“Serious” radioactive water leak at Fukushima reactor in Japan

I wouldn’t touch any fish they catch at Fukushima, Japan.  The famous reactor that nearly melted down two years ago after the huge tsunami, is now leaking highly radioactive water to the point that the Japanese are raising the warning level to a 3, which means “serious.”

People have suspected leaks from Fukushima for a while now, but it was only last month that the power company in charge of the plant, Tepco, admitted, as much.

According to CBS, of the 150 types of fish they used to catch at Fukushima, there are only 16 types now considered safe to eat.  And the fish sold at market even have a sign next to them displaying the radioactive test results so you’ll know they’re safe to eat.

As if.

Things are so bad that one fisherman is now saying he’s not even sure it’s safe to eat his own catch.

Fish via Shutterstock

Fish via Shutterstock

It’s sad how these has decimated the livelihoods of so many people.  But I just can’t imagine eating any of that stuff.  And now there are concerns – though some call them unfounded – about seafood caught on the US west coast.

It’s bad enough how polluted fish has become over the years.  I’d reported a few months ago that 84% of the world’s fish aren’t safe to be eaten more than once a month.  That’s a scary figure.  Here’s more from that post:

A study finds that 84% of the world’s fish tested was not safe to eat more than once per month because of mercury poisoning. And 13% of the fish isn’t safe to eat, period. Though honestly, I’m not sure how happy I am eating something that’s so poisonous you can only eat one serving per month.

In the United States the number is better.  Though in the US the study only looked at one fish, Alaskan Halibut (which I’ve had, it’s yummy).  43% of Alaskan Halibut was only safe to eat once a month because of its mercury levels.

And in Japan and Uruguay, the study found that “Mercury concentrations in fish from sites in Japan and Uruguay were so high that no consumption is recommended.”

Then again, as Chris pointed out a few months back, if you think fish is bad, don’t even think about eating red meat.  Especially the processed stuff.

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