Video catches huge mountain peak falling, nearly crushing car

A scary as hell rock fall in Asia almost demolishes a car, and I think this was filmed today. I’m posting this now, since it may be just out – you saw it here first :) So don’t expect anything else for a while, I’m going for dinner :)

scary rock fall car


OMG – reader Cletus just noticed that you can see the huge hunk of rock falling in the first 4 seconds of the video – watch closely where I have circled.  Oh my god that’s wild.


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  • patricia666

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  • CS

    What I liked was the driver’s almost immediate action to put on those hazard lights. Great presence of mind! (Like the other drivers on the road wouldn’t notice that big rock . . . but the driver still did the ‘correct’ thing immediately)

  • that`s insane

  • lilyannerose

    Damn and then damn again and again and again. No shit, man!

  • Thom Allen

    Well, they’re ANCIENT and have slowed down considerably over the last several thousand years. That ancient arthritis will get you every time.

    Mike, I know what you mean. I can be a trivia trap, too. I’ll remember something irrelevant from 3 decades ago forever. Like which insects sang back-up for Tommy James and the Shondells. Or the name of the bus route that Rosa Parks rode when she refused to give up her seat. But I’ll forget where I out the car keys and shopping list.

  • chris10858

    Maybe the Ancient Gods decided to boycott McDs over the Sochi boycott and that was their way of expressing it? LOL

    Seriously though, if Pat Robertson finds out about it, Im sure us gays will get the blame for it.

  • MEJI
  • marymccurnin

    talk about never feeling safe anywhere else ever.

  • marymccurnin


  • paaat

    Just for fun I googled this up…

    Satellite image is here:

    Here is the street view on a much nicer day:

  • Indigo

    That sounds like a challenging evening but somebody’s got to do it. :-)

  • Cletus

    Actually, I can’t take the credit. A friend of mine pointed it out. I still had to watch it six times before I saw what he was talking about.

  • Actually, I ended up eating shepherd’s pie at home and going out for drinks with my adorably handsome French friend Régis, who has one of those French accents in English to-die-for :)

  • Holy cow!

  • rudolf schnaubelt

    nice catch cletus

  • Cletus

    You wanna see something really freaky? Go to full screen and at about 4 seconds in look at the top right blue sky. You can see the rock actually let loose!

  • Missed it by _this_ much. (imagine me holding my thumb and index finger close together)

  • Jeffrey Karter

    Reflexes, and more than a little luck! After the driver turned but before the rock landed, the white care was shoved out of the way by a slurry of dirt and water.

  • mary782

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  • Talk about incredible luck on the part of that white car driver. Wow. One small tipping point away from being crushed to death.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    The Ancient Gods must be on work slow down. The first McDonald’s in Taiwan opened in 1984. How’s that for having worthless trivia stuck in one’s head?

  • Indigo

    That’s quite a rock! The driver got out and looked the rock over as if that’s just how you do it. Meanwhile, the driver of the photographer’s car puts it in reverse and gives the rock some distance. Absolutely amazing! Meanwhile, what’s for dinner, John?

  • mwestport

    I hope they have plastic slip covers on their seats. So much easier to clean.

  • Thom Allen

    The Ancient Gods are angered over the presence of McDonald’s on Taiwan.

  • Zorba

    Yowie! Really quick reflexes on the driver’s part!

  • hidflect

    That rock was like out of a Roadrunner cartoon…

  • silas1898

    Timing is everything!!

  • ericxdc

    wow. talk about counting your blessings!

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