Sad Cat Diary, open thread

Since I’m busy cat-sitting for Chris and his wife Joelle, this made me laugh, a lot.


Especially the 3am comment.

Someone who shall be nameless thought 3am was the perfect time last night to start screeching, non-stop. Every time I got up to shoosh him, he’d then run to his favorite pillow – the latest “petting station,” as we call them – where I’m apparently supposed to then dutifully pet him.

I believe I may have sworn.

I then went back to bed, only to be woken up a few minutes later by renewed screeching.

This lasted about ten minutes until I resorted to the water spray bottle that Chris left behind in case of cat-emergencies.

Like the allies at Normandy, this American in France was taking no prisoners. Sushi didn’t know what him.

No, I mean literally, he didn’t know. He screeched again. So I fired again, and finally Mr. McNeedy was quelled for the evening.

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