed at me by people who are obviously trying to provoke a confrontation on purpose, I wouldn’t have the tolerance these officers did. Maybe you would do the same reaction as them.

    Seriously, take your police bashing elsewhere. There are people who respect the duties of the people who keep law and order in this country. If you don’t like it, move out to the middle of nowhere and start your own colony of anarchists.

    The people in this video do a disservice to their children with their shitty parenting and lack of respect (and poor choices). This is how things like child abuse get perpetuated into modern society. But none of the things I say on here will matter because the woman believes she is right and will continue to try and justify her ignorance. Perhaps she can prove herself to be a martyr for other people suffering hardcore police brutality.

    What we’re witnessing in this video isn’t the misuse of discipline but the justification of ignorance by someone with an anti-law agenda. I feel no empathy for a woman who is contributing to the prevailing ignorance that brings this country down.

    As for naming her kid “Zion Wolf”, some would say that is probably a form of abuse. But hell, maybe her kid won’t get bullied when or if he’s ever introduced to schooling. You know how disrespectful some kids can be.

    Sincerely, fuck off.

  13. DJ_Midget says:

    Screw this website and all of its supporters who believe they live in a perfect world and think its ok for a child to be hit/slapped/touched in a aggressive manor.

    You people make me sick.

  14. William Hull says:

    If any of you have raised a willfully disobedient, disrespectful, foul-mouthed child then you would gladly praise the lawmakers who changed back to laws to allow parents and teachers to discipline children as me, my parents, grandparents and so on were disciplined. None of us turned into triple axe murderers, child abusers, thieves, etc. It didn’t destroy of self-confidence or self-esteem.
    Next time you hear a young person being disrespectful or abusive to a parent or grandparent, ask yourself, what did that person do to be treated like that? My answer: probably nothing. They think they can do, say, or act in any way they care to because there are no longer any consequences for their actions. Thanks a lot, Mr. Lawmaker, whoever you are, you’ve really make life great for the rest of us.

  15. William Hull says:

    How can a court of competent jurisdiction “attack” the liberty of a child by awarding him or her to one parent or the other? A child is not mature enough to be on its own and must be supervised by at least one parent or the other.

  16. William Hull says:

    How can you minimize what happened to millions of Jewish people during WWII by comparing it to this situation. It’s like saying about comparing apples to oranges, the two are in no way alike.

  17. Me says:

    The cop was there to take the child. They had if they wanted their freedom. Would you go on the trains in Nazi Germany?

  18. Me says:

    The abuse began with the Family Court judge attacking the liberty of the child.

  19. onethatcares says:

    Mom…If you truly wanted the best for your child in an ugly situation, no matter what it would be, you would have tried to calm him and those around you down. Get him out of the area with the least amount of conflict, then fight, argue, cry, whatever when he is not around. Shield him from all of it…..

  20. You're Insane. says:

    “Real Journalists” suggests cops punch little kids? Wow.

  21. William Hull says:

    There is no abuse here except the fact the child was abusing the officer and got a well deserved dose of the real world. this child should have been taught long ago that disrespect for authority is not allowed. Teaching children its okay to resist legal authority will always end in them believing they can do whatever they want to with no fear of the consequences. Everybody wants to scream abuse every time an officer raises his or her hand but not every time is an abuse of his authority. some people just want to make an issue out of nothing just so they can be the one to say they were there or they caught it on tape.

  22. Brad Shaw says:

    Nope. Certainly none of those that you listed. Thanks for making blind assumptions though. Did they teach you that in college?

  23. yyqqtt says:

    what if a demon child is trying to bite the cop’s finger off? He should just smile and gently hold the kid’s hand and say “Ah ah ah,… that is wrong…”.
    Hate cell phone non-sense video guy,

  24. Dino says:

    Like I said.
    Good luck.

  25. ckg1 says:

    “Luck’s for losers.” -CM Punk

    When one side’s doing all the arguing, it’s not walking away from an argument.

  26. Dino says:

    I’m very frightened.
    I’m shaking right now, bro.

    That’s a great way to get out of any argument.

    “I’m scared and I’m reporting you.”

    Good luck in life. You’re going to need it.

    I have three computers and an infinite number of made up email addresses.

  27. Dino says:

    I’m sorry, what do you consider a credible news source? CNN? FOX? MSNBC? The people who are paid to report certain stories and not others? The major newspapers? The people who put spins on stories daily for their own agendas?

    I went to college for this shit? And every single one of my professors, people who worked in the mainstream media most of their lives, taught us how deceitful the mainstream media is.

    So please, define “credible news source” to me. Because the most credible news sources I find these days are unheard of by 90% of the people I talk to.

  28. ckg1 says:

    You’re DONE.

    You’re being reported.

  29. Dino says:

    “threatening violence”

    I told you that I’m going to spread this link, and bring people here to comment, and then I said the same exact thing back to you. That at that point, you can get the fuck out.

    And now you just sound like a hysterical woman.

    Good luck with being afraid and emotional.

  30. ckg1 says:

    And now we’ve descended to threatening violence on members.

    Good luck staying here much longer.

  31. Dino says:

    I don’t get the fuck out just because someone tells me to.

    I stand firmly by my words, and this isn’t about you and everyone on this blog, it’s about the family, the child and the police officers.

    You have a right to talk about it. I do too. As a matter of fact, I’m going to do the opposite. I’m going to spread this article and it’s message all over the internet.

    The fact that it makes it OK for a grown ass stranger to slap someone’s child in the face because a court took a child from it’s mother. That it’s OK for a stranger to palm a child in the face because that child is illiterate. That it’s OK to hit a child simply because you wear a fcking uniform.

    I’ll bring some of those people here and then we’ll see how YOU feel about getting the fuck out.

  32. Dino says:

    When cops hide their cars off the road and turn the engines off, it’s pretty fuckin’ hard to see them… And it’s highly unlikely that someone who ISN’T a cop is going to fly out of the bushes and ram into me if I roll through a stop sign.

    And if you want to talk about these “laws” you’re so protective of, go research how many felonies an average American commits every single day. There are TOO many laws, and you should stop and think about that before you beg your authority figures to push more laws on people like me who just want to live freely and in peace.

    Furthermore, you’re a dick for calling me a dick… because just like you I break laws daily. You’re just not informed enough to know it.
    And if you get informed, I promise you, you’ll feel differently about “laws” that are apparently “there for a reason.”

    And there’s no other reason than meeting a quota because if they stopped giving tickets, cops would lose most of their funding.

  33. ckg1 says:

    Then GTFO if you don’t like the blog and go vent somewhere else if you hate everyone here.

    In fact, I’m going to go play George Strait’s “I Hate Everything” in your honor.

  34. Dino says:

    You didn’t learn a damn thing. If you actually took time to read someone’s words, as opposed to skimming the first two paragraphs and saying, “I’m done with this,” You might actually learn, but I believe you, you didn’t learn a damn thing.

    It’s just hard for me to believe that you people actually think that just because these people are “white trash” and that the kid is illiterate, that makes it OK for a grown ass man to slap a stranger’s child in the face.

    You’re just shitty people. That’s all there is to it.

  35. Dino says:

    If I see a grown-ass man basically kidnap a child and then smack him directly in the face, I’m going to have a problem with that. The fact that he’s wearing a uniform and abusing his power makes it that much worse.

    And I’m sorry that it’s been drilled into your head, since you were a child, that it’s ok for cops to use unjustified violence whereas when anyone else turns to violence, they become a criminal or a maniac.

    If he wasn’t wearing a uniform, those bystanders would have probably tackled him to the ground and beat the shit out of him.

    And it’s outrageous that people are actually OK with one human being committing acts of violence just because they wear a certain set of clothes. I’m a human being, the cop is a human being and that child is a human being.

    You’re basically asking me to feel empathy for a criminal and not the victim. And that’s not how it works.

    It’s illegal for parents to hit their children. As a matter of fact, some people lose their fuckin’ minds when they hear of parents abusing their children.
    Just because he’s dressed in black, doesn’t make it OK.

    You’ve got some serious thinking to do.
    You really believe that when it comes to authority check and balances work.
    They don’t. People with authority do whatever the fuck they want, and they don’t have too many people to answer to. Unless they’ve got an angry mob of people demanding that the police officer be imprisoned or fired.

  36. Chrístõ Lœngbærrow says:

    on Reddit written by the man who claims to be the father, http://www.reddit.com/r/Eugene/comments/1jsxgs/before_the_video_custody_dispute/
    It sounds like the claims that he is not the father i moot and if he IS not the father then the mother is clearly guilty of federal crimes, child support fraud, welfare fraud. Im sure a few others, I truly hope that the Eugene DCS and DHS continue their investigation into this family. And make sure that everyone is safe on all sides.

    This is clearly not the first time this woman has had children taken from her according to this news article from Oregon Live http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2009/03/virginia_bring_those_kids_home.html So the real question to oregon DHS is WHY does she still have any children at all?

    –”I have limited access to communication and I am intentionally low-tech seasonally.”–

    It did not seem that way as you proudly posted pictures on your facebook page of you dumpster diving & panhandling with your children in tow. Or as you begged borrowed and stole and proudly proclaimed each time someone provided you with a huge sum of money to repair you so called “home”.

    –”My experience is that a confusing environment and an unconventional continuum triggered the officers to act in a way that reflects excessive force.”–

    No, telling your child to RUN from law enforcement created an environment which may have caused the officers to respond the way they did. Have you never watched cops? How could you not expect that was going to create a MORE dangerous situation for your child, potentially cause him harm or worse?

    –”I have a prime directive to keep my child safe”–

    The Prime Directive dictates that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations.

    – Star Trek

    — Lay off the drugs or buy a compound.

    -“This ruling was NOT in response to an investigation”

    I truly hope there is one soon.

    –”Brian Wolfe is not allowed in my reality”–

    Then why have you maintained contact with his family and used them to beg for money on a semi-routine basis?

    Why did you arrange to have a “visit” with him as your facebook page declares?

    Why is he a “friend” on your facebook page?

    You cant seem to get your story straight. Perhaps you should take a break from the drugs and decide on a clear statement.

    -“–”The REASON this is happening has nothing to do with a real life child named Zion. This has to do with adults trying to hurt and control ME, the mom, and using MY CHILDREN as leverage and manipulatives.–”

    NO this is happening because for a number of YEARS now all those who have known you are sick and tired of seeing you expose if not force on your children to homelessness, lude acts, criminal behavior including from shoplifting to drugs and welfare fraud. And though many have wanted to make a difference in your children’s lives and do something about it the nomadic nature of your homelessness makes it nearly impossible to work with various state agencies to get better solutions for your poor children. Praise to Z’s Father for finally being able to catch you at the right spot in the right state with a signed court order to DO BETTER for his son.

    I hope for the benefit of your children the rest of the get placed with other stable family members as well.

  37. RandomJerk says:

    I think people are just sick and tired of being at the mercy of abusive and merciless cops, who never face punishment and often lie to protect each other. The outrage meter is set to go off, but that’s not the fault of the people being outraged, it’s the fault of the police for treating the community like the enemy, rather than being part of the community. Any one particular instance (such as this) might not merit the outrage, but how can you blame us?

    When police can storm into your house in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping, and shoot your dogs because they think (wrongly) that a suspect they are chasing *might* be in the house, who can even feel safe in their own home anymore?


  38. Kintapus says:

    If you are such a good mom why is your 10 year old son illiterate? Has he ever been to school? And if you are handing out socks to the homless why did your son not even have shoes?

  39. FollowtheRules says:

    ESPECIALLY in front of a child! What example is that setting? What kind of respect for authority is that? Let’s all swear and shout horrible things to get our own way.

  40. FollowtheRules says:

    ” being able to feel what someone else feels.”
    Yet, you cannot feel anything except what you feel. You can’t understand that the cops are human beings too? You think they aren’t people? Wow. Great empathy you have there.

  41. FollowtheRules says:

    “even though the coast was obviously 100% clear”
    So 100% clear even though there were obviously cops close enough to catch you?
    If you’re missing cops, what else could you be missing. Laws are there for a reason. Don’t be a dick and break them.

  42. ckg1 says:

    I learned something too.

    Mainly, I learned how not to vomit loads of words and have them make zero sense.

  43. fuzznarf says:

    haha. You mad bro? An article about a kid who bites a cop and gets slapped, and you want to talk about the other kid. The kid not even mentioned in the article. Seems legit. At least I stay on topic.

  44. Moderator3 says:

    Please use only one username when posting here. It doesn’t matter if you use “truth” or “truthprevails.”

  45. kreator says:

    Obviously you are a little slow. I was referring to the kid who claims he can blow up buildings with c4 .. the kid involved really didn’t say much of anything.

  46. truthprevails says:

    this isn’t about a child biting a cop or a cop smacking a child or blah blah blah, shit you’re such a bad journalist… if i was that child i would bite that cop too trying to drag me around and not explain what hes doing or where he’s taking me or anything.

  47. truth says:

    Here it is, in one statement. Please re-post or help in any way that seems supportive.


    Hello… this is Stephanie Johnston. I am Zion Wolf’s biological mother. Let me paint a simple picture; I have limited access to communication and I am intentionally low-tech seasonally. The same challenges that I am presented with include inconsistent mailing addresses. The claim is that I was sent paper work and due to LACK OF RESPONSE, there was a ruling in favor of Brian Wolfe. This ruling was NOT in response to an investigation, to my understanding. There is no greater child welfare concern, s was confirmed to me by the attending officers (also recorded). This is a reason why no child welfare officer interfaced or investigated myself or any of my associated tribe and friends. There is no open investigations concerning my other children. I HAVE NOT COMMITTED, NOR AM I BEING SUSPECTED OF ANY CRIME. The police were there (hired) to enforce a court order. I was hand cuffed and ridiculed, even though I was not a threat nor was I being arrested for a crime. I was not engaged with any process or mediation, or an introduction. I was not shown paperwork until cuffs were released. My experience is that a confusing environment and an unconventional continuum triggered the officers to act in a way that reflects excessive force. Furthermore, I insisted on DHS and the sheriff to attend the interaction on PROTECTIVE BEHALF of our rights in process and in hopes of protecting my CHILD from a dangerous person.

    Brian Wolfe showed up to Monroe park backed by police. They asked where Zion Wolf was, to which I responded that I have a prime directive to keep my child safe and that whereas I have full intention of partiipating with officers, I would not do anything to bring my child into contact with Brian. I remained peaceful and articulate, it was all recorded. My two other young children cried and nursed me while I sat on the ground, surrounded and hovered, cuffed. When Zion approached, myself and everyone else urged him to run. He was pursued and excessive force was used and Zion was redirected on by an adult that was supposed to be a figure in the community to keep him SAFE.

    Brian Wolfe is not allowed in my reality due to an addiction to violent rape and child porn. He has bad boundaries and was using his job at a cigarette store to provide cigarettes to very young boys, including my siblings, to bait them. He created a secret grooming towards my little sister, age 9 at the time, and when I found the evidence I HUMANELY removed him from my friendship circle.

    we were in Eugene… we had arrived only the night before, on return from the Rainbow Gathering in Montana. We had (have) a rental waiting for us there, in Eugene…. however, our intentions were to head the next day down south to the teepee village in Ashland. The whole reason we were in Eugene was so Zion Wolf could see and spend time with Billie New Cherry and Charlie’s girlie). He was at their house when officers arrived. Of course Charlie did not direct him towards police. The footage is all clear, even the part where the officer threatens family with the mace….’

    What were we doing that day in the park…? We were feeding our friends and gifting out fresh socks, connecting and sharing hearts and minds with our community before heading out to the forest again to explore nomadic living with an intentional community in Ashland. I am a really, really, REALLY awesome momma that has no gaps in providing for my children. My son, Zion, is the kiddo that will want to come home during a sleep over…. we attachment parent, and my confident and amazing kid was ripped from me, harmed by adults that are supposed to protect and serve his safety, and is now hidden from friends and support and his MOTHER. The paperwork states that I have no visitation or contact allowances. As if I am some criminal or abusive villain…..

    The REASON this is happening has nothing to do with a real life child named Zion. This has to do with adults trying to hurt and control ME, the mom, and using MY CHILDREN as leverage and manipulatives. My child is suffering. He was kidnapped by a non-blood related person that is essentially a stranger to my child.

  48. Dino says:

    the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.
    the imaginative ascribing to an object as a natural object or work of art, feelings or attitudes present in oneself: By means of empathy, a great painting becomes a mirror of the self.

    If you need a shorter explanation, it means being able to feel what someone else feels. Most likely because you give a shit about other people or because or because you’ve been through similar experiences yourself.

    There you go.
    You got to learn something today.
    And I’m sorry you think you’re dumb.

  49. cole3244 says:

    ok, i will mark you down as supporting corporal punishment especially for white trash, i’ll leave it to my imagination what you think black trash should get as punishment because i really don’t want to know.

  50. mike31c says:

    You bite me, I am going to punch you in the face.
    Illiterate? What is this Flori-Duh?
    Kidnapping? Why was this women not tazed then?

  51. formerlywhatithink says:

    Holy crap, I am literally dumber now than I was when I started to read your word salad. Please don’t reproduce.

    And after you learn how to be empathetic

    Based on your hysterical screed, it’s obvious you have no idea what empathy is.

  52. Joe Hoffman says:

    Cole- What law do you feel this officer violated? Quote me the law. The boy in this video, through no fault of his own, is a little animal. The officer was assigned to remove the boy from a dangerous environment. As the officer was doing the job he was assigned to do, the boy bit him and the officer responded by slapping him lightly in the mouth to discourage him from doing it again. You saw that it worked. There was nothing illegal with the officer’s actions and there is absolutely nothing that says police officers are required to be assaulted while lawfully engaged in the course of their duties.

    I don’t have any kids myself; however, I do have three young nieces. If one of them bit me while I was taking corrective action for their own well being, I would most likely respond the same way this officer did. The law in my state says that a parent or other type of guardian may use a reasonable amount of force to instill discipline in a child under the age of 18. The thing is, my nieces would never attack me that way, because they weren’t raised by trash like the unfortunate kid in this video was.

    If anything, I think the officers were way too kind. They should have arrested every single one of those loud-mouthed, profane dirt bags for Disorderly Conduct at the minimum.

  53. Tyler says:

    The kid walking around running his mouth proves the point; at no time does any adult say “watch your mouth, kid.” Nor do they try and stop him from talking about how he’s going to blow up the walls of a mental hospital or a juvenile detention center. Sorry kid, your parents didn’t teach you that the 1st amendment doesn’t protect you if you make threats against other people. That kid should be thrown in juvie, IMO. Despicable; these people make America look dumb as all hell.
    edit: stupid gd mullet.

  54. Brad Shaw says:

    What credible news source do you work for again?

  55. Whitewitch says:

    I think Emjayay might have been being a bit snarky to my post….it is true though that much of what was being yelled by the “filmers” and the children was crazy talk bordering on slightly conservative crazy.

  56. ckg1 says:

    Then why did you come here to basically vent your spleen? Are you a masochist? Someone who typed in the word Infowars, but wound up here instead?

    I’ve been visiting this blog for YEARS, and John can and does get worked up over issues(and I think he’s done his fair share of calling out cops when needed). I’m pretty sure all John is saying here is “Be outraged, yes….but do it for the RIGHT reasons. Not just because someone, regardless of political bent, is telling you to be outraged.”

  57. Dino says:

    I’ll start off with this, it says that you worked in the US senate, the world bank, that you’ve been on the O’Reilly factor, etc… and then you somehow call yourself a REAL journalist after a few google searches…
    You have zero credibility in my eyes.

    The rest of you people are fucking ridiculous.

    You call them “trailer trash.” Regardless of your labeling, does that make them less human? Like what, they’re trailer trash, so you don’t give a fuck if someone hurts them or kills them?

    And why is it abuse to not send a kid to school? A school where your child is required to be vaccinated to move forward, even though the number of vaccines administered is climbing consistently with the number of instances of autism? A place where innocent, creative children are diagnosed by drug pushers in white coats as having ADHD and then forced to take pills that potentially fuck them up for the rest of their lives?

    Cops are shooting people’s dogs, invading wrong the houses in the middle of the night, shooting people by mistake, breaking down doors and shooting at families because they didn’t want want to let them into their home for a stakeout operation…
    Just the other day, a dozen geared up police officers raided an old couples barn to kill a baby deer they were tending to… That YOUR fucking tax dollars going to all of this shit. For those of you who don’t make much, that’s food, clothes and shelter forcefully taken from you.

    And then on top of that, if you, a human being, make a mistake for WHATEVER reason, the people you’re paying through taxes can pull you over and basically take a weeks worth of pay from you. So not only did you work your last week for free, which to me is slave labor, but you have to work another few weeks just to catch up to where you would have been had they not taken your money.

    “Let us protect you by taking food out of your children’s mouths because slowly rolled through a stop sign, even though the coast was obviously 100% clear… even though human beings’ ability to process information in the past 20 years has skyrocketed.”

    And every single one of you people out there calling these people trailer trash, and saying that he should have smacked the kid harder… I hope one a police officer hits your child or shoots your family dog to death right in front of you… because that’s the only way you’ll learn some empathy for people dealing with armed assholes.

    And after you learn how to be empathetic, hopefully you’ll be able to put your mind at ease knowing that there are people out there who actually give a fuck. People without uniforms who will stand up for you when you’ve been wronged.

    And to you, the writer, how fucking dare you? You’re neither a cop nor a father of a child who got slapped by a cop. And if you don’t have a son, I’m sure if a police officer slapped your elderly mother or anyone else in your family for not complying, you’d feel outraged.

    I disagree with you all the way. You’re brainwashed, and you actually believe that if someone doesn’t fit into this society or doesn’t comply, then the authorities should be able to use excessive force.

    You’d be surprised how many people are tired of this society and it’s systems, yet we have no place to escape to anymore. This whole planet is turning into a giant prison.

  58. Well sure, but then we need to invest in education, infrastructure and decent salaries and maybe get back pensions for these guys. They are dong work no one wants to do, really and are risking their lives yet we want to hold them to a higher standard for nothing.

  59. Abbi Orenstein says:

    it says “officers believe” and officer once believed a crazy neighbor when she said I was abusing my kid. that doesn’t make it so.

  60. You know what they say, ever woman adores a fascist…


  61. That’s EXACTLY why I posted it. Not only was the cop not really violent at all – even the slap wasn’t really a slap – but the people were so vicious, and the cops SO well-behaved, I’m really shocked at how professional those guys were under this kind of scrutiny. Contrary to the video forcing them to be nicer, I’m surprised the video didn’t make them more angry. On the contrary.

  62. EdHandy says:

    Wow, I didn’t think it would be possible to make me sympathetic to the police, but the folks in that video managed to do so.

  63. James Crowley says:

    He should have really the smacked the little sh**

  64. Jafafa Hots says:

    No. Avarosis is fairly conservative. He often sides with the authoritarians.

  65. Jafafa Hots says:

    Lower classes?

    Stuff your classist BS.

  66. Jafafa Hots says:

    Oh you mean CIVILIZED countries.

    I haven’t watched the video, so I will accept the statements that the cop did not hit the kid.

    But the assertion that it’s somehow OK to slap or hit your kids IF… that’s bullshit.

    Hitting a child is child abuse and a failure of parenting. Even if the kid is a spoiled mouthy brat. There are other ways to deal with that.

    Teach your kid that violence is a solution and guess what? Your kid will learn that violence is a solution.

  67. Jim Chandler says:

    Please let me have 5 mins with the little brat bad mouthing the cops.

  68. Jim Chandler says:

    who is the bad mouthed little brat talking the whole video?

  69. Bob says:

    The saddest part of this tape is that all these bystanders especially the foul mouthed beootch spewing vulgarities worse then a truck driver weren’t arrested for obstruction. They threatened violence and incited a near riot. All these people are trailer trash. I see why the video maker had her kid taken away by DSHS too. A real Mother figure. The dude stepping in front of the Officer should have been pepper sprayed and arrested. All this screaming swearing and abuse toward the police just shows how ignorant people can act.

  70. emjayay says:

    And just solidarity.

  71. emjayay says:

    I think you left out an “if”. Anyway, their very own dashboard video didn’t stop the Texas cops from doing things that were far vastly more improper and inexcusable.

  72. emjayay says:

    Or pepper spray them when they aren’t even looking.

  73. J says:

    I think you missed the point of his reply. It had nothing to do with the younger kid who broke several laws himself but the mouthy punk that spent 15 minutes blowing smoke out his ass about how tuff he and his “Mexican mafia” friends are…which could have been construed as terrorist threats and if the EPD had felt like it could have pursued that enough to at least arrest that little brat.

  74. emjayay says:

    I agree. Were the lower classes always so vulgar? Actually not that I haven’t seen it before, but I kept hearing echoes of Fox News/Rush/Savage stupid know-nothing outrage. They haven’t helped.

  75. Bob says:

    You make me laugh, The Bite was an assault on a police officer. An adult would have been taken down and arrested on the spot, and face Felony assault charges. This cop used restraint in the incident. Welcome to the real world.

  76. emjayay says:

    Maybe he could have told stopped the kid he would be OK and taken care of and explain what was going to happen next or something like that. He probably tried when he first took the kid, but thought given the situation with screaming trash talking kids and adults all over him the best thing to do was to just keep going and get it done.

  77. emjayay says:

    Reading the post and a few comments I thought the cop was gonna deck the kid or something. I played that part a couple of times and couldn’t see anything. I could not be more against violence against children, but that just wasn’t it. The cop’s restraint in the face of the continual vulgar trash talk from the other kid as well as adults was remarkable. I’m sure he wanted to stop and say “I am a law officer following a lawful court order and they don’t tend to just make shit up”, but of course he has been trained to know that there is no convincing people like that with facts and logic and it would just result in more insane screaming.
    I stopped watching about a quarter of the way through. I also have a low sceeching ignorant asshole tolerance.

  78. emjayay says:

    Thanks. Well put. But like the commenter above said, that kind of behavior as seen in the video by the public is just the very definition (sorry) white/trailer trash.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Oh for pete’s sake, the cop didn’t hit the kid that hard. It was more of a smack to wake the kid up than anything else. He was just letting the kid know that he can’t bite cops, so this is far from police abuse (and this is coming from someone who’s a harsh critic of the growing abuse and militarization of police).

    However, everyone on this page who’s wishing that the cop should have punched the kid in the throat/neck/etc. should grow up. The kid is 8 years old. He interpreted the situation as a scary thing, some stranger taking his mother away from him (even if it was justified). Yes, he should not have bit the cop, but once again, he is a bloody KID. Kids DO those kinds of things, especially in unusual and uneasy situations.

  80. emjayay says:

    Way to go! Good story. And how is the ex?

  81. emjayay says:

    Maybe Sweden or someplace like that but not here from what I’ve seen. And kicking and screaming doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite.

  82. fuzznarf says:

    Yeah. That would have solved so much. You are a genius. The father has been fighting in court for his kid, and your solution is to put the kid in ‘jeuvy’ so his father can’t have custody.

  83. anon45 says:

    Not sure how reliable that website is, but seems like the same BS the Fusion centers put out for people like yourself Ryne to fall into. And they are putting out much of counter propaganda these days. I can tell you from the video they would of stated she held him illegally and she would of been arrested and not the kid taken away.

  84. kreator says:

    I am the last person to defend the police state.. but these people are just pure trash. They should have arrested that mouthy punk ass kid for terroristic threats. Let him see what they do to little mouthy white punks in juevy.

  85. Rob Apel says:

    BULLSHIT! The first sentence was so pathetic I did not even bother reading the rest of your drivel. The cop not only had the right but it is not it was a toddler, it was a 10 year old, he should have punched the little bastard square In the mouth.

  86. William Brown says:

    Sad to say, you probably have a point…

  87. Where is it illegal for you to slap your kid if he’s kicking and screaming? It is, however, illegal to assault a cop, if we want to get technical about it :) And getting bitten by a kid is hardly nothing, in terms of safety.

  88. Noetic says:

    ok this is a easy one, if it is illegal for me to smack my kid when he is kicking and screaming, then it is illegal for a cop to do the same. Police are hired to uphold the law, but they are not exempt from those same laws. Regardless of the reasons for the kid being taking from the mother. That is the real discussion here. Last time I checked police deal with a lot more dangerous things then a 8 year old biting the. yes that was bad for the kid to do, that is not in debate here. But Should the cop get nothing for also committing a crime? And indeed this action of the smacking is a crime, Chld Abuse is Child Abuse, that Badge and gun does not change the game or rules. If anything the police should get in more trouble. They are suppose to role models? We should be providing them with our up most respect and cooperation?

    I think in the past few year police have done more then their fair part to show that not all police are worth our cooperation let along respect. Given there are many good ones in the bunch, that fact is proven daily, but we also have just as money who believe that badge puts them on a high playing field then the people they are set to serve. THAT should be the real discussion here.

  89. Jackryanvb says:

    The mother shouldn’t swear use the F word.

  90. Robb Silverberg says:

    what’s funny is the mouthy 12 year old ( i guess ) telling the kid he’ll come “bust him out of where ever he is” and that the mafia tried to kill him but they couldn’t, because “ya know why ?? i’m me ! ” … lol

  91. Luigi DaMan says:

    So almost twenty years ago to the day, I received a court order turning possession of my two small children over to me from their mother who had “disappeared” with her boyfriend. She lived in the City of Cleveland in an ethnic neighborhood where the houses are quite close. I sent for the Cleveland Police, but as in any city, they were busy, but would get to it as soon as they could. In the meantime, he telephoned several neighbors, some sober, some drunk, and told them that I was there to steal the kids.

    So, I had the Cleveland neighborhood version of Frankenstein’s mob of townfolk (sans pitchforks, but with plenty o’ beer) on a very hot afternoon assembled and arrayed against me when, after several hours, the police arrived. They looked at my legal paperwork, talked to me briefly, waded through the crowd, and brought my two kids out. All the time, the army of aggravated townfolk were up in arms.

    I lived, raised the kids, and one is done with her degree, the other is just starting.

  92. hefetone says:

    Did they miss the story here…the Mother kidnapped the kid…is she going to be brought up on charges? Was she taken into custody? Would it have been different if it was the Father who had done these things? Those are the stories.

  93. Ninong says:

    What mama used to call “pure white trash.”

  94. milli2 says:

    Agree it is sad. He was obviously raised in an unfit environment with all kinds of hateful language and extremist views. He’s gonna need serious therapy or he’s gonna be a major problem when he’s let loose on the world.

  95. milli2 says:

    The woman taping this didn’t do herself any favors when she continually swore and then admitted that she had a child taken from her by the state.

  96. milli2 says:

    If you read his particular, you would know that he was skeptical about taking sides on that case, especially when the story first broke. Thanks for playing though – you proved you’re an ignorant idiot.

  97. cole3244 says:

    while the police enforce the law how about they obey the law while they’re at it, just sayin.

  98. I’ve been assaulted by police before. I’ve seen what assholes they can be. I also walk around and see what assholes regular people can be. I’ve been mugged before at gun point – does that make me think everybody is bad?

    Look I get the disdain for the cops. It makes sense to a certain degree. But like John said, the losers generally make the good guys look bad. My dad was shot at, he had a car ram into both his knees when he was giving someone a parking ticket and had to get several operations, he was punched on numerous occasions, bruised severely by trying to subdue crazy people on PCP, etc.. So yeah I sound like a police relative. Have you ever been shot at? Have you ever had a year of your life taken away for trying to give out a parking ticket? Probably not. So it’s really a lot more complex than that.

    So yes I’m aware that many cops abuse their power, and I’ve seen cops hit people for no reason at all (or the wrong reasons), and I’ve seen all the shitty things and often racist things they do, but I’ve also seen the good things they do. I’m not defending their poor actions but I do think people need to think more about this issue because just screaming “fuck the police” is not gonna help.

  99. Whitewitch says:

    And of course, now the child will never understand what he did was wrong. I might not like cops, but a child should never be taught to attack or strike an officer…this mother should clearly never have had custody of this child. She is the one that caused him his traumatic experience.

  100. cole3244 says:

    eye witness id, they moved like this and one had large feet, i bet the defense had a field day with that testimony.

  101. cole3244 says:

    sounds like a police relative to me.

  102. cole3244 says:

    thank you for allowing me to express my opinion, i feel honored.

  103. SkippyFlipjack says:

    You have to love how people think these days — the cop hits the kid, one onlooker says “that’s battery!” and the mom (I think?) says “I have it on video — this is going on YouTube right after this!”

    Not to the officer’s superiors or the courts — to YouTube. I’m not sure if that reflects the sad state of society where everything is a reality show, or the sad state of confidence in public institutions where people think that public pressure is the only way to get anything done (see Martin, Trayvon).

  104. SkippyFlipjack says:

    John I can’t believe you’re taking the side of the jack-booted corporate-owned fascists who feel entitled to slap and pepper-spray and tase the citizenry into submission to better serve their corporate masters


  105. I’ve dealt with a lot of people, especially in the early 2000s when I was on a tear about the then- DC police chief, who was a bit of a loser. I got know a lot of cops at the time, and found many to be great, and many to be losers. And sadly the losers make the good guys look bad.

  106. mirror says:

    I personally think it is reasonable to expect higher standards for police actions than other citizens in the goodness/badness area, but what I see in practice is the opposite.

  107. One bad cop is too many and so is one bad citizen…

  108. kingstonbears says:

    Oh good grief. When I see a woman like the mother I thank gawd I was created gay.

  109. ArthurH says:

    The good cops do call out the bad ones. There was just last week a story in my local paper of two cops testifying against two other cops from their precinct who on arriving at a grocery on a false alarm robbed the place themselves. The security video was fuzzy but the two good cops told the jury who the bad cops were on the basis of how they moved and the large size of one cop’s feet.

  110. Legally Kidnapped says:

    The mother would have been arrested for child abuse for the same slap.

  111. Monoceros Forth says:

    Yeah, getting cuffed by a policeman and getting shot dead by a wannabe vigilante spoiling for a fight are exactly equivalent.

  112. mirror says:

    You are cracking me up.

  113. mirror says:

    Defending the legitimacy of a status quo that no longer exists…

  114. he_who_scoffs_at_danger says:

    Why? Was it not part of the “Justice for Trayvon” outrage machine?

  115. mirror says:

    Do you actually read this blog on a regular basis?

  116. NotMyMayor says:

    It isn’t ok to hit a child. What do you think would have happened if a parent slapped their child after being bit…..and in front of a police officer ??

  117. he_who_scoffs_at_danger says:

    If the kid were black, Avarosis would be calling it a brutal beating caught on video.

  118. perljammer says:

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but opinion is not fact and shouldn’t be expressed as such.

  119. Thanks, my dad was a cop. There are a lot of bad cops out there but I get tired of the “all cops are bad” mentality. Also, slapping a child is not the end of the world especially if they bite you. If someone bit me, I’d probably reflexively slap them too.

  120. cole3244 says:

    we would only know for sure if a video (or multiple witnesses) was being taken and the police weren’t aware of it, to think the video had no part in their response is being naive.
    one bad cop is too many and as history and hidden videos have shown us that number is many times one and the good cops never call out their peers for fear of retaliation.

  121. TheAngryFag says:

    People are outraged over a SLAP that was most likely reflexive? Hello?!?!?! We live in a world where cops TAZE people for looking at them funny.

  122. sane37 says:

    It is possible. My wife attests to that.
    But as a brown skinned man I haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing such behavior in my life.

  123. Maybe. Or maybe those are good cops who did their job. I mean, it is possible that not every police officer on the planet is a violent racist who beats children ;)

  124. cole3244 says:

    with all due respect the police were restrained because there were witnesses and video obviously being taken and the people involved were white, no witnesses, or video, minorities and the outcome would be different and the police version would rule the day, imho.

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