Russian cops seize “gay” art depicting Putin & Medvedev in lingerie

Ah, freedom.  Russian authorities have raided a very dangerous art gallery that had a rather-gay exhibit poking fun at Russian leaders Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, among others.

Fun is apparently illegal in Putin’s Russia.

The artwork included a painting of Russian president, and former KGB head, Putin in women’s underwear, while brushing the hair of prime minister Medvedev, who was wearing a sexy bra (and looked quite hot, I might add – Putin, less so).

Putin, big bottom that he is, was apparently upset that Medvedev got to wear the bra.

Russian authorities confiscated "gay" artwork showing Russian president Vladimir Putin in drag brushing PM Medvedev's hair. (Photo via BBC video.)

Russian authorities confiscated “gay” artwork showing Russian president Vladimir Putin in drag brushing PM Medvedev’s hair. (Photo via BBC video.)

There were also two paintings making fun of members of parliament who supported Russia’s draconian anti-gay/anti-trans law that the Interior Ministry warns will be used against gay and gay-friendly Olympics, guests and media attending the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

In addition to a law banning “gay propaganda,” Russia has laws protecting politicians from “insults.”  Which is understandable, since it has to be a thankless job running an authoritarian dictatorship.

Fortunately for the children, the “pornographic” art was removed, and the gallery shut down.  (Targeting art galleries, especially if they’re run by Jews, is kind of a thing in Russia.)

Smells like freedom.

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