Simon’s cat (video)

Another popular (cat) video I wasn’t familiar with.


I still prefer the complex simplicity of dogs. While smart dogs can be quite complex, there’s a linear-ness to their thinking that in the end makes sense. I just don’t get cats. Dogs are Spock. Cats are McCoy.

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  • I love that quote. It’s by Mary Bly of San Francisco

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    A lot of people refer to this as the Kitty Krazies. The easiest way to prevent this is play with your cat before bedtime. You really have to commit to the playing, because you need to drain off the cat’s excess energy.

  • Number Six

    Whenever I walk my dog, the last thing he does before going back into the house is run around at the end of his leash in a figure eight, just as fast as he can run. At first I thought it was because he lives with a cat, but eventually I discovered that it’s his way of making sure his insides have had a good workout (if he didn’t have a bowel movement during the walk, he will have one at the end of his cat-fit).
    So now he does it on command: Cat-fit! That’s a good boy!

  • Number Six

    Ah yes, the 2am cat-fit. All cats do it, but fortunately, it’s short and you can go back to sleep as soon as the rocker stops rocking.

  • GeorgeMokray

    The poet William Bronk wrote an essay called “An Algebra Among Cats.” It’s not exactly about algebra or cats but may be of interest.

    Cats are simple when you get to know them. Food, water, litter box, petting. With dogs, you’re the pack leader. With cats, you’re their mother.

  • samizdat

    Ah, the inscrutable feline.

  • annetteboardman

    I always suspected that about my cats, too. I respect that in an animal.

  • I’m a dog person, always have been. I ‘get’ dogs, and they seem to ‘get’ me.

    Cats, to me, are too much of a mystery.

  • …and will not hesitate to eat us if we’re dead or wounded and the pig is hungry.

  • Cats thought can be considered as radial.

  • I know what you mean, or why toward sunset they become crazed and race around like, well, mad cats. Our Bodhi dog has a few cat traits because he went to a Steiner school in Vermont and thinks of cats as equals and buds.

  • Indigo

    My dog’s best friend was a greyhound. But her other best friend was the neighbor’s cat.

  • cole3244

    cats require humans to think and understand them.

    i try to do that with all creatures and its not threatening to me or others who respect life in different vessels not just those that we are comfortable with.

  • I find cats to be non-linearly complex, it’s like they operate on a different dimension, or using a different base in math. I just get the sense that they think differently than we do. Not to anthropomorphize dogs, but my Sasha can be quite clear in what she wants, but also quite complicated in how she goes about getting it. But in the end, you can often figure out what it is she’s after. The cat, I have no idea.

  • Monoceros Forth

    Surely that’s the wrong way around? Dogs let you know exactly what’s on their minds, like McCoy. Cats keep it to themselves, like Spock.

    This reminds me that H.P. Lovecraft wrote an essay once on how cats are better than dogs. He also managed to be incredibly racist while doing it, because this is Lovecraft we’re talking about. Still, he’s right about cats.

  • RepubAnon

    I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  • nicho

    Dogs are quite simple in their thinking: I want food. That person gives me food. I love that person.

  • TheOriginalLiz

    What’s the saying – “dogs have masters, cats have staff”

  • I am also a dog person (obviously) and am equally baffled by the behavior of cats. I have volunteered to cat-sit for friends and had similar experiences and to this day don’t know what the cats wanted or why they felt the need to chase each other around the apartment at 3 am.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    As opposed to the simple complexity of cats?

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